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Welcome to the eBay Vehicle Seller Center

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Why eBay?

eBay has real, capable car buyers, so let’s make sure your inventory is available to the eBay audience today!

7.4 Million unique visitors a month looking for cars.

That’s a lot of people.

A car or truck sells every 3 minutes on eBay.

eBay listings allow people to interact with you and your inventory.

eBay Shoppers are More Ready to Buy.

According to a recent survey of car buyers, eBay Motors shoppers have a higher intent to purchase vs other platforms.

Ready to sell?

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It really is easy to sell on eBay.

List in minutes.
Snap some photos and write a
great description. We’ll help you
price your item to sell.
payment process
Pick the payment process that
works best for you.
Payment terms, Deposit and
Balance Payoff are all set up
when you list your vehicle.
Arrange Pickup or Shipping.
Follow the established
pickup or shipping terms you
set in your listing.

Four Steps to a Successful Sale

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1Prepare to Sell
Get started with tips and advice on what information to gather about your vehicle and how to take the best photos.

2Create Your Listing
From how to describe your vehicle to determining the best price, we’ll guide you through creating a listing attractive to buyers.
3Manage Your Listing
Once you have your listing posted, learn how
to keep track of any activity on it and how to establish contact with potential buyers.

4Complete the Sale
Review the final steps you need to take to close the deal: finalize payment, get the vehicle to the buyer, and transfer the title.
Visit our "How to sell a vehicle" page for selling tips.
Ready to sell?
We’re here to help.

Customer support is here for you to make sure
your selling goes smoothly.

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Additional resources

Still got questions? No problem.

You might be new to the selling thing. We get it. Here are just a few
questions that are frequently asked by our first time sellers.

I’m pretty busy. How long will it take to get my vehicle up on eBay?
We realize you want to sell your stuff right now. Our quick listing tool makes selling on eBay a snap. Once you’re signed into your eBay account, you’ll find guidance and tips that will help you list your item fast. Don’t have an account yet? It’s easy to set up an eBay account.

What are the fees to list and sell a vehicle on eBay?
There is no insertion fee for low volume sellers. A successful listing fee is charged when your vehicle sells. High volume sellers pay an insertion fee and a successful listing fee. Insertion fees and successful listing fees vary by vehicle price and vehicle category. Learn more about fees for selling vehicles on eBay.

I want everyone to see my vehicle. How do I do that?
Now you sound like a seller! Helping buyers find your stuff begins with a great listing. Take great photos (you can post 12 of them for free), write a descriptive title, and describe your item with as much detail as you can. Do that and you’ll definitely increase your chances.

How do I get the best price for my vehicle?
You can decide to go for an auction-style or a fixed-price listing, and we'll help you decide the best way to list your vehicle. Auction-style listings can be exciting, and you may earn a higher than expected price this way. With a fixed-price listing, you decide how much your stuff is worth. This might help sell it more quickly.

Selling sounds easy, but how do I get paid?
When you list your vehicle on eBay, be sure to set the terms that work for you. Consider the payment method you accept, deposit amount (if you require it), reasonable period of time in which you expect to receive it, and how and when balance payoff is due.

What happens after my vehicle sells? I still have to ship it out, right?
Be sure to follow the shipping and delivery terms set up in listing. There are several options you can choose such as letting the buyer pick up the vehicle or shipping the vehicle to the buyer.

Anything else?

Yes! Be sure to transfer the title of the vehicle to the new owner. Each state has slightly different rules on how the title transfer should be completed. We recommend that you visit your state's Department of Motor Vehicles to review detailed information about transferring titles to the new owner.