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Providing shipping options and details in your listing

Offer free or discounted shipping

Offering free shipping or multiple-item discounts encourages buyers to purchase additional items from you.

To offer free shipping, select the Free shipping check box when you list your item. When buyers search for items, they can sort results by Price + Shipping. Items with free shipping or low shipping costs rank higher in search results.

Learn more about specifying your shipping costs and locations.

Tip: Offer free shipping—if we can confirm a buyer didn't pay for shipping, you'll automatically receive a 5-star detailed seller rating for shipping and handling charges.

Offer a fast shipping option

Even if you offer a free shipping option, buyers appreciate the option to pay for faster delivery. So it's a good idea to offer an expedited shipping option. For large or heavy items, you should also consider offering the option of picking up the item in person.

When you list your item, you can choose from several shipping services and estimated shipping times. Remember that only USPS ships to a P.O. Box.

Here are some of the fast shipping methods available:

Shipping service name Shipping speed

USPS Priority Mail Express


USPS Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope


UPS Next Day Air Saver


UPS Next Day Air


One-day shipping


USPS Priority Mail


USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope


USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box


USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box


USPS Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box


UPS 2nd Day Air


Expedited shipping


Expedited shipping from outside the US


Specify the location of the item

You should accurately describe the location of your item using the ZIP code where it's located. This can make your listing more attractive to buyers in your area, because they can save on shipping and get their item more quickly.

This is especially important if you're selling large, heavy, or fragile items that need to be picked up in person.

Remember that misrepresenting the location of your item is against our policies.

Make sure your shipping costs are reasonable

If you're not sure of how to calculate shipping costs, check our selling practices policy. You can check the actual cost of shipping your item directly on the US Postal Service website, the UPS website, or the FedEx website.

Tip: If you offer to ship an item internationally, provide the buyer with an accurate shipping estimate. This will make your item more attractive to international buyers. Find out more about shipping internationally.

Provide an accurate handling time

Handling time is the number of business days you will take to ship the item after receiving the buyer's payment. You can choose a handling time of same business day to 30 business days.

For same business day handling, you can specify the order cut-off time, which is the time you need to receive cleared payment by in order to ship the item that same day. You can customize order cut-off times by day of the week if you want to, as well as specifying any non-working days.

Example: If you have set your order cut-off times for 2pm Monday through Thursday, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday are non-working days, an order received before 2pm on a Thursday for an item with same day shipping would expect to be shipped that same day. If the order was received after 2pm on Thursday, the order would expect to be shipped the following Monday.

To specify your working days and order cut-off times, go to Account settings > Site preferences > Shipping preferences > Order cut off times for same business day handling.

Always include an accurate handling time in your listing. Buyers expect items purchased online to be delivered quickly. It's best to try and ship all your items within 1 business day of the buyer's payment being cleared. If possible, ship the same business day you get the buyer's payment.

Tip: Buyer dissatisfaction increases significantly when handling times are longer than 3 days. We strongly encourage handling times of 3 days or fewer.

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