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Add Best Offer to your listings and turn shoppers into buyers

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 Sell with Best Offer

Are buyers browsing but not biting? Add Best Offer to your listing and boost your chances to make the sale.
  • Easily add this FREE feature to your existing listings
  • Negotiate with buyers safely and securely
  • Receive and choose from multiple offers—automatically accept or reject unacceptable offers in advance
  • You're in control—accept, reject, or make a counter-offer to get a price that's right for you
How to add Best Offer to your listings
1. Add Best Offer—When you list an item, go to the "Fixed Price" tab and find "Best Offer," then click the check box next to "Allow buyers to make offers."

2. Add auto-decline / auto-accept—Save time with auto-decline and auto-accept. This feature will automatically turn down offers that are below your minimum price or accept offers that are within your preferred price range. You'll still need to manually reply to offers outside of these limits. Remember, you can adjust these settings at any time.

3. Save your listing and you're done—Save your listing and you're done—Best Offer will be automatically added when you save your listing.
  How to receive, reject, and accept offers, or send counter-offers
Check your offers—Visit My eBay to check on your offers.

Accept, decline, or send a counter offer—Review a buyer's offer and reply by accepting, declining, or sending a counter offer.