Category Changes: Health & Beauty
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Two categories merged into one
Category renamed
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Cat NameCat IDComment
+Business & Industrial12576 
+Cameras & Photo625 
+Cell Phones & PDAs15032 
+Clothing, Shoes & Accessories11450 
+Coins & Paper Money11116 
+Computers & Networking58058 
+Dolls & Bears237 
+DVDs & Movies11232 
+Entertainment Memorabilia45100 
 Gift Certificates31411 
-Health & Beauty26395 
 -Bath & Body11838 
   Bath Bombs & Fizzies72759 
   Bath Brushes & Sponges74990 
   Bath Oils31751 
   Bath Salts67390 
   Bath Sets & Kits67391 
   Body Butters166718 
   Body Powders29581 
   Body Scrubs31752 
   Body Sprays & Mists31753 
   Body Washes & Shower Gels31754 
   Bubble Baths31755 
   Cellulite Treatment74993 
   Children's Bath & Body159717 
   Deodorants & Antiperspirants29580 
   Foot Care36431 
   Scar & Stretch Mark Reducers74994 
   Mixed Items29584 
   Samples & Travel Sizes72765 
 -Dietary Supplements, Nutrition19259 
   Children's Vitamins159730 
   Detox & Cleanse159731 
   Energy Bars, Shakes & Drinks1278 
   Herbs & Botanicals19260 
  -Sports Supplements40961 
    Amino Acids75082 
    Energy & Endurance159732 
    Fat Burners67561 
    Muscle Growth159733 
    Post-Workout Recovery159734 
    Weight Gainers159735 
   Vitamins & Minerals11776 
    Abercrombie & Fitch82574 
    Alfred Dunhill36368 
    Alfred Sung101931 
    Antonio Puig159720 
    Banana Republic159721 
    Calvin Klein29586 
    Carolina Herrera36372 
    Christian Dior36374 
    Dolce & Gabbana33937 
    Estée Lauder36375 
    Gianni Versace29587 
    Giorgio Beverly Hills118674 
    Guy Laroche36377 
    Hanae Mori159724 
    Hugo Boss29588 
    Issey Miyake67505 
    Jean Paul Gaultier82575 
    Karl Lagerfeld36380 
    Kenneth Cole72774 
    Liz Claiborne29589 
    Mary Kay72775 
    Paco Rabanne67507 
    Paris Hilton150598 
    Paul Sebastian29590 
    Perry Ellis36382 
    Pierre Cardin150599 
    Ralph Lauren29591 
    Salvatore Ferragamo101937 
    Sean John140104 
    Swiss Army67508 
    Thierry Mugler101938 
    Tommy Bahama159728 
    Tommy Hilfiger29592 
    Vera Wang112558 
    Victoria's Secret101939 
    Yves Saint Laurent67509 
    Abercrombie & Fitch118680 
    Acqua di Parma118681 
    Adrienne Vittadini118682 
    Alfred Sung29593 
    Anna Sui67510 
    Annick Goutal36384 
    Baby Phat159774 
    Banana Republic159773 
    Bath & Body Works33939 
    Bill Blass82580 
    Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab159775 
    Bob Mackie82581 
    Body Shop101941 
    Britney Spears101942 
    Calvin Klein11849 
    Carolina Herrera33940 
    Celine Dion101943 
    Christian Dior29597 
    Comptoir Sud Pacifique118712 
    Dolce & Gabbana29600 
    Elizabeth Arden11851 
    Elizabeth Taylor33944 
    Ellen Tracy67529 
    Emanuelle Ungaro118714 
    Estée Lauder11852 
    Fred Hayman118719 
    Gale Hayman118720 
    Gianni Versace33945 
    Giorgio of Beverly Hills29602 
    Gloria Vanderbilt106313 
    Hanae Mori101945 
    Healing Garden118722 
    Herve Leger118723 
