Category Changes: Sporting Goods

June 2018

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Sporting Goods888
 -Boxing, Martial Arts & MMA179767
  -Clothing, Shoes & Accessories73980
   Belts & Sashes73981
   Belt Displays179768
   Headbands & Hats179769
   Hoodies & Sweatshirts179770
   Shoes & Footwear73989
   Uniforms & Gis179774
   Other Combat Sport Clothing73988
  DVDs, Videos & Books73991
  Gloves - Boxing30102
  Gloves - Martial Arts97042
  -Martial Arts Weapons179792
   Other Martial Arts Weapons179796
  -Protective Gear179775
   Chest Guards179776
   Elbow, Knee & Ankle Guards179777
   Groin Protectors179778
   Hand Wraps179779
   Head Gear179780
   Mouth Guards179781
   Shin Guards179782
   Other Combat Sport Protection179783
  -Training Equipment & Supplies179784
   Bag Stands, Platforms & Accs179785
   Elevation Training Masks179787
   Jump Ropes123468
   Floor Mats & Pads179788
   Punching Bags30101
   Strike Pads & Mitts179789
   Corner Supplies179790
   Other Combat Sport Training179791
  Other Combat Sport Supplies16044
  Electric Bicycles74469
  Bicycle Frames22679
  -Bicycle Tires, Tubes & Wheels185023New Category
   Tires177828Moved from [Bicycle Components & Parts-57262]
   Tubes177829Moved from [Bicycle Components & Parts-57262]
   Wheels & Wheelsets177830Moved from [Bicycle Components & Parts-57262]
  -Bicycle Accessories177832
   Bags & Panniers177833
   Bells & Horns123474
   Bicycle Stands & Storage158997
   Bicycle Transport Cases & Bags177835
   Carrier & Pannier Racks177836
   Child Seats56808Combined into [Child Seats-185029]
   Child Seats185029New Category
   Decals, Stickers106953
   Hydration Packs27952
   Lights & Reflectors22689
   Locks & Security58100
   Saddle Covers, Seat Covers177838
   Trainers & Rollers36141
   Training Wheels177839
   Water Bottles & Cages62132
   Other Bicycle Accessories158998
  -Bicycle Components & Parts57262
   Bar Ends & Plugs177802
   Bolts & Fasteners177804
   Bottom Brackets177805
   Brake Levers100245
   Brake Pads177806
   Brake Rotors177807
   Build Kits & Gruppos109120
   Cables & Housing42335
   Cassettes, Freewheels & Cogs177809
   Chain Guards & Bash Guards177810
   Chainrings & BMX Sprockets177811
   Derailleurs (Front)177812
   Derailleurs (Rear)177813
   Electric Bicycle Components177814
   Handlebar Grips, Tape & Pads177816
   Headset Spacers177818
   Rear Shocks109119
   Saddles, Seats177822
   Seatpost Clamps177823
   Other Bike Components & Parts57267
  -Bicycle Electronics177840
   Cycle Computers & GPS30108
   Heart Rate Monitors177841
   Power Meters177842
   Other Bicycle Electronics177843
  -Bicycle Maintenance & Tools177844
   Lubrication & Cleaning123475
   Puncture Repair177845
   Other Bike Maintenance & Tools177848
  Books & Video62130
  Car & Truck Racks177849
  -Cycling Clothing158990
   Arm, Knee & Leg Warmers85045
   Base Layers177850
   Casual T-Shirts & Tops177851
   Hats & Caps158994Renamed from [Hats, Caps & Headbands]
   Jersey & Pant/Short Sets177852
   Tights & Pants177854
   Wristbands & Headbands185028New Category
   Other Cycling Clothing177857
  -Cycling Shoes & Shoe Covers177862
   Men's Cycling Shoes158986Renamed from [Men]
   Women's Cycling Shoes158987Renamed from [Women]
   Unisex Cycling Shoes178077New Category
   Youth Cycling Shoes158988Renamed from [Youth]
   Shoe Covers177863
  -Helmets & Protective Gear177864
   Helmet Accessories177865
   Protective Pads & Armor42326
   Other Helmets & Protection177866
  Sunglasses & Goggles56185
  -Vintage Cycling158999
   Vintage Bicycles177858
   Vintage Frames177859
   Vintage Bicycle Parts56197
   Vintage Bicycle Accessories177860
   Other Vintage Cycling177861
  Other Cycling2904
   Casting Rods36149
   Spinning Rods36150
   Trolling Rods56732
   Fly Fishing Rods23819
   Ice Fishing Rods179947
   Saltwater Rods179948
   Surf Rods56734
