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eBay Shipping Partner Platform

Sell on all major marketplaces and manage your shipping from a single platform. Our trusted partner ShipRush makes shipping easier than ever. See how it works.

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Ship Rush
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  • Deep feature set
  • Full scale solution
  • Automation
65+ marketplaces including eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and Shopify
Business Compatibility
QuickBooks, Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, and other top enterprise tools
Shipping options
Parcel, Freight, LTL
USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and more

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Will tracking information be automatically uploaded to eBay and other marketplaces?
Yes, tracking information will be automatically uploaded, no matter where the order came from.
How big are the discounts on shipping?
We have negotiated great carrier rates for the eBay sellers in this program. Best part is, you get discounted shipping on ALL your orders, no matter if they come from eBay sales or other places! All users will pay USPS Commercial Plus prices on Priority Mail, including Cubic Pricing, and Commercial Base prices on First Class Package Service, up to 25%* savings over retail. All this, with no subscription or printing fees! All eligible sellers get this completely free of charge.
I tried to sign up, but was told that I was not eligible. Why?
This program is currently available to a limited group of eBay sellers. If you would like to be included in the program, please contact us here.
Will I still be able to use eBay labels on if I join this program?
Absolutely. You will still be able to use eBay labels whenever you like. With ShipRush, you can access the same discounted pricing through their tools and platform, and also be able to print labels for more than just eBay transactions.
Can I schedule a USPS pickup, and order free supplies when I use ShipRush?
Yes, USPS free package pickup and packing supplies are still available regardless of where you print your USPS labels.

*Save up to 25% on domestic shipping and up to 24% on international shipping with eBay labels compared to USPS retail.