    Hilary Duff154943 
    Hugo Boss36394 
    Issey Miyake29606 
    J. Del Pozo118724 
    J Lo33947 
    Jean Patou36395 
    Jean Paul Gaultier33946 
    Jessica McClintock36396 
    Jessica Simpson101946 
    Jil Sander118725 
    Jo Malone118726 
    Juicy Couture159777 
    Karl Lagerfeld33948 
    Kenneth Cole67537 
    Laura Biagiotti118727 
    Liz Claiborne29608 
    Lolita Lempicka67539 
    Marc Jacobs36399 
    Mariah Carey159779 
    Marilyn Miglin36400 
    Mary Kay36401 
    Max Mara159780 
    Michael Kors29609 
    Narcisco Rodriguez118742 
    Nina Ricci36402 
    Oscar de la Renta29610 
    Paco Rabanne98833 
    Paloma Picasso75026 
    Paris Hilton114138 
    Paul Sebastian36403 
    Perry Ellis36404 
    Prince Matchabelli159782 
    Ralph Lauren29611 
    Robert Piguet118747 
    Salvador Dali118748 
    Salvatore Ferragamo101950 
    Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely116162 
    Shania by Stetson118749 
    Stella McCartney101951 
    Thierry Mugler29613 
    Tommy Bahama159783 
    Tommy Hilfiger29614 
    Van Cleef & Arpels118751 
    Vera Wang36406 
    Victoria's Secret29615 
    Viktor & Rolf159786 
    Yves Rocher118752 
    Yves St. Laurent29616 
    Mixed Brands29617 
 -Hair Care & Salon11854 
   Brushes & Combs11855 
   Children's Hair Care159787 
   Curling Irons11859 
   Damage Treatments106255 
   Gel, Mousse & Spray11860 
   Hair Color31412 
   Hair Dryers11858 
   Hair Loss31413 
   Rollers, Curlers36407 
  -Salon Equipment117337 
    Dryer Chairs & Dryers168190 
    Shampoo Bowls & Backwash Units117338 
    Styling Chairs & Stations117339 
   Straightening Irons36408 
   Styling Accessories82591 
   Sets & Kits31788 
   Travel & Trial Sizes72801 
 -Health Care67588 
  -Body Enhancers72802 
  -Family Planning36434 
    Female Contraceptives159873 
    Fertility Monitors116178 
    Impotence Aids82615 
    Ovulation Kits30118 
    Pregnancy Tests36437 
   Feminine Hygiene67590 
  -First Aid75033 
    Bandages, Gauze & Dressings75034 
    Children's First Aid159796 
    Kits & Bags75035 
    Ointments, Creams & Oils82592 
   Hot & Cold Therapies36439 
   Pill Boxes, Pill Cases75041 
   Relaxation Aids40100 
  -Sleeping Aids82593 
    CPAP Accessories159798 
    Sleep Masks159799 
    Sound Therapy82594 
    Snoring Cessation82595 
  -Smoking Cessation75042 
    Alternative Therapies75043 
   -Gum, Lozenges75044 
  -Beauty Tools36409 
    Brush Cleaners159805 
   -Brushes & Applicators82597 
     Eye Shadow82598 
     Lip Brushes168194 
     Sets & Kits36412 
    Compact Mirrors106256 
    Eyelash Tools82599 
    Puffs, Sponges & Wedges159806 
    Bare Escentuals47010 
    Bobbi Brown159800 
    Estée Lauder40095 
    Mary Kay33922 
    Signature Club A40950 
  -Cases, Bags & Totes36413 
    Cosmetic Bags36414 
   -Makeup Cases75051 
     Train Cases75053 
    Makeup Organizers, Caddies82604 
    Tote Bags47011 
   Eyebrow Pencils78089 
  -Eye Shadow31789 
    Bare Escentuals31791 
    Bobbi Brown40951 
    Christian Dior40096 
    Elizabeth Arden114143 
    Estée Lauder31793 
    Hard Candy78091 
    Laura Geller159809 
