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Cancelling Bids Placed in Your Auction
You should only cancel bids if you have a good reason to. Also, please remember that bids cannot be reinstated once they've been canceled. Here are a few examples of a legitimate cancellation:
  • Bidder contacts you to back out of the bid.
  • You cannot verify the identity of the bidder, after trying all reasonable means of contact.
  • You want to end your auction early because you no longer want to sell your item. In this case you must cancel all bids on your auction before ending the auction.

Because your cancellation will be put in the bidding history for this auction, bidders may ask you to explain your cancellation. So, please include a one-line explanation of your cancellation for the official record.

To avoid mistakes, please verify your password in order to cancel a bid. If you haven't selected a personal password, or if you've forgotten your password, please request a new temporary password before proceeding.

Your registered

Your password

Item number of auction

of the bid you are cancelling

Your explanation of the cancellation:

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Press this button to cancel this bid.