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How can Buyers use Skype in item listings?

Look for item listings that have the Skype logo. Click the Chat or Voice button and simply use Skype as you would normally.

Buyers, use this free service to:

  • Get all the details you need to buy with confidence
  • Contact sellers using the method that works best for you
  • Get answers immediately, without waiting for email

* Be sure to check your Seller's Skype policies so you know when you can reach them.

How can Sellers use Skype in item listings?

Sellers can opt-in to add either a Chat or Voice button (or both) to their listings through the "Sell Your Item" process. The buttons give sellers the chance to answer questions quickly and build trust with buyers.

Sellers, use this free service to:

  • Build trust with buyers when selling complex or high priced items
  • Answer questions quickly, easily and on your own schedule
  • Connect easily with buyers and turn them into repeat customers
  • Presence indicator allows everyone else on Skype to know when you're available
  • Call forwarding enables you to answer your Skype calls on the move
  • SkypeIn gives buyers a number they can call you while you're on Skype

* Be sure to include in your listing when you're available to receive Skype calls. Include important details such as days, hours and time zones.

How do I setup a Skype Button on my eBay listing?

Link your Skype name to your eBay account in your eBay preferences.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Skype.
  • If you don't already have an account, create a Skype name.
  • Link your Skype name to your eBay account in your eBay preferences.
* Access your preferences in ''My eBay''and select Member-to-Member Communications.
* Click the "Add" a Skype Name to update your preferences
* Download the latest version of Skype if you don't have one
* Check the box labelled "link my skype account to eBay"
* Sign into your Skype account in the space provided.

Ensure eBay notifications are enabled in Skype

1. Open Skype, and click Tools > Options > Privacy. Make sure to select the "Allow my status to be shown on the Web" check box. This is important to make sure Skype buttons show presence on your eBay listings.

2. When you create a new listing, add your Skype name to your listing and buyers can contact you quickly via Skype.

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