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How to Describe Vehicle Condition
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How to Describe Vehicle Condition

How to Describe Vehicle Condition
The condition of the vehicle you are selling is especially important to close the deal with a buyer. Always think like a buyer and be as accurate and complete as possible so the buyer can bid with confidence.


  • Exterior
    "The car has a noticeable dent on the passenger side behind the door."
    "The paint has faded on the hood and roof"
    "A small chip is visible in the lower right portion of the windshield"
  • Engine and mechanical
    "The muffler sometimes has a noticeable rattle during idle."
    "The windshield washer spray valve is not functioning"
    "My mechanic recommends updating the shocks and struts"
  • Interior
    "The seats have noticeable wear including a stain on the driver's seat"
    "This is a non-smoker vehicle"
    "The passenger power seat adjustment does not recline"