Category Changes: Home & Garden

April 2018

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Home & Garden11700
  Bath Accessory Sets176990
  Bath Caddies & Storage54075
  Bathmats, Rugs & Toilet Covers133696
  Medicine Cabinets176991
  Non-Slip Appliques & Mats66722
  Shower Curtains20441
  Shower Curtain Hooks32874
  Soap Dishes & Dispensers25451
  Tissue Box Covers25452
  Toilet Brushes & Sets66723
  Toilet Paper Storage & Covers177124
  Toothbrush Holders25453
  Towels & Washcloths40587
  Wall Hooks & Hangers103426
  Other Bathroom Items19783
  Bed Pillows20445
  Bed Skirts20450
  Blankets & Throws175750
  Canopies & Netting48090
  Comforters & Sets45462
  Decorative Bed Pillows115630
  Duvet Covers & Sets37644
  Mattress Pads & Feather Beds175751
  Pillow Shams43397
  Quilts, Bedspreads & Coverlets175749
  Sheets & Pillowcases20460
  Other Bedding25815
 -Food & Beverages14308
  -Alcohol & Alcohol Mixers179836
   Cocktail Mixers179837
   Cocktail Rimming Salts, Sugars179838
   Coolers, Flavored Alcohol179839
   Spirits & Liqueurs8384
    Champagne & Sparkling Wines26272
    Red Wines38182
    White Wines38183
    Other Wines22420
  Baking Chips179190
  Baking Chocolate179191
  Baking Mixes62695
  Beer & Wine Making38172
  Buffalo, Beef & Turkey Jerky115716
  -Candy, Gum & Chocolate38173
   Candy Ingredients159891
   Chewing Gum99536
   Chewy Candy159892
   Chocolate Covered Fruit177617
   Fondant & Gum Paste176969
   Gummi Candy79627
   Hard Candy & Lollipops38176
   Jelly Beans166723
   Seasonal Candy38177
   Sugar Free Candy & Chocolate146215
   Other Candy, Gum & Chocolate14307
  Cereals & Breakfast Foods62717
  Coconut Water179175
   Coffee Beans38179
   Coffee Pods & K-Cups79630
   Flavored Coffee115718
   Ground Coffee79629
   Other Coffee14309
  Coffee & Soda Syrups79628
  Cookies & Biscotti20473
  Drink Mixes179192
  Fake Food60096
  Food Coupons57742
  Fruit Juices179176
  Grains & Pasta20472
  Honey, Syrup & Sweeteners20474
  Ice Cream179834
  International Foods43401
  Jams, Jellies & Preserves14311
  Meat, Poultry & Seafood14312
  Milk & Non-Dairy Milks179177
  Mushrooms & Truffles115722
  Nuts & Seeds25460
  Prepared Foods179835
  -Snack Foods179178
   Fruit Snacks179180
   Puffed Snacks179183
   Rice Cakes179184
   Snack Bars179185
   Snack Mixes179186
   Other Snack Foods179187
  Soft Drinks179188
  Soups & Stews43399
  Spices, Seasonings & Extracts14314
  Trail Mix179193
  Water Flavor Enhancers179189
  Other Food & Beverages79631
 -Fresh Cut Flowers & Supplies178069
  Fresh Cut Flower Bouquets177757
  Bulk Fresh Flowers178070
  Cut Flower Arranging Supplies178071
  Other Fresh Cut Flowers178072
  Armoires & Wardrobes103430
  Bar Carts & Serving Carts183320
  Bar Stools153928
  Bean Bags & Inflatables48319
  -Beds & Mattresses32254
   Beds & Bed Frames175758
   Headboards & Footboards109064
   Inflatable Mattresses, Airbeds131598
   Bed & Waterbed Accessories66737
   Other Beds & Mattresses122759
  Bedroom Sets20480
  Benches & Stools103431
  Cabinets & Cupboards20487
  CD & Video Racks22653
  Desks & Home Office Furniture88057
  Dining Sets107578
  Dressers & Chests of Drawers114397
  Entertainment Units, TV Stands20488
  Futons, Frames & Covers131579
  Ottomans, Footstools & Poufs20490
  Screens & Room Dividers31601
  Sideboards & Buffets183322
  Sofas, Loveseats & Chaises38208
  Trunks & Chests125085
  Vanities & Makeup Tables32878
  Furniture Parts & Accessories179690
  Other Home Furniture175752
 -Greeting Cards & Party Supply16086
  Gift Baskets & Supplies16091
  -Gift Wrapping Supplies102378
   Cellophane170102Relocated within Parent
   Gift Bags102379Relocated within Parent
   Gift Boxes102380Relocated within Parent
   Gift Tags & Stickers184488New Category
   Ribbons & Bows102381Relocated within Parent
   Tissue Paper102382Relocated within Parent
   Wrapping Paper102383Relocated within Parent
   Other Gift Wrapping Supplies26382Relocated within Parent
  Greeting Cards & Invitations170098
  -Party Supplies3205
   Badges & Pins177758
   Banners, Bunting & Garlands77517
   Cake Toppers170165
   Favors & Party Bag Fillers26385
   Gag Gifts19257
   Glow Sticks & Glow Jewelry108388
   Guest Books108383
   Party Bags122791
   Party Decorations170103
   Party Games & Activities102411
   Party Tableware & Serveware26388
   Complete Party Sets & Kits26394
   Other Party Supplies3200
  Stationery & Note Pads177761
  Other Gift & Party Supplies170115
 -Holiday & Seasonal Décor38227
  -Christmas & Winter170090
   Advent Calendars156813
   Artificial Christmas Trees117414
   Candles & Candle Accessories168138
   Christmas Crackers91330
   Linens & Pillows52346
   Nativity Items156862
   Snow Globes156890
   Stockings & Hangers170091
   Table Décor & Serving Pieces52347
   Tree Stands, Skirts & Storage166726
   Wall Décor166727
   Window Decorations156844
   Wreaths, Garlands & Plants117419
   Yard Décor156812
   Other Christmas & Winter Décor170092
  Easter & Spring170093
  July 4th & Summer170095
