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eBay Against Counterfeits

Why do counterfeits hurt the community?

eBay is committed to preventing the sale of counterfeit products because:

  • It's illegal and harmful to the marketplace
  • Buying a counterfeit is a bad experience for you and the brands you trust
  • Counterfeits undermine buying trust
  • It's bad for honest sellers who deal in authentic merchandise

What are we doing to prevent counterfeit listings?

We're constantly working to make our site safer by:

  • Proactively removing suspicious items
  • Removing items reported as counterfeit by brand owners
  • Working closely with law enforcement to prosecute offenders
  • Enforcing selling limits on some items
  • Restricting seller activity in certain categories
  • Providing free tools for rights owners to efficiently identify and report items to us for immediate removal
  • Partnering with brand owners and industry initiatives to bring attention to and combat the issue worldwide
What can you do to help?

eBay users:

  • Don't buy or sell counterfeit goods
  • Learn about the law and our policies
  • Report suspicious goods by clicking on the "Report this Item" link at the bottom of the listing
  • Pay for your purchases using PayPal

Do you suspect that you bought a counterfeit?

  • Warn others by leaving honest feedback
  • If you paid with PayPal, file a claim for Buyer Protection

Rights owners: