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Coming Soon! Changes to Optional Seller Features

Dear eBay Sellers:

We will be rolling out some exciting new changes to our optional seller features found within the Sell Your Item Page. We are making changes to the seller features in order to help you better showcase your auction listings throughout our site.

Some of these changes, as in the case of Featured in Category, also involve a price increase. We have, however, increased the value of Featured in Category by adding Featured in Search* capabilities, thereby increasing your ability to reach even more customers. This new feature will be named Featured Plus! (featured in category PLUS featured in search). By adopting Featured Plus!, you will now receive more than double the visibility on your auction listings than what you currently receive in Featured in Category. Since we have increased the value of the feature dramatically, we are also increasing the price of the feature. Featured Plus will be offered at an introductory price of $19.95.

Currently, we offer the following optional seller features on the Sell Your Item page:

Existing Optional Seller Features
Bold $2.00
Featured in Category

Great Gift Icon


The Gallery
$0.25 Gallery Image

Gallery Featured

And did you know these features work well?
** Items that use Gallery Image are 8% more likely to sell **
** Items that use Bold are 27% more likely to sell **

** Items that use Featured in Category are 58% more likely to sell **

In the middle of August, we will be enhancing these Seller Features even more! Here's a preview of what will be available to enhance your eBay successes: (Just click on "see it" to see how it looks.)

New Optional Seller Features

Bold will remain unchanged (see it!)

Home Page Featured
(formerly Featured)
$99.95 (single quantity) or $199.95 (quantity of 2 or more)

Featured will now be called "Home Page Featured" to clarify its placement (see it!)

Featured Plus!
(formerly Featured in Category, will now also include Featured in Search*)
$19.95 (introductory price)
Featured in Category will now be called "Featured Plus!" because you'll find it featured in category PLUS featured in search results pages* (see it!)

* Featured in search will work in the following way:
When a user types in a search request, the search will pull up the first 50 search results that match the request. The site will pull all the featured auctions from the list of 50 and showcase just these items in the special featured section above the general search results. If the user hits the "Next" button, the site will pull up the next 50 search results that match the request. The site will then pull all the featured auctions from the second set of 50 search results and just showcase these items on the page..and so on....

Great Gift Icon

Gift Icons will no longer be available, with the possible exception of holidays

The Gallery

Gallery Image will remain unchanged (see it!)


Gallery Featured will remain unchanged (see it!)

$5.00 This brand-new feature introduces an eye-catching yellow colored band to highlight your item (see it!)

We are extremely excited about these new feature changes and we hope you are too! We believe these feature changes will give you additional options from which to choose. In addition, we are confident that these new features will help you boost bidding on your auctions even more!

So be sure to look for the new optional Seller Features that will be
coming your way in the middle of August!

Warmest Regards,