   Travel Rods179949
   -Rod Building & Repair62153
    Equipment & Tools62148
    Guides, Tips & Ferrules62149
    Reel Seats, Cork & Handles62150
    Rod Blanks & Kits62151
    Thread, Epoxy & Coatings61252
    Other Rod Building & Repair62147
   Other Fishing Rods166161
   Baitcasting Reels108153
   Spincasting Reels108154
   Spinning Reels36147
   Center Pin & Mooching Reels179951
   Fly Fishing Reels23818
   Ice Fishing Reels179952
   Saltwater Reels180092
   Reel Parts & Repair178885
   Other Fishing Reels166159
  -Rod & Reel Combos179953
   Baitcasting Combos179954
   Spincasting Combos179955
   Spinning Combos179956
   Trolling Combos179957
   Fly Fishing Combos33973
   Ice Fishing Combos179958
   Saltwater Combos179959
   Other Rod & Reel Combos179960
  -Baits, Lures & Flies179961
   Attractants & Scents179962
   Live Bait179963
   Saltwater Lures36153
   Soft Plastics31691
   Spinners & Spinnerbaits1493
   -Fly Tying Materials44912
    Beads & Eyes180208
    Body, Wing & Tail87096
    Threads, Floss & Wire87097
    Other Fly Tying Materials23816
   Fly Tying Vises & Tools44916
   Mixed Lots179964
   Tackle Craft165931
   Other Baits, Lures & Flies31693
  -Line & Leaders179965
   Braided Line179966
   Fluorocarbon Line179967
   Lead Core & Trolling Line179968
   Monofilament Line179969
   Leaders & Leader Material179970
   Fly Line, Leaders & Tippets23817
   Line Tools & Accessories179971
   Other Fishing Line & Leaders179972
  -Terminal Tackle179973
   Crimps & Sleeves179974
   Floats & Bobbers27416
   Rigs & Harnesses179975
   Sinkers & Weights161826
   Swivels & Snaps179976
   Other Terminal Tackle179977
  -Clothing, Shoes & Accessories179978
   Base Layers179979
   Boots & Shoes179980
   Hats & Headwear70810
   Jacket & Pants Sets179981
   Jackets & Coats65976
   Pants & Shorts139454
   Shirts & Tops179982
   Sweaters & Hoodies179983
   Other Fishing Clothing & Accs27415
  -Fishing Equipment179985
   Bait Buckets179986
   Bite Alarms72638
   Chairs & Seats19985
   Charts & Maps179987
   Decals, Stickers & Patches179988
   Downrigger, Outrigger Gear36151
   Fighting Belts & Harnesses179989
   -Fish Processing & Cooking179990
    Fillet Tables & Cutting Boards161823
    Fish Scalers & Skinners179991
    Other Fish Processing, Cooking179992
   Fishing Carts & Wagons179993
   Fishing Spears & Gaffs179994
   Float Tubes179995
   Fly Fishing Accessories87098
   Ice Fishing Accessories179996
   Pliers & Hook Removers179997
   Reel Cases & Storage179998
   Rod Cases, Tubes & Racks81473
   Rod Rests & Holders72665
   Stringers & Fish Baskets179999
   Tackle Boxes & Bags22696
   Tents & Shelters72670
   Underwater Cameras180000
   Other Fishing Equipment27414
  Fishing Trips159027
  Books & Video62155
  Novelties & Gifts62143
    Casting Reels36176
    Fly Reels36177
    Spinning Reels36178
    Other Vintage Fishing Reels11143
   Other Vintage Fishing793
  Other Fishing384
 -Fitness, Running & Yoga15273
  -Cardio Equipment28059
   Exercise Bikes58102
   Rowing Machines28060
   Ski Machines28061
   Stair Machines & Steppers28062
   Vibration Platform Machines171593
   Machine Parts & Accessories179797
   Other Cardio Equipment28063
  -Clothing & Accessories158913
   -Men's Clothing40884
    Compression & Base Layers179825
    Hoodies & Sweatshirts59392
    Jackets & Vests59353
    Tracksuits59339Renamed from [Track Suits]
    Other Men's Fitness Clothing40892
   -Women's Clothing40883
    Compression & Base Layers179822
    Hoodies & Sweatshirts59325
    Jackets & Vests59285
    Skirts & Skorts179824
    Sports Bras59315
    Tracksuits59273Renamed from [Track Suits]
    Other Women's Fitness Clothing13360
   -Youth Clothing180091
    Compression & Base Layers179828
    Hoodies & Sweatshirts180135
    Jackets & Vests179827
    Tracksuits180127New Category
    Other Youth Fitness Clothing179833
