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Customer service tips

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  • Let buyers know when their purchase will arrive

    Keeping your buyers informed about the status of their shipment is one of the most important parts of their online shopping experience.

    Satisfy your buyers by

    1. Setting the right handling time, which is the amount of time between when you receive payment and when your carrier receives the package.
    2. Fulfilling your handling time commitment.
    3. Uploading tracking information so your buyer can track their shipment's status all the way to their door. (eBay labels uploads tracking information automatically, among its many benefits).
  • Offer a generous returns policy

    It's no surprise that shoppers are more likely to buy an item when they're confident they can return it if they need to. That's why offering a generous return policy makes good business sense.

    Learn how a strong policy gives you the edge and how easy it is to set one that makes your life easier.

    And now, you can automate more of the return process, like automatically approving certain kinds of returns or issuing refunds, so you can keep business moving.

  • Create clear and accurate listings

    Writing a clear description and including great photos means your buyer know what they're ordering.

    Learn to create listings that sell and satisfy customers!

  • Set up payments to avoid unpaid items
    • If you don't already, start accepting PayPal as a form of payment. PayPal gives your buyers one of the easiest ways to pay.
    • For your auction listings, offer a Buy It Now price, which requires immediate payment.
    • To save time and effort in resolving unpaid items, use the Unpaid Item Assistant, which allows eBay to automatically open and close cases on sellers' behalves.
  • Use the Resolution Center

    The Resolution Center is the easiest, most secure way for sellers and buyers to communicate when either has a problem with a transaction. Use it to open cases, communicate with buyers, and resolve problems.

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