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Resolving Disputes

It's rare for a transaction to go wrong on eBay, but sometimes problems can occur. If you've got a problem eBay has a variety of processes than can help you resolve it.

eBay Processes
  • Item Not Received or Significantly Not as Described : A buyer may file this if an item was paid for an item but not received, or if it was paid for and received, but it was significantly different from the item description.

  • Unpaid Item: You may use this process if you sold an item but you have not been paid.

  • Mutual Feedback Withdrawal
    Did you receive a feedback you think you didn’t deserve? This process enables you to work with your transaction partner to get it removed.

Third-party Processes
  • Independent Feedback Review: If you received feedback for a motor vehicle transaction that you think is unwarranted, you can request that it be examined by a neutral reviewer. If the reviewer finds that the feedback violated certain guidelines it will be de-scored.

  • Impartial Mediation : SquareTrade, eBay's preferred dispute resolution provider, offers a free Web-based forum where you can work out problems, as well as a panel of professional mediators who can help you resolve your dispute.

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