   Hats & Headwear158918
   Running Gloves179810
   Safety & Reflective Gear158951
   Sauna Suits179812
   Support & Protective Gear158919
   Other Fitness Clothing158920
  Fitness DVDs109130
  -Fitness Equipment & Gear28064
   Abdominal Exercisers15274
   Aquatic Fitness Equipment158922
   Balance Trainers179803
   Ballet Barres179804
   Dance Poles & Accessories179805
   Equipment Mats & Flooring179806
   Exercise Balls31390
   Exercise Mats44079
   Foam Rollers179800
   Gym Towels179801
   Hand Grippers137862
   Inversion Tables112954
   Jump Ropes62134
   Medicine (Weighted) Balls137861
   Resistance Trainers79759
   Running Belts179802
   Step/Riser Sets44080
   Thigh Exercisers58106
   Toning Belts57273
   Equipment Parts & Accessories179001
   Other Fitness Equipment & Gear28065
  -Fitness Technology44075
   Activity Trackers179798
   Body Mass Monitors & Scales44078
   GPS & Running Watches75230
   Heart Rate Monitors15277
   Fit Tech Parts & Accessories179799
   Other Fitness Technology44076
  Gym Bags68816
  -Strength Training28066
   Barbells & Attachments137864
   Gloves, Straps & Hooks179820Combined into [Gloves, Straps & Hooks-185070]
   Gloves, Straps & Hooks185070New Category
   Home Gyms158923
   Home Gym Attachments179813
   Power Racks & Smith Machines179815
   Pull Up Bars179816
   Push Up Stands158925
   Weight Plates179817
   Weight Sets179818Combined into [Dumbbells-137865]
   Weight Storage179819
   Weighted Vests158926
   Wrist & Ankle Weights137866
   Wrist & Knee Wraps179821
   Other Strength Training28067
  -Yoga & Pilates158927
   Mats & Non-Slip Towels158928
   Mat Carriers & Bags158929
   Other Yoga & Pilates158930Combined into [Yoga & Pilates Accessories-44086]
   Pilates Tables179807Relocated within Parent
   Pilates Rings179808Relocated within Parent
   Yoga Straps148944Relocated within Parent
   Yoga Props179809Relocated within Parent
   Yoga & Pilates Accessories44086Renamed from [Pilates Accessories]
  Other Fitness, Running & Yoga13362
  -Golf Accessories181128
   Bag Tags173516
   Ball Markers18928
   Ball Pick-Ups & Retrievers173517
   Club Head Covers18930
   Divot Tools108166
   Golf Spikes66814
   Golf Stickers & Decals173518
   Golf Towels18932
   Golf Umbrellas18933
   Groove Sharpeners179002
   Rangefinders & Scopes111289
   Scorecards & Holders90865
   Stroke Counters173519
   Other Golf Accessories1514
  -Golf Clothing, Shoes & Accs181130
   -Men's Golf Clothing & Shoes181131
    Athletic Vests181132
    Base Layers181133
    Coats & Jackets181134
    Golf Gloves181135
    Golf Shoes181136
    Shirts, Tops & Sweaters181138
    Other Men's Golf Clothing181141
   -Women's Golf Clothing & Shoes181142
    Athletic Vests181143
    Base Layers181144
    Coats & Jackets181145
    Golf Gloves181146
    Golf Shoes181147
    Shirts, Tops & Sweaters181149
    Skirts, Skorts & Dresses179003
    Other Women's Golf Clothing181152
   Golf Visors & Hats158937
   Sport Protective Eyewear158938
   Other Golf Clothing158939
  -Golf Clubs & Equipment181153
   Golf Balls18924
   Golf Club Bags30109
   Golf Clubs115280
   Golf Tees18931
   Push-Pull Golf Carts75207
   Push-Pull Golf Cart Add-ons72671
   Push-Pull Golf Cart Parts181154
   Other Golf Equipment181155
  -Golf Club Components47323
   Golf Club Grips47324
   Golf Club Heads47325
   Golf Club Shafts47326
   Golf Equip. Tools & Supplies179281
   Other Golf Club Components36192
  -Golf Training Aids181129
   Nets, Cages & Mats50876
   Putting Greens & Aids36234
   Swing Trainers83037
   Other Golf Training Aids14109
  -Vintage Golf Equipment83041
   Vintage Golf Balls83042
   Vintage Golf Clubs & Shafts83043
   Other Vintage Golf Equipment50877
  Other Golf630
  -Blinds & Treestands177909
   Camouflage Materials177911
   Seats & Chairs52507
   Tree Stands52508
   Blind & Tree Stand Accessories177912
  Books & Video7304
