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List efficiently on eBay

Create listings quickly, manage your inventory, and monitor your sales and post-sale activities. eBay offers tools to help you save time and manage a large number of listings and sales.

Explore new listing features in Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro!

We've been listening to what you need to sell more efficiently on eBay and have added new features.
Explore the latest features in Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro. Learn more

Don't use either of these tools? Start with Selling Manager—it's free!

Create new listings in bulk

If you have a lot of similar things to sell, but no existing listings to copy from, you can quickly create lots of listings at once. Enter what's the same across all the listings and create multiple drafts in bulk. Then enter the unique values for each listing. Learn more

Use copies to create more listings

Already using Sell Similar to create listings? Now within minutes, create multiple copies, change only the values that are different, and instantly create listings in bulk. Learn more

  1. Step 1 Select drafts, and then click Create a copy
  2. Step 2 Edit the copies you've created
  3. Step 3 Submit your changes

Work at your own pace with drafts

Use the new Draft listings view to start listings, save them as you go, and then revisit them later when it's most convenient for you, or someone else, to continue working on them. You can also select multiple drafts and finish them quickly in bulk. Learn more

Selling Manager—It's free!

This free tool lets you keep track of your listings and save time on common post-sales tasks.

  • Manage scheduled, active, sold, and unsold listings using custom views
  • View summaries of your sales, order status, and listing activity
  • Save time by submitting feedback in bulk using custom stored messages
  • Set up automation rules to automatically relist unsold items
  • Quickly find listings using advanced search
  • Revise and relist multiple listings at the same time in bulk
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Selling Manager Pro

Included with a Premium or Anchor eBay Stores subscription (or, without a subscription, for $15.99 per month), this tool provides all the same features as Selling Manager plus more:

  • Manage inventory with quantity tracking
  • List with reusable product listing templates
  • Set up automatic feedback using custom stored messages
  • Generate sales reports
  • Use additional automation rules to relist unsold items
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