Category Changes: Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop

June 2017

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop64482
   Index Cards27263
   Lithographs, Posters & Prints73391
   Ticket Stubs73395
   Other Autographed MLB Items53
   Floor, Floorboard95054
   Index Cards95055
   Lithographs, Posters & Prints73397
   Other Autographed NBA Items2826
   Index Cards101805
   Other Autographed Boxing Items2830
    Other Signed NCAA Football23797
   Other Autographed NCAA Items37572
  Display Cases60594
   Index Cards95056
   Lithographs, Posters & Prints73404
   Ticket Stubs101808
   Other Autographed NFL Items2832
   Index Cards101809
   Other Autographed PGA Items1223
   Index Cards101810
   Other Autographed NHL Items2833
  Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)177914
  Racing-Formula 12835
   Index Cards101812
   Lithographs, Posters & Prints73411
   Other Autographed NASCAR Items2837
   Other Autographed Soccer Items2841
   Other Autographed Wrestling2845
  Other Autographed Sports Mem52
 -Fan Apparel & Souvenirs24409
  Baseball-Negro Leagues78129
  Hockey-Team Canada2868
  Horse Racing429
  Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)177913
  Racing-Formula 12876
  Soccer-International Clubs2887
  Soccer-National Teams2891
  Other Fan Apparel & Souvenirs465
  Wholesale Lots50134
 -Game Used Memorabilia50116
   Batting Gloves73419
   Other MLB Game Used Mem50117
   Other NFL Game Used Mem50119
   Other NHL Game Used Mem50120
  Other Game Used Memorabilia50122
 -Vintage Sports Memorabilia50123
  Bobble Heads73424
  Cereal Boxes64483
  Cups, Mugs60598
  Golf Clubs50127
  Key Chains73425
  Paperstock, Cutouts111052
  Pennants, Flags50128
   Media Guides73429
    Baseball - MLB64490
    College - NCAA64492
    Football - NFL64494
    Other Vintage Sports Programs50131
   Other Vint. Sport Publications73430
  Ticket Stubs50132
  Other Vintage Sports Mem50133
 Wholesale Lots56080
 Sports Stickers, Sets & Albums141755
 -Sports Trading Cards212
  Australian Football Cards166107
  Auto Racing Cards666
  Baseball Cards213
  Basketball Cards214
  Bowling Cards170131
  Boxing Cards37795
  College Cards133072
  Cricket Cards25579
  Cycling Cards183715New Category
  -etopps Cards25558Relocated within Parent (i)
   etopps Baseball11235
   etopps Basketball25561
   etopps Classics25563
   etopps Football25559
   etopps Hockey25562
   etopps NASCAR43370
   etopps UFC170132
   etopps UK Football74700
   etopps Wrestling150100
  Football Cards215Relocated within Parent (i)
  Golf Cards4240Relocated within Parent (i)
  Horse Racing Cards43363Relocated within Parent (i)
  Ice Hockey Cards216Relocated within Parent (i)
  Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Cards170134Relocated within Parent (i)
  Olympics Cards2956Relocated within Parent (i)
  Rugby League (NRL) Cards25583Relocated within Parent (i)
  Rugby Union Cards2969Relocated within Parent (i)
  Soccer Cards183444Relocated within Parent (i)
  Tennis Cards43371Relocated within Parent (i)
  Wrestling Cards183435Relocated within Parent (i)
  Price Guides & Publications170135Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Storage & Display Supplies183436Relocated within Parent (i)
   Card Sleeves & Bags183437
   Card Toploaders & Holders183438
   Albums, Binders & Pages183439
   Card Storage Boxes183440
   Card Sorting Trays183441
   Card Display Cases & Cabinets183442
   Other Supplies183443
  Other Sports Trading Cards217Relocated within Parent (i)


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