  -Clothing, Shoes & Accessories36239
   Base Layers177867
   Coats & Jackets177868
   Ghillie Suits177870
   Hats & Headwear159035
   Hoodies & Sweatshirts177871
   Hunting Footwear153008
   Jacket & Pant Sets177872
   Pants & Bibs177873
   Shirts & Tops177874
   Other Hunting Clothing & Accs159036
  Game Calls36252
  Game & Trail Cameras52505
  -Gun Parts73943
  -Gun Smithing & Maintenance177880
   Cleaning Supplies22700
   Gun Vises177881
   Smithing Equipment73962
   Snap Caps177882
   Other Hunting Gun Smithing177883
  -Gun Storage73937
   Cabinets & Safes177877
   Gun Locks73941
   Gun Sleeves177878
   Other Hunting Gun Storage159038
  -Holsters, Belts & Pouches73963
   Ammunition Belts & Bandoliers177884
   Magazine Pouches73965
   Other Hunting Holsters & Belts22701
  -Hunting Accessories52502
   Decals & Stickers178081
   Game Carts, Gambrels & Hoists177888
   Game Feeders & Feed52504
   Hand & Body Warmers159039
   Hunting Bags & Packs52503
   Scents & Scent Eliminators52506
   Trail Markers & Signs177889
   Trapping Supplies71108
   Other Hunting Accessories52509
  Hunting Dog Supplies71110
  Hunting Trips & Leases14110
  -Knives & Tools42574
   Butchering Knives & Tools178084
   Fixed Blade42576
   Folding Blade42577
   Knife Sets42578
   Saws & Axes66825
   Sharpening Tools & Accessories66826
   Other Hunting Knives & Tools7306
  -Reloading Equipment31823
   Holders & Boxes71116
   Manuals & Instruction Material111293
   Powder Measures, Scales71119
   Presses & Accessories71120
   Tumblers & Trimmers71114
   Other Hunting Reloading Equip7308
  -Range & Shooting Accessories177904
   Ammunition Cases & Cans177886
   Benches & Rests177887
   Bipods & Monopods73959
   Black Powder Accessories177903
   Hearing Protection73942
   Range Gear177905
   Shooting & Safety Glasses151549
   Skeet & Trap Shooting111292
   Slings & Swivels73977
   Other Range & Shooting Accs177907
  -Scopes, Optics & Lasers31710
   Hunting Binoculars31711
   Lights & Lasers106974
   Night Vision Optics40970
   Pistol Scopes66828
   Range Finders31712
   Red Dot & Laser Scopes66827
   Rifle Scopes31714
   Scope Mounts & Accessories52510
   Spotting Scopes31715
   Other Hunting Scopes & Optics7307
  -Tactical & Duty Gear177890
   Body Armor & Plates102537
   Chest Rigs & Tactical Vests177891
   Hats & Headwear177892
   Leg Rigs & Belts177893
   Knee & Elbow Pads177894
   Tactical Bags & Packs177899
   Tactical Clothing177896
   Tactical Footwear177897
   Tactical Gloves177898
   Tactical, Molle Pouches177900
   Tactical Slings177901
   Other Tactical & Duty Gear177902
   Large Animals177908
   Small Animals71129
   Taxidermy Supplies71130
   Other Taxidermy22702
  -Vintage Hunting71131
   Ammo Boxes71133
   Black Powder73979
   Books & Manuals71134
   Duck Decoys111291
   Pins & Patches71137
   Shell Boxes71138
   Vintage Gun Parts71141
   Vintage Licenses71142
   Vintage Traps71143
   Other Vintage Hunting7309
  Other Hunting383
 -Indoor Games36274
  Air Hockey36275
    Complete Ball Sets75193
    Cue Balls75194
    Other Billiards Balls36102
   Books & Video75195
   Cue Cases21211
   -Accessories & Décor75184
    Ball & Cue Racks75185
    Cue Care & Tip Tools75187
    Cue Tips75188
    Posters & Signs75190
    Table Lights & Lamps75189
    Table Covers91569
    Other Billiards Accs & Décor21210
   Other Billiards1292
   Dart Boards72576
   Darts-Soft Tips26331
   Darts-Steel Tips26332
   Other Darts2907
  Indoor Roller Skating165938
  -Table Tennis, Ping Pong97072
   Other Table Tennis, Ping Pong97076
  Other Indoor Games36278
 -Outdoor Sports159043
  -Air Guns & Slingshots178886
   Air Pistols178887
   Air Rifles178888
   BBs & Pellets178889
   Other Air Guns & Slingshots178891
   Clothing & Protective Gear159044
     Other Electric Airsoft Guns31684
     Other Gas Airsoft Guns31685
     Other Spring Airsoft Guns31686
