Handbag measurement guide

Handbag Size
Up to 6"
Holds the bare
minimum - your phone,
keys, lip gloss and a
few credit cards.
6 ¼" to 12"
Fits a small wallet,
phone and lip gloss
12 ¼" to 14"
A good everyday bag.
Holds all the essentials,
with room for your
back-up flats.
14 ¼" to 16"
Carries essentials,
work papers, laptop,
water bottle, and
back-up shoes.
Larger than 16 ¼"
A perfect carry-on.
Holds essentials plus a
magazine, laptop, a
light scarf and anything
else you need.
Strap drop
From the highest point of the
strap to the bag opening

From the opening of
the bag to the bottom

Side to side

Across the bottom from center
front to the center back