My Messages Tour
Discover how easy it is to manage your messages. Here’s what you can do:
A.   Customize your Inbox and other folder views:
The columns and number of messages shown can be tailored to fit your needs. The "Customize" link shows you how.
My Messages Tour
B.   Organize by time or sender
Got a lot of messages to manage? Find just the ones you’re looking for. Filter for eBay-sent, all member-sent, or for a specific sender.
C.   View high-priority alerts
Alerts need your immediate attention, so they'll be at the top of your Inbox view. They'll remain there until they've been acted upon. After they've been acted upon, they can be managed like other messages.
D.   Receive messages just for you
You'll see messages just for you! Member-to-member messages, Customer Support responses, alerts and information you're looking for to help you on eBay.
My Messages Tour
E.   Decide what to do with each message
You're in control. Delete messages or mark as "read" or "unread". Flag messages if you want to follow up later. Even file messages to folders you create!
F.   Create and manage your own folders
Create up to ten folders and manage your messages, your way!
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