Registering Your Domain Name

Why register a domain name?

Registering a custom domain name for your eBay Store can greatly enhance your business. You can promote your Store and build a professional brand with an Internet address that's easy for buyers to find and remember. When users enter your domain name in their browser (or click on a link or bookmark), they will be forwarded to your Store's web address on eBay.

For example, suppose that you specialize in clocks, and your eBay Store's name is "Fancy Clocks." If it's available, you might register the domain name Whenever users enter this web address in their browser, they'll be forwarded to

Note: Your custom domain name does not need to be identical to your Store name.

How to register a domain name

eBay works with third-party domain registrars for this feature. To register a domain name, read about each provider and choose one from the list. You'll go to the registrar's website, where you'll be asked to create an account. Registrars normally charge a yearly fee to register a domain name. You'll be billed directly by the registrar, and any future management of the custom domain name will be done through the registrar's site. eBay does not charge for this feature.

Note: Please make sure that your domain name does not contain eBay's trademarks "eBay," "Half," or "PayPal" (or variations of those marks).

When you set up your custom domain name on the registrar's site, eBay will enter your Store's web address as the destination to which your domain should forward. We'll also include a code at the end of that web address (?refid=store) to track when a someone gets to your Store from outside of eBay.