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Radar Detectors & Jamming Devices
Radioactive Items (Policy)
Real Estate (Ads) Format for Buyers
Real Estate (Ads) Format for Sellers
Real Estate (Policy)
Real Estate Rules
Recalled Items (Policy)
Receiving Payments
Receiving Your Item
Recordable Media (Policy)
Refunding your positive account balance
Refusal to Sell (Policy)
Regional Listings
Register with Business Account Register to Buy
Registration Overview
Registration: Choosing a User ID
Registration: Credit or Debit Card Identification
Registration: Entering a Different Email
Registration: Entering Registration Information
Registration: Selecting a Country
Registration: Updating Registration Information
Relist ended listings
Relist multiple ended listings
Re-listing Your Item
Removing an Unpaid Item Strike
Removing Feedback
Replica Items
Reporting an Unpaid Item dispute
Reproduction Coins & Stamps
Requests For Sensitive Information
Requirements: Buyer
Reserve auction
Reserve Price
Reserve Price Auction Format for Buyers
Reserve Price format for Sellers
Reserve Price Violations (Policy)
Respond to Want It Now
Responding to feedback
Restricting Buyer Feedback
Retracting a Bid
Retrieving Removed Items in My eBay
Reviewing feedback a member has left for others
Ripping Software
Revising your listing
Rules for Buyers
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