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Link your site to eBay

If you have your own web page, you can use these buttons to link your visitors to eBay!

With these buttons, you can:

  • Promote items that you are selling on eBay, or
  • Provide a direct link to the eBay home page

Complete the form below to view easy instructions to install eBay buttons on your personal web site.

Select the button(s) you wish to display:

eBay Home Links to the eBay home page
My items on eBay A customized link that goes directly to a list of items you have for sale.

URL of page(s) where you plan to display buttons (required):


You must agree to this "Link Agreement" before you use these eBay approved graphics on your site. Use of these buttons constitutes your agreement to the terms described below.

Once you have read the "Link Agreement" and agreed to its terms, you will find instructions for using the graphics on your site.


eBay™ Link License Agreement


eBay is delighted that you would like to link your Web Site to eBay’s Web Site. eBay would like to provide you with eBay button(s) for such links. To use the eBay button(s), you first need to read and agree to the terms of eBay Link License Agreement. If the license terms are acceptable to you, click on the "I Agree" button. Then after you complete the eBay license form below you are ready to link to eBay. Instructions to implement the eBay button(s) on your Web Site will be given to you after the license form has been submitted. Thank you for your interest in eBay.



You agree to the following terms and conditions in order to use the eBay button(s) and eBay Marks (as defined in section 3 below):

1. LICENSE. We hereby grant you a nonexclusive, nonassignable, nonsublicenseable, royalty-free license to display the eBay button you selected above (the "Button") only on the URL you listed above for the sole purpose of linking to (as applicable) our home page or the list of your auctions on our site.

eBay Home My items on eBay


2.1 You may use the Button only as an active hypertext link to (as applicable) our home page or the list of your auctions on our site. The Button may not link to any other page. You may not frame our site, cause the link to create a new browser window (unless such window occupies 100% of the user's screen and appears above all other browser windows), or otherwise cause users to display our site in a distorted fashion.

2.2 You may display the Button only in the form and at the size we provide to you. You may not modify or alter the Button in any way, including size, proportions, colors, elements, type or in any other respect. You may not animate, morph or otherwise distort the Button's perspective or dimensional appearance, nor may you use screen shots of your pages (to the extent that the Button appears in the screen shot) in any other medium. If we provide you with a substitute version of the Button, you shall replace the Button as soon as reasonably possible.

2.3 The Button shall be surrounded by a reasonable amount of empty space, and you may not use the Button in conjunction with other logos or marks in a way that would create a combination mark. You may not use the Button in a way that suggests that we endorse or sponsor your site. The Button may not appear larger or more prominently than other branding on the page on which it is displayed.

2.4 You may not use the Button in any way that tarnishes, blurs or dilutes the quality of our trademarks or any associated goodwill. Without limiting the foregoing, you shall not display the Button on any pages that contain infringing or illegal content or links.

2.5 You acknowledge our sole and exclusive ownership of the Button, and you shall not take any action inconsistent with such ownership, such as adopting, using, registering, or attempting to register any logo or trademark confusingly similar to the Button. All use of or goodwill associated with the Button shall accrue to our benefit. You may not use the Button in any manner not expressly authorized under this Agreement.

3. TERMINATION. We may terminate this Agreement or the trademark license at any time for any reason or no reason. You may terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason or no reason. This Agreement and your license automatically terminates if you breach any provision of this Agreement. In the event of termination, (a) you shall immediately remove the Button from your site, and (b) Sections 3-7 shall survive.

4. NO WARRANTY. THE BUTTON IS PROVIDED "AS IS." WE DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF TITLE, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. Some states do not allow the disclaimer of implied warranties, so the foregoing disclaimer may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights which vary from state to state.


6. ENTIRE AGREEMENT/AMENDMENT. This Agreement contains the entire agreement between you and us with respect to the Button. However, this Agreement does not modify in any respect our user agreement. This Agreement may be modified only by a written agreement signed by both parties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may modify the Agreement in our sole discretion by notifying you by email of any proposed changes, which changes shall be effective upon our sending you a notice to your email address. If you do not agree with any amendments, you may terminate your license to the Button.

7. GENERAL. This Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of California as such laws are applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within California between California residents. Both parties submit to personal jurisdiction in California and further agree that any cause of action arising under this Agreement shall be brought exclusively in a court in Santa Clara County, CA. If performance hereunder is interfered with by any condition beyond a party's reasonable control, the affected party shall be excused from such performance to the extent of such condition. No agency, partnership, joint venture, employment or franchise relationship is intended or created by this Agreement, and you may not make any commitment on our behalf. If any provision of this Agreement is deemed illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. The waiver of a breach hereunder does not waive any other or subsequent breach. Except as otherwise specified, any notices hereunder shall be in writing and delivered to (a) us by sending notice via certified mail, return receipt requested (which shall be effective when signed for) to 2125 Hamilton Ave., San Jose, CA 95125, and (b) you by sending an email to your email address (which shall be effective when sent, and you consent to receiving such emails) or by sending notice via certified mail, return receipt requested (which shall be effective when signed for) to your mailing address.

If you agree to these terms please select the "I Agree" button. Otherwise select the "I Decline" button.