Success Stories

Seller Success Stories

He's a real estate agent. She's in retail. Together they're Reunion Estate Sales, offering high-quality estate pieces on eBay.

Dwaine Greenwalt, a real estate agent, and his wife Joanne, a retail professional, share a passion for collecting. Over the past 30 years, they've grown collections of coins, stamps, china, silver, crystal and more.

In April 2009, the couple decided to combine their professional skills with their love of antiques and collectibles. They looked into selling estate items on eBay and quickly decided that it would be worth having an eBay Store. With the goal of breaking even that first year, Reunion Estate Sales was born.

"We were able to pursue a business we love. eBay has the tools we needed to be successful," says Greenwalt. "I learned how to ship, how to pack, how to handle payments with PayPal."

In the remaining eight months of 2009, Reunion Estate Sales did a bit better than break even, and business has grown ever since.

Dwaine's work in real estate has provided an unexpected source of inventory. Homeowners who knew of his professional reputation also valued his knowledge of antiques.
"I can supplement my income doing something I love. I feel the sky's the limit."
- Dwaine Greenwalt

Likewise, banks began asking him to evaluate not just houses but the possessions within. So he started lending clients his "treasure vs. trash" expertise to evaluate and sell their personal items, which has helped grow his inventory.

"We're starting to sell items on consignment to grow the business," he adds. "While we've heard other sellers wondering where to go to find inventory, ours is coming to us."
Know your end game
Dwaine credits his unique position in the eBay marketplace to knowledge of quality antiques. He and his wife have always focused on high-quality pieces, so they know the value of the items they sell. He strongly encourages other sellers to do their research before buying an item to resell or listing on eBay.

"Always know your end game. You have to understand what you have and what you want to accomplish when it leaves your hands. Only then can you determine what type of listing is best (Fixed Price or online auction), the right time to sell, and if you can get the price you want."

Once an item is listed, Dwaine is sure to offer unparalleled service, and gets great satisfaction from the personal connection they make with customers. When buyers contact him directly, he's happy to go the extra mile.

"I had a customer buy a platter," Dwaine remembers. "At the last minute, he emailed that it absolutely had to get there in perfect condition in six days because it was a 10th anniversary present for his wife. He put trust in us and we made it happen."

While Dwaine and his wife continue to man the Store themselves, they'll have to entertain the thought of hiring someone to help if they want to grow in the coming years. That said, it's given him a new outlook on what retirement could mean.

"It gives me a way to create and supplement income with the flexibility to work at something I love. I feel the sky's the limit."