    Other Airsoft Guns31687
   Other Airsoft31688
   Archery Sets & Kits161751
   -Arrows & Parts181307
    Complete Arrows181308
    Crossbow Bolts181309
    Points & Arrowheads36096
    Other Arrows & Parts181312
    Other Bows181295
   -Protective Gear181296
    Archery Gloves181297
    Arm Guards & Chest Guards181298
    Fingertabs & Fingerguards181299
    Archery Tools181302
    Arrow Rests36099
    Bags, Cases & Covers181300
    Bow Slings181301
    Release Aids181303
    Other Archery Accessories181306
   Vintage & Collectibles158960
   Other Archery1291
  -Backyard Games79786
   Bocce Ball79788
   Cornhole Bag Toss79791
   Other Backyard Games159081
  -Camping & Hiking16034
   -Hiking Backpacks181378
    Day Packs87122
    Hydration Packs87125
    Waist Packs & Bags181380
    Other Camping/Hiking Backpacks36109
     Base Layers181357
     Coats & Jackets181358
     Pants & Shorts181360
     Shirts, Tops & Sweaters181361
     Base Layers181364
     Coats & Jackets181365
     Pants & Shorts181367
     Shirts, Tops & Sweaters181368
     Base Layers181371
     Coats & Jackets181372
     Pants & Shorts181374
     Shirts, Tops & Sweaters181375
    Hats & Headwear159094
    -Hiking Shoes & Boots181391
    Other Camping, Hiking Clothing27362
   -Camping Cooking Supplies181381
    Camping Ice Boxes & Coolers181382
    Camping Cooking Utensils87133
    Camping Cookware87141
    Outdoor Tableware181383
    Camping Kettles181384
    MREs & Freeze-Dried Food62118
    -Camping Stoves, Ovens & BBQs181385
     Camping Stoves181386
     Camping Ovens181387
     Camping BBQs & Grills181388
     Parts & Accessories181389
    Other Camping Cooking Supplies16036
   Camping Furniture16038
   -Camping Hygiene & Sanitation181395
    Portable Showers & Accessories181396
    Portable Toilets & Accessories181397
    Camping Towels181398
    Camping Wash Basins181399
    Other Camping Hygiene Accs181400
   -Camping Knives & Tools75232
    Camping Shovels75233
    Camping Hatchets & Axes75234
    Camping Knives75235
    Pocket, Multi Tools75236
    Camping Saws75237
    Other Camping Knives & Tools100237
   Camping Storage181390
   -Flashlights, Lanterns & Lights106983
    Glow Sticks159091
    Accessories & Cases168875
    Other Camping Lighting159092
   Generators & Heaters16039
   -Hiking Gear181401
    Compasses & GPS52482
    Map Covers181402
    Walking & Trekking Sticks23809
    Other Hiking Gear27363
   -Outdoor Sleeping Gear181403
    Air Bed Pumps27912
    Blankets & Liners111261
    Mattresses & Pads36114
    Sleeping Bags87100
    Other Camping Sleeping Gear16040
   -Tents & Canopies181404
    Canopies & Shelters179011
    Tent & Canopy Accessories36120
    Other Tents & Canopies179019
   -Water Bottles & Hydration181405
    Purification Tablets181406
    Portable Water Filters181407
    Canteens, Bottles & Flasks181408
    Water Carriers & Jerrycans181409
    Other Bottles & Hydration181410
   -Emergency Gear181411
    Emergency Blankets181412
    Fire Starters166126
    Hand Warmers66002
    Insect Nets & Repellents65965
    Paracord Bracelets181413
    Safety Whistles181414
    Other Emergency Gear181415
   Other Camping & Hiking8504
  -Climbing & Caving30105
   Books & Video101686
   Carabiners & Hardware50814
   Climbing Holds75204
   -Clothing, Shoes & Accessories158975
    -Shoes & Footwear30106
    Other Climbing Clothing158977
   Ice Climbing Equipment158981
   Ropes, Cords & Slings50816
   Other Climbing & Caving1299
  -Disc Golf184355
   Disc Golf Discs184356
   Disc Golf Baskets184357
   Disc Golf Sets184358
   Disc Bags/Caddies184359
   Disc Golf Accessories184360
   -Clothing & Accessories16240
    -Men's Clothing183359
     Jodhpurs & Breeches72600
     English Show Coats183362
     English Show Shirts183363
     Western Show Shirts183364
    -Women's Clothing183365
     Jodhpurs & Breeches16242
