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Report Coupon Policy Violations

eBay is committed to working with the coupon industry to help ensure that eBay is not a venue for fraudulent coupon related transactions and to providing its users with a safe place to trade. eBay has created this page so that select contacts from the coupon industry can easily report listings that violate eBay's Manufacturers' Coupons policy.

Report the following categories of coupon policy violations:
  • expired coupons. The sale of recently expired coupons is not permitted on eBay, as such coupons serve no valid purpose and could be used in a fraudulent manner. Collectible coupons that clearly cannot be redeemed may be permitted.
  • scanned coupons. Electronic "scanned" coupons are not permitted on eBay - all coupons sold through eBay must be physically delivered to the buyer, and may not be delivered by electronic means for home printing.
  • bulk coupon listings. Bulk coupon sales are not permitted. Bulk coupon listings are defined as listings that contain more than 20 coupons for the same item, or more than 100 total coupons.
  • listings for more than 2 "free" product coupons. Coupons for "free" products, with no purchase required, are limited to 2 per listing.
  • listings for more than 2 home printed coupons. Internet home printed coupons are also limited to 2 per listing.

  • Report counterfeit coupons through the VeRO Program.

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