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Showcase your items with eBay Picture Services, the fast and easy way to include pictures in your listings.

  Pay Per Picture
How it Works: Add pictures one at a time to each listing.
Price: eBay Sellers without a Featured or Anchor Store: Your first picture on each listing is always free! Additional pictures are $0.15 each. Featured and Anchor eBay Stores sellers (as of mid-June, 2009): All pictures are free, including Picture Pack. (Excludes Motors Vehicle categories and listing on any non-participating sites.)

During the upload process, Picture Services offers several editing capabilities. You can easily crop, rotate, brighten, or change contrast, or simply select autofix to let Picture Services optimize your picture. These editing functions are available when using the enhanced uploader for Picture Services. The enhanced uploader requires the Windows operating system and a quick download of Active X which is prompted during installation.

Included in Picture Pack! Showcase your item at the top of View Item page with Picture Show for FREE. Give buyers the ability to view multiple pictures of your item displayed in a slideshow format. Upgrading to Supersize your pictures will also Supersize your Picture Show.

Learn more about Picture Show.

Included in Picture Pack! Use Supersize to increase the size of your pictures by 300% and to provide buyers with a better view of your items! Supersize will increase the size of your pictures directly on your item listing, plus enable buyers to enlarge your photos even more - up to 800 pixels on the longest side of the photo.

Maximize your photo exposure with the Picture Pack! Get Gallery, Supersize and Picture Show plus up to 12 additional pictures (Save up to $1.65!)

Cost of Picture Pack
 $0.75 - Gallery, Supersize, Picture Show, and up to 6 additional pictures
 $1.00 - Gallery, Supersize, Picture Show and 7-12 additional pictures

Combine eBay Picture Services with Listing Designer to design your photo layout. The price is only $0.10. Click Here to learn more about Listing Designer.

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