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Best practices for selling your books, music, movies and DVDs, and video games on eBay
  • List multiple-quantity inventory in long-duration, Fixed Price listings and use product details. Your listings will show up in search results and the new product page.

  • Price competitively! Price will be the main factor determining the position of your listing on the product page and in search results.

  • Got more than one of the same item to sell? Add to your Fixed Price listings—don't create new ones. You don't want to create separate listings for Fixed Price items of the same condition.

  • Use Auction-style for unique or one-of-a-kind items. Auction-style listings get an automatic boost in Best Match search results when they're about to end.

  • listings only show up on the product pages; Auction-style and eBay Fixed Price listings show up on both the product page and standard results pages. That's double the exposure for the same great price. So experiment to find the best combination of formats for your inventory. Find out more about selling on

  • Help your items stand out by using Subtitle to provide more information on the condition of your item. Subtitles show up on the new product page when you list with product details.