     Shirts & Tops183366
     English Show Coats183368
     English Show Shirts183369
     Western Show Shirts183370
    -Youth Clothing183371
     Jodhpurs & Breeches72599
     Shirts & Tops183372
     English Show Coats183374
     English Show Shirts183375
     Western Show Shirts183376
    English Show Accessories160041
    Riding Gloves95104
    Western Chaps/Full Chaps183358
    Western Hats31155
    Western Show Accessories160042
    Other Rider Clothing3167
   -Helmets & Protective Gear87443
    Body Protectors57270
    Reflective Vests183386
    Riding Helmets47269
    Riding Helmet Covers183387
    Other Protective Gear87446
   -Riding Boots & Accessories27031
    Paddock & Jodhpur Boots100253
    Tall Riding Boots183382
    Western Boots159002
    Gaiters/Half Chaps183383
    Spur Straps183384
    Boot Bags183385
    Other Riding Boots & Accs46076
   Whips & Crops22176
   -English Saddles & Tack3159
    Bridle Parts & Accessories72585
    Martingales & Breastplates47278
    Saddle Bags167243
    Saddle Covers179000
    Saddle Pads183377
    Seat Savers183378
    Stirrup Leathers183380
    Other English Tack3155
   -Western Saddles & Tack3161
    Breast Collars47298
    Bridles & Headstalls3177
    Bridle Parts & Accessories183414
    Saddle Bags47300
    Saddle Covers183416
    Saddle Pads47308
    Seat Savers183411
    Stirrup Leathers & Fenders183413
    Other Western Tack47301
   -Driving Equipment85178
    Carts & Carriages167220
    Cart & Carriage Parts & Accs183427
    Driving Bits167217
    Driving Reins85180
    Other Driving Equipment13376
   -Lunging & Training Equipment183421
    Horse Jumps112953
    Lunge Cavessons183422
    Lunge Lines183423
    Lunging & Vaulting Rollers183424
    Roller Pads183425
    Other Training Equipment183426
   Rodeo & Roping Equipment114226
   -Horse Wear57268
    Fly Masks167251
    Grazing Muzzles183417
    Hoods & Neck Covers183418
    Horse Blankets & Sheets85275
    Horse Boots85260
    Horse Leg Wraps85259
    Lead Ropes139609
    Shoulder Guards183419
    Tail Bags159014
    Tail Wraps183420
    Other Horse Wear139591
   -Horse Care & Grooming139580
    Braiding & Show Accessories183396
    Curry Combs183397
    Fly & Insect Repellents183398
    Grooming Brushes183399
    Grooming Kits183400
    Grooming Totes183401
    Hoof Oil & Moisturizer183402
    Hoof Picks183403
    Hoof Rasps & Farrier Tools183404
    Horse Clippers183405
    Mane & Tail Combs183406
    Shampoo & Conditioner183407
    Sweat Scrapers183408
    Tail Extensions183409
    Wormers & Health Supplies183410
    Other Horse Care & Grooming77696
   -Horse Feed & Supplements139576
    Horse Feed183395
    Horse Supplements22189
    Horse Treats139577
    Other Horse Feed77695
   Horse Trailers & Accessories73934
   -Stable Accessories85214
    Bridle & Halter Bags183428
    Electric Fence Chargers139588
    Electric Fence Insulators183429
    Electric Fence Posts183430
    Electric Fence Wire & Rope183431
    Hay Nets & Bags159013
    Saddle Racks & Stands183432
    Stall Plaques & Signs183433
    Tack Hooks & Hook Racks183434
    Other Stable Accessories139590
   Other Equestrian1048
   Geo Tagging Equipment184362
   Geocaching Pathtags184363
   -Cache Hiding Gear184364
    Geocaching Containers184365
    Geocaching Logbooks184366
    Geocaching Labels & Decals184367
    Geocaching Magnets184368
   Geocaching Tools of the Trade184361
   Other Geocaching159047
  -Go-Karts (Recreational)64655
   Clothing & Protective Gear159029
   Complete Go-Karts & Frames64656
   Parts & Accessories64657
   Other Go-Karts (Recreational)40152
  -Skydiving, Para & Hang Gliding184369
   Complete Para & Hang Gliders184374
   Cable & Rigging184379
   Harnesses & Flight Suits184378
   Helmets & Goggles184377
   Variometers & Altimeters184371
   Secure Containers184380
   Books & Videos184370
