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Multi-quantity Fixed Price listings with variations
List multiple variations of a product including color and size in one listing!
  • Save on listing and photo fees
  • List more in less time
  • Manage inventory right from your listings
  • Price each variation separately
  • Great way to cross sell
  • Get exposure for more inventory
Now available in more categories! Use our handy category look-up tool to find out if multi-variation listings are available in your category.

Save big on listing time and fees!
Include multiple product variations in one Fixed Price listing. Price each variation just the way you want. For example, sell all the colors and sizes of Hanes Women's and Girls' Classic Fit shirts in a single listing. Charge $7.95 for girls' sizes and $9.95 for women's.
  • Manage inventory right from your listings
  • Get extra pictures for a great low fee
  • Great cross-selling—show buyers all variations in one listing
Available now in Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories and many Home & Garden categories. See details below.

Best Practices

Use multi-variation listings to maximize your sales.
  • Try listing variations in one multi-variation Fixed Price listings for new listings; consider the trade-offs for combining existing listings. If you move inventory from your current single and multi-quantity Fixed Price listings and create a new listing, your listing performance for Best Match search results for the original listings are not carried over. Consolidate existing listings when the benefit of creating a new multi-variation listing outweighs the value of the listing performance scores of your current listings.

  • List with long duration—30 day or Good 'Til Cancelled-to build your listing performances score. You pay the same listing fee. (Good 'Til Cancelled listings are automatically renewed every 30 days).

  • Inventory with good supply is best. Select items for which you have consistent supply and ready access.

  • Keep your listing stocked, especially your top-selling variation. You can add inventory to any variation at any time, even after there have been purchases.

  • Use lots of pictures! You can upload multiple sets of picture variations. You pay for only one set—the set with the most pictures.

  • Don't include variations in your title. Best Match looks at the variation information in the listing to determine relevance to a buyer's search. So save all 55 characters of your title for other differentiating information.

  • Remember, your position in Best Match search results is based on a variety of factors including listing performance scores, your track record as a seller, the relevance of your listing title, variation information, and item cost—including shipping. Get more tips for making Best Match work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are multi-variation Fixed Price listings?
Multi-variation Fixed Price listings allow you to include multiple variations of one product (such as color and size) in one low-cost, multi-quantity Fixed Price listing, and price each variation differently. For example, you could create a listing that combines all the colors and sizes in your inventory of Lands' End Women's Fine Gauge Cotton Cardigans and charge $29.95 for regular sizes and $39.95 for plus sizes.

What's the difference between the new multi-variation Fixed Price listing and the current "choice" listings?
In multi-variation listings, buyers select the variations they want from drop-down menus before clicking the "Buy" button. With multi-variation listings, you can manage your inventory right in the listing—as items sell, remaining quantities for each variation are automatically adjusted.

Why is eBay introducing multi-variation Fixed Price listings?
eBay is introducing multi-variation listings for two main reasons: 1) to provide buyers an easier, more familiar shopping experience for popular products; 2) to provide sellers a way to significantly reduce costs by combining many single-quantity and/or multi-quantity Fixed Price listings into one, with the ability to manage their inventory within the listing.

In which categories are multi-variation Fixed Price listings available?
Multi-variation listings are available in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Crafts, Sporting Goods, Crafts, Health & Beauty, Baby, Pet Supplies, Jewelry & Watches and most Home & Garden categories. Look up available categories on the multi-variation table.

In which Home & Garden categories are multi-variation listings NOT available?
Home & Garden categories NOT included at this time:

Home Improvement
Heating, Cooling & Air> Air Conditioners, Air Cleaners & Purifiers, Portable Fireplaces & Stoves
Plumbing & Fixtures

Inside the Home
Major Appliances
Housekeeping & Organization> Vacuum Cleaners, Vintage Vacuums
Kitchen, Dining & Bar> Small Kitchen Appliances

Air Tools, Generators: Home-Use, Power Tools

Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living
Outdoor Power Equipment> Chainsaws, Chainsaw Parts, Engines, Multi-purpose, Leaf Blowers & Vacuums, Pools & Spas > Pool Parts & Maintenance > Pool Cleaners, Pool Pumps

How do multi-variation listings work with Best Match?
Best Match assigns Fixed Price listings a "listing performance score"--the listing's recent sales in relation to the number of impressions it received. For multi-variation listings, sales and impressions for all variations will count for the listing's performance score.

Does including variation information in my listing title help my position in Best Match?
No. For multi-variation listings, Best Match looks at the variation information as well as title to determine relevance. That's why we recommend saving all 55 characters of your title for other differentiating information.

What factors reset the sales and impressions of my multi-variation listing performance score if I revise or relist?
Changing the item condition from specified to unspecified or changing the category will reset your recent sales. Changing the price will not, however, if your changes make your listings less competitive, those listings will appear lower in search.

Does deleting or adding variations affect my listing performance score?
No, deleting or adding variations does not reset the recent sales score of the other variations.

Can I add quantity to multi-variation listings after there are purchases?
Yes, you can add quantity even after there are purchases for a variation.

Can I convert or combine my existing listings to multi-variation listings and vice-versa?
If you want to convert one or more existing listings to a multi-variation listing, you need to end your existing listings and create a new one.

Conversely, if you have a multiple-variation item listing and want to change it to another format, you have to end that listing in order to use the merchandise in that listing for a different format.

If I do end my listings to combine them into one multiple-variation listing, what happens to the listing performance scores of my original listings?
As with any other Fixed Price listings, if you end the listing, its listing performance score is ended as well. That's why eBay recommends you list new inventory in multi-variation listings and consolidate existing listings only when the benefit of creating a new multi-variation listing outweighs the value of the listing performance scores of your current listings.

What are the Insertion Fees for multi-variation listings?
The Insertion Fee is the same as for any other multi-quantity Fixed Price listing in the categories where multi-variation listings are available.

How do the fees for listing upgrades such as Featured First or Gallery Plus work?
Fees for listing upgrades such as Gallery Plus or Featured First are applied only once to multi-variation listings, the same as for a multi-quantity Fixed Price listing. The single feature fee covers all variations in the listing.

What are the Final Value Fees for multi-variation listings?
Final Value Fees for each transaction on any variation are the same as for any other multi-quantity Fixed Price listing for the category.

Are extra pictures included with my Insertion Fee for multi-variation listings?
Yes, you can upload separate sets of pictures for variations. You pay for only one set—the set with the most pictures.

Can I use optional second categories for multi-variation Fixed Price listings?
You can use an optional second category for your multi-variation listing, provided both categories offer multi-variation listings.

What items cannot be combined in multi-variation Fixed Price listings?
Different brands and different functional products can't be combined. In most cases this would be a violation of eBay's Circumventing Fee policy. For example, you could not create a listing that combines different brands of fine gauge cotton cardigans into one listing. You also could not create a listing with the traits Article, Size and Color, where "Article" refers to shirt, pants and jacket to make the single listing include an entire outfit.

Can different variations from the same multiple-variation listing be included in a single transaction?
No, different variations must be purchased in separate transactions. However, as for current multi-quantity Fixed Price items, it is possible to purchase a multiple quantity of one variation in a single transaction.