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eBay Plug-in for Excel

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Track and Manage

Easily manage thousands of listings from your desktop - for FREE!

Available for download at no charge, the new eBay Plug-in for Microsoft Excel 2007 is an all-in-one selling tool which enables you to manage listings easily and efficiently, directly from your PC's desktop. You'll be able to create and edit listings, upload all your listings to eBay at once, and more. You can also:
  • Download active listings directly into Excel
  • Manage up to 5,000 listings at a time
  • Update multiple listings in a single upload
  • Get sales reports
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Excel 2007 60-day free trial
Install eBay Plug-in for Excel


Bulk listing creation
  • Automatically create the file template you need, including columns for Item Specifics
  • Create customized templates for media categories
  • Get category and title information instantly when you use a barcode reader to scan UPC codes on items
  • Upload existing CSV files to File Exchange
Bulk listing management
  • Download active listings directly into Excel
  • Revise, relist and end hundreds of listings in a single upload
Post-transaction management
  • Download a report of sold items into Excel
  • Enter tracking information for your shipped items
System Requirements