    Laura Mercier72822 
    Mary Kay31796 
    My Minerals114144 
    Signature Club A37817 
    Sue Devitt159815 
    Too Faced159816 
    Tony & Tina117346 
    Urban Decay67622 
    Victoria's Secret159817 
  -Face Powder33924 
    Bare Escentuals33925 
    Estée Lauder72823 
    Laura Geller159821 
    Laura Mercier159822 
    Mary Kay33926 
    Tony & Tina117349 
   False Eyelashes117350 
    Alexandra deMarkoff159736 
    Bare Escentuals31798 
    Bobbi Brown72834 
    Christian Dior67629 
    Cover Girl37818 
    Elizabeth Arden33949 
    Estée Lauder33950 
    Inner Beauty159742 
    Jane Iredale159744 
    Laura Mercier159745 
    Mary Kay31800 
    Max Factor82606 
    Nina Ricci159748 
    Sheer Cover159750 
    Signature Club A40953 
    Sue Devitt159753 
   Lip Balm31801 
  -Lip Gloss36417 
    Bare Escentuals148491 
    Bath & Body Works159826 
    Bobbi Brown95210 
    Bonne Bell72836 
    Burt's Bees159827 
    Christian Dior67641 
    C.O. Bigelow159828 
    Estée Lauder72837 
    Jessica Simpson Dessert108700 
    Laura Mercier159831 
    Mary Kay37820 
    Sebastian Trucco159838 
    Too Faced116175 
    Urban Decay116176 
    Victoria's Secret159840 
    Yves Saint Laurent159841 
   Lip Pencils31803 
    Bare Escentuals67648 
    Bobbi Brown40955 
    Christian Dior40956 
    Club Monaco159845 
    Elizabeth Arden40957 
    Estée Lauder31807 
    Fashion Fair159847 
    Jane Iredale159848 
    Laura Mercier159849 
    Manic Panic159850 
    Mary Kay31810 
    Max Factor105752 
    Sebastian Trucco159852 
    Victoria's Secret159855 
    Yves Saint Laurent159856 
    Bare Escentuals78110 
    Christian Dior67651 
    Estée Lauder36423 
    Mary Kay33955 
    Too Faced159866 
   Mixed Brands11985 
  -Sets & Kits36424 
    Bare Escentuals40099 
    Bobbi Brown159867 
    Estée Lauder36426 
    Mary Kay36429 
    Sue Devitt159870 
    Tru Minerals159871 
    Victoria's Secret159872 
   Travel, Trial Sizes72855 
    Full Body67662 
    Head & Neck67663 
   Oils & Creams36453 
   Stones & Rocks67661 
 -Medical, Mobility & Disability11778 
   Bathroom Safety75059 
   Braces & Supports19264 
   Caregiver Products168198 
  -Diabetic Aids72873 
    Glucose Monitors72874 
    Monitoring Kits72876 
    Test Strips72877 
   Hearing Assistance37821 
   Incontinence Aids36440 
  -Mobility Equipment28175 
    Lifts & Lift Chairs75066 
    Reacher Grabbers159874 
    Walkers & Canes28176 
  -Monitoring & Testing30115 
   -Blood Pressure75072 
    Drug Testing159876 
    Ear Infection Monitors159877 
    Emergency Alert Systems159878 
   Orthotics, Insoles118956 
   Positioning Equipment28178 
   Respiratory Aids45207 
 -Nail Care & Polish11871 
   Acrylic Nails & Tips75055 
   Cuticle Creams & Softeners82610 
   Files & Implements11872 
   Hand Cream36432 
   Manicure Kits31812 
   Nail Art45205 
   Nail Dryers67653 
   Nail Polish11873 
   Paraffin Spas33163 
   Pedicure & Foot Spas36430 
   Pedicure Kits67654 
 -Natural & Homeopathic Remedies67659 
   Detox Pads159886 
   Ion Foot Baths159879 
   Light Therapy159881 
   Neti Pots & Cleansers159882 
   Subliminal Products159883 
