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Introducing the Newly Redesigned Seller Invoice

With an updated look and feel, your Seller Invoice is now the go-to place for a detailed and comprehensive view of your account activity.

See your total amount saved through promotions each month.

Know when your PayPal account, debit or credit card will be charged.

Personalize your Billing Details and group fees by item number.

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Know Your Invoice

This section helps you learn more about commonly used invoice terms. It’s important to note that monthly fees are now referred to as “subscription and onetime fees” on you invoice.

Fees as a Percentage of Your Sales

View a simple visual representation of your fees as a percentage of your sales each month.

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Detailed list of seller fees each month.

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and Credits

Discover how much you’ve saved with Top Rated Plus Seller discount and other discounts each month, as well as any credits to your account.


The new gray box below your monthly total lets you know when your automatic payment method will be charged. You can update or change your automatic payment method under My eBay.


Announcements, Notices, Helpful Links, and Boost your savings have moved to the second page.

Updated Billing Details Page

and Refunds

Compare the totals for your last
invoice and payment, see when
your last payment was made and
any refunds due.

Group Fees by
Item Number,
Date and
Fee Type

Analyze a detailed list of your seller fees and the items they were applied to. Starting July 1st*, you will be able to group your fees by item number, date and fee type when your personalize your invoice. Find out how.

*Personalization choices will appear on your next invoice.

Updated Billing Details Page

and Onetime

View all your subscriptions and other monthly fees. These include eBay Stores subscriptions, seller tool subscriptions, late fees and declined payment fees.

Service Fees

List of comprehensive shipping
related fees.

Updated Invoice Notification Email

Your new invoice notification email

The new email has been reformatted for a clearer, more actionable view of your account activity that will allow you to make sense of your eBay invoice and fees.

Enlarge a preview of the notification email

Highlights of changes to the new invoice notification email:

  1. More concise wording, with clear call outs for action items only when required
  2. All disclaimers moved to one single footer
  3. Removal of superfluous links or links that no longer apply to the latest site changes

Single click access to invoices

The new email template introduces the “view invoice” button, which takes sellers directly to the page where the specific invoice can be selected and viewed.

Enlarge a preview of the notification email

Updated Invoice Notification Email

Access to useful tools

Sellers now have direct access to tools that will help them to learn more about eBay fees. The Fee Calculator gives an estimate of how much you will be charged when selling a specific item. The Fee Illustrator allows you to analyze if opening a store will benefit your business, as well as which store tier to choose from.

Clear callouts to your account status and any action required

The new invoice email clearly conveys account status information, using text as well as visual cues to show sellers if their account status slips past due (green– when all looks good, yellow– when the account is past due but an APM is still on file, and red– when the account is past due and there is no APM on file).