Best Practices

Top-rated seller really knows his customer from head to toe

If you find the crew at Dj's Boardshop shredding some backcountry slopes on a Monday afternoon, try not to disturb them—they're in the middle of research.

Whether you're a beginner or a rider with skills, Dj's Boardshop has snowboarding and wakeboarding gear to match your level—at some of the best prices out there. Founder and avid rider Davin Johnson explains how they are able to do this.

"We feel it's important to share the joy we get from riding with as many people as possible. That's why we sell quality products at competitive prices and go step-by-step with our customers to ensure they choose the right products at the right sizes."

In fact, Dj's Boardshop customized package finder service helps snowboarders and wakeboarders select the best products for their size. This takes the guessing game out of the purchase. When customers buy products from Dj's Boardshop, they have all the information they need to buy with confidence.

Also, Dj's Boardshop stays in constant communication with the buyer throughout the transaction. This helps nip any problem in the bud quickly. For instance, a shipping error occurred with one buyer, and the buyer was on a plane to her vacation destination. Having experienced the situation themselves and understanding the importance of having your gear when it's time to ride, Dj's Boardshop tracked the package and had it at the buyer's vacation spot the very next morning. The buyer's been a loyal customer ever since.

"We make customer satisfaction and feedback top priority because, in many ways, we are our customer. We're all riders. So we can empathize with some of the challenges riders face. And in that rare case we make a mistake, we make it right immediately."

Davin started Dj's Boardshop in 2004 while working fulltime at a sports equipment store. A year later, he realized the potential of eBay and began selling on eBay fulltime. Soon thereafter, he garnered the support of his old college buddy, Chris Urtel, who serves as the backbone of Dj's Boardshop's outstanding customer service. Today, Dj's Boardshop's success continues to grow by leaps and bounds.
"We make customer satisfaction top priority because, in many ways, we are our customer. We're all riders. So we can empathize with some of the challenges riders face."
-Dj's Boardshop

Here are some of the best practices that Davin's picked up along the way and credit for his success:
  • Have a passion for what you sell—it creates a closer bond with your customers.
  • Focus on the buyer experience, not just making the sell.
  • Constantly test your listing types, and be flexible with change.
  • Find a good listing mix based on a sound strategic plan.
  • Know your niche in the market.
  • Personally buy on eBay as well.
  • Keep up with trends year round—opportunities exist beyond peak selling seasons.
  • Look into third-party companies for scalability.
  • Be thankful for your competitors—they'll help you stay on the cutting edge.
  • Always remember why you started selling in the first place.
  • Lastly, try not to take yourself too seriously.
Looking forward to a shredtakular year
With the games going on this month, Dj's Boardshop expects a spike in sales and looks forward to a profitable year. Also, the crew at Dj's Boardshop welcome the upcoming changes in Insertion Fees for eBay Stores and will enjoy significant savings. But most importantly, they will continue to have fun and go boarding as much as possible.