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Seller Payment Tutorial Dollars! Specify Payment Information | The Listing Page | Sending Invoices to your Buyers | After a Buyer Completes Payment | Viewing the Payment Status
eBay's payment system helps you get paid faster and reduces the number of emails you'll need to send after the sale.  

Step 1 - Specify Payment Information
Specify Details
Number 1 By providing payment information such as shipping & handling costs or payment instructions when you list your item, your buyers will have the information they need to pay you more easily. You can add this information through the Sell Your Item form, Seller's Assistant, and Turbo Lister. If you use a different listing tool, please check with your service provider for information and instructions.
Number 2 If you know the shipping costs and tax charges when you list your item, you should specify them in the Shipping Costs section. eBay can then automatically calculate the total for your buyer when they start the payment process! If you do not enter these details, buyers will have the option of requesting the total amount from you during the payment process.

The costs you enter will apply to domestic buyers only. Learn More
Checkout Instructions
Number 3 The Payment Instructions field lets you specify your payment terms, return policies, discounts, etc. Buyers will see this information on the listing page, during the payment process, and in the End of Auction email. Learn More
Number 4 You can also let the buyer edit or enter the total amount during payment. This option is available on the Checkout & Payment Preferences page in My eBay. Learn More
Payment Address
Number 5 Your payment address will be displayed to buyers during the payment process if they choose to pay by check or money order. The payment address you enter will be used for all of your items.
Number 6 Any payment methods you select will be available to buyers for payment. Select PayPal to allow buyers to complete payment through PayPal using a credit card or electronic check. PayPal is the #1 payment method on eBay, and is fast, easy and secure. Learn more  
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