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Title Search - Title Search is great for the times you know what you are looking for. Titles are created by the seller when they create a listing for the item they want to sell. When you enter a keyword in the search box, a list of those Item titles that include the exact words you entered are returned. Below is an example of a Title Search for a Camera Cell Phone.

Pull-down menus - Pull-down menus are very helpful when you have a general idea of what your are looking for. Pull-down menus are available on several of eBay's categories such as Tickets and Clothing. With pull-down menus, you can select specific item traits such as color, size, location, etc? to browse through and return a subset of items that fit those traits. Pull-Down menus can be used to browse more broadly by just choosing one attribute or can help zoom-in and narrow your searches by selecting many attributes.

Here is an example of how a pull-down menu is used to find boots in Women's shoes. "Boots" is selected from the Style Pull Down menu. A variety of additional pull-down options such as boot styles, colors, etc? are available to browse through all the inventory that meet those criteria. Fashion-Ankle is selected in this example and you can look at the listings that are categorized under that style, but you can always go back to the pull-down menu and browse another style such as Fashion-Midcalf to view the listings with a different height.
Additionally by entering a search term and by choosing certain specific traits associated with the items from the pull-down menus, you can quickly zoom-in on exactly the items you want:
Browsing with links is a great way to explore and browse broadly in a category or fine-tune your search. Browsing with links is best demonstrated with an example below.

Say, you are browsing for a book. You know you are interested in a Fiction/Romance novel, and you prefer softcover since you are planning on bringing it on vacation to sit and read on the beach. So you start off by getting into the Fiction/Literature category.
Once you are in the appropriate category of Fiction/Literature, you look to the left hand navigation where a number of different ways to browse, search, and fine-tune your search for the item can be found. Here you will see circled that you can drill-down into the category by selecting Romance, but you can also see that you can also drill-down by Format or Condition. In this next step of the example, you choose, the Romance/Contemporary link.
Once you have chosen the Romance/Contemporary link, you can tell the selections you have made already by looking at the top of the listings and see what you have been browsing through. Once again, you can continue to refine your browsing by looking to the left hand navigation and choose under Format - softcover link. Once you click on that, your search results will give you a subset of the listings from Romance/Contemporary that are just softcover.

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