   Support Wraps116179 
   Tiger Balm159884 
 -Oral Care31769 
   Children's Oral Care159757 
   Dental Floss & Flossers159758 
   Systems & Kits108691 
 -Over-the-Counter Medicine75036 
   Allergy, Sinus & Asthma75037 
   Cold Sores159797 
   Cough, Cold & Flu75038 
   Digestion & Nausea75039 
   Pain Relief75040 
 -Shaving & Hair Removal31762 
  -Clippers & Trimmers67408 
    Beard & Mustache67409 
    Bikini & Micro-Trimmers159788 
    Nose & Ear67411 
    Sets & Kits67412 
    Blades, Guides & Attachments159789 
   Creams, Lotions & Sprays31763 
  -Electric Shavers31765 
   Epilators & Electrolysis37802 
   Laser Hair Removal159795 
  -Razors & Razor Blades40944 
    Straight Razors159756 
  -Scissors & Shears101915 
    4.5" or less159790 
    7" & up159792 
    Thinning Shears159793 
   Shaving Brushes & Mugs168191 
   Waxing Supplies82565 
 -Skin Care11863 
   Acne & Blemish Control29618 
   Anti-Aging Products33164 
   Blotting Papers75006 
   Children's Skin Care159772 
   Exfoliators & Scrubs29582 
   Eye Creams & Gels166737 
   Eye Masks78061 
   Lightening Cream40088 
   Makeup Remover31777 
   Masks & Peels21022 
   Men's Skin Care78062 
   Night Cream101926 
   Samples & Trial Sizes72772 
   Sets & Kits67500 
  -Sun Care31772 
    After Sun74996 
   -Sunless Tanning67427 
     Airbrush Tanning108693 
     Lotions & Creams67428 
     Sprays, Mists67429 
     SPF 24 and Lower47024 
     SPF 25 and Higher31774 
    Tanning Lotion31776 
   Toners & Astringents21095 
  Tanning Beds & Lamps31775 
 -Tattoos & Body Art33914 
   Piercing Supplies & Kits33916 
   Tanning Stickers74989 
   Tattoo Machines & Guns33917 
   Tattoo Removal Machines168192 
   Tattoo Supplies33918 
   Temporary Tattoos33919 
 -Vision Care31414 
   Children's Vision Care159887 
   Contact Lens Accessories75084 
   Eyeglass Cases116183 
   Eyeglass Frames31415 
   Low Vision Magnifiers & Lenses67678 
  -Reading Glasses67670 
    +1.00 strength67671 
    +1.25 strength67672 
    +1.50 strength67673 
    +1.75 strength67674 
    +2.00 strength67675 
    +2.25 strength67676 
    +2.50 strength67677 
    +2.75 strength82623 
    +3.00 strength82624 
    Greater than +3.00 strength29620 
 -Weight Management31817 
   CDs & Cassettes75083 
   Diaries & Calculators31819 
   Exercise & Fitness Programs82620 
  -Foods, Bars & Snacks82616 
    Foods, Meals82618 
    Snacks, Treats82619 
   Pills, Tablets & Capsules31820 
   Program Materials, Accessories36455 
   Shakes & Drinks31821 
   Videos & DVDs82621 
   Weight Loss Patches82622 
 -Wholesale Lots40965 
  -Beauty & Personal Care51005 
    Bath & Body51006 
    Hair Care51007 
    Skin Care78123 
   Health Care40968 
   Medical & Special Needs40967 
+Home & Garden11700 
+Jewelry & Watches281 
+Musical Instruments619 
+Pottery & Glass870 
+Real Estate10542 
+Specialty Services316 
+Sporting Goods382 
+Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop64482 
+Toys & Hobbies220 
+Video Games1249 
+Everything Else99 
+QA Test Clothing Shoes & Acces166299 
+QA Test Books168673 
+Live Auctions2038 


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