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How can I report a listing that appears to be violating eBay rules and policies?

Before you report what appears to be a violation of an eBay policy, find out what we'll investigate.

There are three ways to report a listing to eBay:

  • From the listing itself

  • Using our report item form

  • From the related policy page

The easiest way to make a report is directly from the listing. If you use this method, we automatically fill in the necessary information, such as the item number.

To report a policy violation from a listing:
  1. Go to the listing for the item you want to report.

  2. Click Report item on the right side of the listing page.

  3. From the drop-down menus, choose the reason for your report.

  4. Make sure the listing is really violating an eBay policy by reviewing the relevant policy. You can review the policy by clicking the link that appears on the report form.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. On the next page, fill in any additional information requested and click Send.

If you can't find the listing you want to report, you can also use this report item form.

Or, you can report a violation to us from the policy about that violation.

To report a policy violation from a policy:
  1. Locate and review the appropriate policy.

  2. After reviewing the policy, click Report at the bottom of that page.

  3. Enter the item number you want to report (you can enter multiple numbers on the same form).

  4. Click Send to send your message to eBay Customer Support.

    Note: Only report something once. Multiple emails about the same case slow down our investigation.

What happens next?

After we receive your report, we consider the circumstances, including the seller's past history with us. If we decide to take action, we may send the seller a warning, remove the listing, or limit the seller's buying and selling privileges.

We usually won't suspend a seller's account unless the seller has violated our policies multiple times.

In accordance with our User Privacy Notice, we don't share any specific action we take about a listing.

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