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How returns work


Get notified

We’ll let you know when a return is requested.


Track the return

Follow its progress on My eBay or Seller Hub.


Complete return

Issue a refund, replacement, or exchange.

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Returns policies that meet buyers' expectations

We strive to deliver a returns experience that is consistent and competitive with a modern marketplace. Our five return policy options help streamline the returns experience for our buyers. You may choose to offer:

  • No returns accepted
  • 30-day buyer-paid returns
  • 30-day free returns
  • 60-day buyer-paid returns
  • 60-day free returns

Attract buyers with free returns

Move to the policy that can give you up to a 25% conversion lift.†

If you currently offer:

And you move to:

Your conversion lift* could be:

No returns

30-day free returns


60-day free returns


14-day returns (buyer pays return shipping)

30-day free returns


60-day free returns


30-day returns (buyer pays return shipping)

30-day free returns


60-day free returns


Simplify customer service

eBay automates some steps—like return acceptance when your policy permits returns due to buyer's remorse. You can customize other steps—like when you issue immediate refunds. This can simplify the entire process for both you and buyers.

Click the tabs below to learn more about customizing and optimizing returns.

Choose when to give immediate refunds

Choose when to give immediate refunds

For instance, maybe you want to always offer immediate refunds for clothes that don't fit—create return rules to let that happen. Your life just got easier!

Customize refund preferences

Partial refund option

You can offer a partial refund if a returned item is damaged, missing parts, or otherwise not in the same condition as when you shipped it.

Enjoy automatic acceptance

Enjoy automatic acceptance

Automatic acceptance of returns simplifies the returns process.

When you're OK with buyers paying to ship back items they no longer want, requests for returns are accepted automatically and we’ll provide the buyer with a return shipping label.

If you're responsible for the cost of return shipping, you still have three business days to provide your own return label before one is automatically sent to the buyer. This usually occurs if you offer free returns or if the buyer has an issue with an item.

No return requests due to buyer's remorse will be accepted automatically if your policy doesn’t permit it.

Offer replacements and exchanges

Offer replacements and exchanges

Offering replacements—items identical to the original—and exchanges—items that are different—can help buyers feel better about their purchase. Just be sure to have plenty of stock when offering either of these options.

You can even allow the buyer to keep the original item in cases when you don't want it back.

Keep returns to a minimum

  • Ensure your products match accurate item description and clear photos.
  • Remove products with high rates of manufacturing flaws from your inventory.
  • Make sure you aren't sending the wrong items.
  • Use checklists for items with many parts, or for multiple items in a combined shipment to avoid missing pieces.
  • Package items securely to prevent damage in shipment.
  • Check returned items carefully before issuing a refund.
  • Issue refunds quickly—preferably within 2 days of receiving a return.
  • Ask eBay to help you resolve an issue.
  • Keep a valid return address on file, and manage multiple addresses through your preferences.

Tools and resources

Carrier options

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Shipping calculator

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Refund automation

Choose when to issue immediate refunds.

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