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PayPal Seller Protection
Selling should be fun and profitable. That's why all U.S. PayPal account holders are automatically eligible for Seller Protection, covering you on any transaction PayPal considers fraudulent—at no additional cost, with no annual limit on coverage amounts.
To be eligible for PayPal Seller Protection on eBay items, be sure to:
• Ship items within 7 days after receiving payment. For pre-ordered or made-to-order goods, ship
within the timelines stated in your listing.
• Ship to the address on the Transaction Details page on your PayPal account. To find
transaction details, log into your PayPal account, select History, then select Details for the transaction.
• Retain your shipping documentation and promptly respond to PayPals requests for information.
How the process works
If a buyer initiates a dispute, claim, or chargeback, we put a temporary hold on your account to cover the amount in question. When we determine that the payment is covered by Seller Protection, we release the hold and you can access the amount in your account.
What's not covered under Seller Protection
• Items picked up locally or delivered in person
• Services, intangible items, and digital goods
• Virtual Terminal or Direct Payment transactions
• Claims and chargebacks where the buyer says that the shipped item is significantly not as described

While these are not covered under Seller Protection, you may still be protected under PayPal's dispute resolution process. Find out more.

Coverage for non-U.S. PayPal account holders
Seller Protection varies by country and region. Find out more.

Find out more about PayPal Seller Protection or contact PayPal customer support.

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