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Please note:  We will preview the search results page “new design” to randomly selected eBay buyers and sellers over the next few weeks. After the preview period, we will carefully evaluate the impact of the new design and functionality to ensure that these changes improve the overall buying experience before showing the new experience to all users.

 What is it?

In order to make the buying and selling experience more convenient for buyers and sellers, eBay is pleased to announce an enhanced page layout for search results. Buyers can now view seller feedback and item location information directly from Search and Browse.

The following information, currently displayed on the view item page, can now be accessed from Search and Browse:

  • Seller feedback
  • Item location
  • Shipping services and payment methods accepted
     What will the changes look like?

    Seller feedback and item location will now be visible within Search & Browse. Users can also access "See quick details" and "Watch this item" links as indicated below.

    Click or mouse over "See quick details" to view the following information: shipping services and payment methods accepted.

    Customize the information to display on each item in search results by selecting the options to display.

     Will the Gallery View for listings also change?

    The Gallery View for listings will change from 2 items per row to 3. Buyers can now see the number of bids per item, shipping costs and the "quick details" and "watch" links on this page.

     Will eBay Motors search results change?

    eBay Motors will also display enhanced search results. Search and Browse pages will now show seller feedback and item location information, and include the "Watch this item" link.

    The vehicle mileage and year information are now displayed in the center of each listing. The Sort by dropdown menu allows you to sort the listings by these item specifics.

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