eBay Labels Is Getting a Makeover

eBay Labels Is Getting a Makeover

Enjoy the features and shipping discounts
of the platform in a brand-new design.
eBay Labels Is Getting a Makeover

Choose your service.

Compare price, included insurance, and estimated
delivery to find your shipping service.
Choose your service

Ship in bulk.

Manage your orders easily with item images and
buyer information. Plus, we’re adding FedEx.
Ship in bulk

Time your delivery.

See the buyer’s estimated delivery date
to help you select your shipping method.
Time your delivery

Pick your packaging.

Use helpful icons to find the right packaging for
your flat-rate shipping method.
Pick your packaging

eBay Labels Saves You Money

Get discounted shipping, free carrier supplies, scheduled pickups, and more great benefits.

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eBay Labels FAQs

The new eBay shipping labels will provide you with an easier and more intuitive way to purchase and print labels on eBay, and allow us to continue to expand and evolve our shipping tools.

We have already provided access to a small number of sellers and anticipate that all sellers will be able to use the new eBay labels experience by fall 2018.

We will expand the new eBay labels experience to more sellers as soon as possible. Currently, we’re only providing access to sellers when the features that they need are available. For example, sellers who use bulk shipping will not be able to use the new eBay labels experience until the bulk shipping feature is available.

Sellers who prefer to use the old labels experience will be able to continue using it. You can choose that option by clicking on “Go back to classic label printing” in the upper-right hand corner of the new experience (below). This option will be available through summer 2018, but will eventually be removed.
The new eBay labels experience will not affect you if you handle your shipping needs through an eBay Shipping Partner Platform (i.e., ShipRush or Shippo).

Yes. The new eBay labels experience will not affect the benefits you currently receive with eBay labels, including discounted rates, automatic tracking upload, scheduled pickup, and more.