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Return Policy

A clear return policy reassures buyers

If you have a clear return policy on your items, chances are that you're more successful than other sellers on eBay. Our research shows that "difficulty in returning items" is the topmost shopping barrier cited by buyers. As a result, sellers who clearly spell out their return policies in their listings have an edge on the competition. Typically they sell a higher percentage of their listed items, compared to sellers who don't have clear return policies.

The reason is obvious — buyers are more comfortable shopping from sellers offering return policies. Also, our research shows that only a very small percentage of sold items are actually returned. A clear return policy can help increase your sell-through rates.

Return policy options to think about

If you don't offer a clear return policy, consider the following options to drive your sales:

  • Refund Remedy (for example, returns accepted for full cash back or store credit)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed (for example, returns accepted, no questions asked)
  • Time Limit (for example, returns accepted within 30 days after the item is delivered).

Mention the details upfront

Clearly explain the details of your return policy, so that buyers understand their options while returning items. Consider including details like the following to make your return policy clear:

  • Restocking fee: Mention if you will charge a restocking fee, and if so, what it would be.
  • Shipping and handling charges: Clearly state who would pay for return shipping and handling, you or the buyer.
  • Item condition: Clearly state the condition of the returned item that would be acceptable to you, for example, "unopened box" or "opened box with all original materials".
How to specify your return policy
In the "Return Policy" section of the Sell Your Item form, take the following steps:
  1. Click on the checkbox "Returns accepted".
  2. Select the time limit within which the buyer must return the item to you.
  3. Select the type of refund you will give if the item is returned.
  4. Enter all other details about your return policy in the text box provided.