   Other Air Sports Equipment184372
  -Inline & Roller Skating16258
   -Inline Skates47344
   Protective Gear16260
   -Roller Skates71154
   Skate Parts & Tools159063
   Other Inline & Roller Skating1301
   -Air Systems & Accessories36286
    CO2 Tanks & Accessories16051
    N2 Tanks & Accessories36287
    Remotes & Filling Stations83044
    Other Paintball Air Systems184383
   -Clothing & Protective Gear184382
    Elbow & Knee Pads159065
    Goggles & Masks16050
    Jerseys & Shirts165939
    Pants & Shorts165940
    Other Paintball Clothing159066
   Equipment Bags & Cases64672
   Harnesses & Pods16047
   Hoppers & Loaders165941
   Marker Packages47248
   -Marker Parts & Accessories47235
    Drop Forwards47237
    Expansion Chambers47238
    Feednecks & Elbows71157
    Sights & Scopes47240
    Triggers & Frames47241
    Other Marker Parts & Accs36285
   Paintball Markers16048
   Other Paintball10554
   Self-Balancing Scooters184593
   Electric Scooters47349
   Gas Scooters75211
   Kick Scooters11331
   Parts & Accessories11332
   Other Scooters11329
  -Skateboarding & Longboarding16262
   Books & Video58128
   -Clothing, Shoes & Accessories159077
    Hats & Headwear159078
    Protective Gear36317
    Other Skateboarding Clothing159079
   -Longboard Parts165943
    Other Longboard Parts165947
   -Skateboard Parts159073
    Grip Tape159074
    Risers & Hardware159075
    Other Skateboard Parts159076
   Ramps & Rails91565
   Stickers & Decals47357
   Other Skate- & Longboarding16265
  Track & Field106981
  Other Outdoor Sports159048
 -Team Sports159049
  -Baseball & Softball16021
    Baseball-Adult & High School181315
    Other Baseball & Softball Bats181316
   -Clothing, Shoes & Accessories159052
     Baseball Belts181334
     Baseball Jackets181335
     Baseball Pants181337
     Baseball Shirts & Jerseys181336
     Baseball Socks181338
     Baseball Belts181340
     Baseball Jackets181341
     Baseball Pants181343
     Baseball Shirts & Jerseys181342
     Baseball Socks181344
     Baseball Belts181346
     Baseball Jackets181347
     Baseball Pants181349
     Baseball Shirts & Jerseys181348
     Baseball Socks181350
    -Batting Gloves181351
    Hats & Headwear159057
    -Shoes & Cleats159058
    Equipment Bags50807
    Other Baseball Clothing & Accs159062
   Gloves & Mitts16030
   -Protective Gear73910
    Batting Helmets & Face Guards36270
    Catcher's Protection73911
    Sliding Protection159050
    Umpire's Protection159051
    Other Baseball Protective Gear181317
   -Training Aids181330
    Batting Cages & Netting50809
    Batting Tees108139
    Pitching Machines58061
    Radar Guns & Speed Sensors73916
    Weighted Balls & Bats181331
    Plastic Training Balls & Bats108140
    Other Baseball Training Aids181332
   -Field Equipment181318
    Base Sets & Homeplates181319
    Backstop Netting181320
    Drag Mats181321
    Count Indicators & Umpire Sets181322
    Other Field Equipment181323
   -Equipment Care & Accessories181324
    Bat Care181326
    Bat Racks181327
    Glove Care181328
    Other Accessories181329
   Other Baseball & Softball181355
   -Clothing, Shoes & Accessories158963
    Hats & Headwear158968
    Protective Gear158969
    Other Basketball Clothing158974
   Backboard Systems21196
   Rims & Nets158962
   Training Aids64642
   Other Basketball2023
   -Clothing, Shoes & Accessories159104
    Hats & Headwear159105
    Protective Gear111257
    1 Ball71094
    2 Balls71095
    3 or More Balls71096
   Bowling Pins50811
   Other Bowling2905
  Field Hockey4388
   Books & Video159112
   -Clothing, Shoes & Accessories159113
    Helmets & Hats21222
    Protective Gear21224
    -Shoes & Cleats159115
    Other Football Clothing & Accs74676
   Training Aids159119
   Other Football2024
  Gaelic Sports91560
   Books & Video159166
   Hats & Headwear159171
   Novelties & Gifts159172
