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The new SYI form is easier, smarter and more helpful than ever.

New and experienced sellers can quickly list items and create customized listings with the new version of SYI. The SYI form guides you easily through the listing process while offering you time-saving features.

  • Simple step-by-step listing form on eBay
  • Get tips on how to create a great listing
  • Create re-usable listing templates

Helpful Links
Features of the New Form

Review a Recent Workshop
Learn to Create a Listing


Easy to Use

• Enter all your data into just one page
• Keep a draft if you don't finish creating a listing

Customized Form

• Remove steps that you don't need
• Large range of colors and fonts
• Create re-usable listing templates

Helps create better listings

• Receive category suggestions for items
• Preview your listing with feature upgrades
• Get dynamic help and personalized tips

Or try one of our other helpful seller tools:

  • Create and edit listings in bulk
  • Design editor for professional listings
  • Preview listings before posting
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  • Leave feedback, send emails, print invoices and labels - all in bulk
  • Customize your email and feedback templates

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