   Other Gymnastics16257
  -Ice & Roller Hockey40154
   -Clothing & Protective Gear20855
    -Goalie Equipment79761
     Face Masks79762
     Gloves & Blockers79763
     Leg Pads79764
     Other Hockey Goalie Equipment79765
    Hats & Headwear159125
    -Protective Gear159126
     Pads & Guards20856
     Other Hockey Protective Gear79767
    Other Hockey Clothing & Gear165934
   Equipment Bags58113
   Goals & Nets165936
   Novelties & Gifts165937
    Ice Hockey-Adult20858
    Ice Hockey-Youth26342
    Roller Hockey64669
    Skate Parts64670
    Other Hockey Skates165935
   -Sticks & Accessories79773
    Tape, Plugs & Grips58114
    Other Hockey Sticks & Accs20859
   Other Ice & Roller Hockey2911
   Equipment Bags159153
   Protective Gear62164
   Other Lacrosse16043
   -Clothing, Shoes & Accessories159178
    Hats & Headwear123876
    Protective Gear20864
    -Shoes & Cleats19298
    Other Soccer Clothing & Accs159179
   Goals & Nets159180
   Training Aids159181
   Other Soccer2914
   Other Volleyball2919
   Books & Video79800
   Protective Gear159174
   Other Wrestling159173
  Other Team Sports159133
 -Tennis & Racquet Sports159134
  -Clothing, Shoes & Accessories62229
    Coats & Jackets179007
    Hats & Headwear159160
    Shirts & Tops70900
    Skirts, Skorts & Dresses70901
    Warm-Ups & Sweats179009
    Other Racquet Sport Clothing70903
   Protective Gear62167
   Other Racquet Sport Accs159161
   Racquet Covers148908
   Training Aids83053
   Other Tennis2917
  Other Tennis & Racquet Sports159135
 -Water Sports159136
  -Fins, Footwear & Gloves159142
   Boots, Booties114234
   -Water Shoes159143
   Other Fins, Footwear & Gloves159147
  -Kayaking, Canoeing & Rafting36121
   Other Kayak, Canoe, & Rafting36123
   Kites, Lines114264
   Other Kitesurfing58133
  -SCUBA & Snorkeling16052
   Books & Video73993
   Buoyancy Compensators16053
   Dive Computers50882
   Flags & Markers73999
   Gear Bags29576
   Sea Scooters114236
   Snorkels & Sets71162
   Spear Guns47353
   Underwater Photography91567
   Weight Belts74004
   Other SCUBA & Snorkeling1300
  -Stand Up Paddleboarding177503
   Stand Up Paddleboards177504
   Stand Up Paddles177505
   Books & Video58134
   Decals, Patches & Stickers22711
   Posters & Prints58135
   Surfboard Fins114250
    Board Bags & Socks71165
    Car Racks114254
    Storage & Display Racks159164
    Other Surfing Accessories71167
   Other Surfing2916
   Inflatable Floats & Tubes79801
   Training Aids159175
   Other Swimming36269
  -Swimwear & Safety159137
   Hats & Helmets159148
   Life Jackets & Preservers15262
   Swim Caps117162
   Other Swimwear & Safety159150
  -Wakeboarding & Waterskiing23806
    Wakeboard Bindings47362
    Waterski Bindings71171
   Ropes & Handles74048
   Tubing & Towables71169
   Other Wakeboarding/Waterskiing15272
  -Wetsuits & Drysuits159149
   Rash Guards114256
   Other Wetsuits & Drysuits29574
  Other Water Sports159151
 -Winter Sports36259
   Base Layers62171
   Coats & Jackets26346
   Gloves & Mittens62172
   Goggles & Sunglasses21230
   Hats & Headwear62175
   Protective Gear36260
   Snow Pants & Bibs36261
   Other Winter Sport Clothing16060
  -Cross Country Skiing36264
   Other Cross Country Skiing28083
  -Downhill Skiing16059
   Other Downhill Skiing1302
  -Ice Skating21225
   Skating Dresses-Girls21226
   Skating Dresses-Women159127
   Other Ice Skating4939
  Lift Tickets159186
  Ski Touring104636
  Sleds & Snow Tubes59892
   Stomp Pads159184
   Other Snowboarding159155
   Snowmobile Parts23834
   Other Snowmobiling4847
   Bags & Backpacks21229
   Decals & Stickers159182
   Hand & Foot Warmers159183
   Racks & Carriers21231
   Tuning Tools119237
   Other Winter Sport Accessories21232
  Other Winter Sports1303
 Other Sporting Goods310
 -Wholesale Lots40146
  Other Wholesale Sporting Goods26423


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