  St. Patrick's Day177745
  Thanksgiving & Fall170096
  Valentine's Day170097
  Other Holiday & Seasonal Décor38232
 -Home Décor10033
  Afghans & Throw Blankets20549
  Boxes, Jars & Tins36017
  Candle Holders & Accessories16102
   Alarm Clocks79643
   Desk, Mantel & Shelf Clocks175753
   Grandfather Clocks20559
   Wall Clocks20561
   Replacement Parts & Tools101408
   Other Home Décor Clocks20562
  Decals, Stickers & Vinyl Art159889
  Decorative Fruit & Vegetables36018
  Decorative Plates & Bowls36019
  Display Easels38225
  Door Décor36020
  Floral Décor4959
  -Home Fragrances20552
   Air Fresheners166724
   Catalytic Fragrance Lamps168137
   Essential Oils & Diffusers20553
   Incense Burners43403
   Other Home Fragrances36925
  Indoor Fountains20569
  Key & Letter Holders31586
  Message Boards & Holders41510
  Plaques & Signs31587
  Plate Racks & Hangers31588
  Posters & Prints41511
  Shadow Boxes41512
  Suncatchers & Mobiles20578
  Tile Art79655
  Wall Pockets115979
  Wall Sculptures166729
  Wall Shelves45501
  Other Home Décor10034
 -Home Improvement159907
  -Building & Hardware3187
   Building Plans & Blueprints42130
   -Cabinets & Cabinet Hardware41971
    Cabinet & Drawer Locks180961
    Cabinet Hinges41973
    Cabinet Knobs & Pulls180962
    Drawer Slides134642
    Other Cabinet Hardware180963
   -Doors & Door Hardware41976
    Door Closers167125
    Door Entry Sets158456
    Door Hinges66739
    Door Knobs & Levers180964
    Door Knockers180965
    Door Locks & Lock Mechanisms180966
    Door Viewers126439
    Latches & Bolts180967
    Screen Doors180968
    Weather Stripping124980
    Other Door Hardware20593
   -Flooring & Tiles180983
    Floor & Wall Tiles45800
    Laminate & Vinyl Flooring85914
    Wood Flooring84221
    Flooring Moldings & Trims129788
    Flooring Underlayment130118
    Flooring & Tiling Accessories130122
    Other Flooring20604
   -Garage Doors & Openers180972
    Garage Doors115699
    Garage Door Parts & Accs179687
    Garage Door Remotes85899
    Opener Systems85898
    Opener Parts & Accessories179688
    Other Garage Door Equipment180973
   -Lumber & Composites180969
    Wall Paneling30562
    Wood Composite Panels & Sheets180971
    Wood Veneer Sheets126201
    Other Lumber & Composites30564
   Mailboxes & Slots20599
   -Nails, Screws & Fasteners180974
    Braces & Brackets45816
    Screws & Bolts180976
    Fastener Assortments180978
    Other Fasteners170412
   -Paint & Varnish180979
    Paint Primers126191
    Varnishes & Stains84059
    Other Paint & Varnish180980
   -Painting Supplies & Sprayers41989
    Paint Brushes41990
    Paint Guns & Sprayers41991
    Paint Thinner & Solvents30554
    Painting Prep179689
    Painting Rollers & Sponges41992
    Other Home Painting Supplies98841
   -Wallpaper & Accessories180981
    Wallpaper Borders42136
    Wallpaper Murals79626
    Wallpaper Rolls & Sheets50364
    Wallpaper Tools & Accessories180112
    Other Wallpaper52348
   -Windows & Window Hardware180113
    Window Hardware45812
    Window Screens180982
    Window Sills129782
    Weather Stripping124978
    Other Window Accessories180114
   Other Home Building & Hardware20594
  -Electrical & Solar20595
   -Alternative & Solar Energy41979
    Chargers & Inverters41980
    Solar Panels41981
    Solar Water Pumps115710
    Wind Generators121837
    Other Alt. & Solar Energy3240
   Circuit Breakers & Fuse Boxes20596
   Connectors & Ties41982
   Extension Cords75577
   Switch Plates & Outlet Covers43412
   -Switches & Outlets41983
    Outlets & Receptacles41985
    Other Electrical Switches20597
   Other Electrical & Solar3188
  -Heating, Cooling & Air69197New Category
   Air Conditioners69202Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Air Filters43509Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Air Purifiers43510Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Dehumidifiers79621Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   -Fireplaces & Stoves38219Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
    Heating Stoves84184
    Andirons, Grates & Firedogs79648
    Decorative Logs, Stone & Glass38220
    Fireplace Hearths175824
    Fireplace Mantels & Surrounds79650
    Fireplace Screens & Doors38221
    Fuel & Firewood175755
    Log Holders & Carriers79649
    Pokers, Tools & Sets38222
    Replacement Parts159895
    Stove & Chimney Pipes175803
    Other Fireplaces & Stoves20564
   Furnaces & Heating Systems41987Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Heated Floor Mats126214Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Humidifiers71240Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Portable Fans20612Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Space Heaters20613Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   -Thermostats115947Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
    Non-programmable Thermostats115948
    Programmable Thermostats115949
    Other Thermostats41988Combined into [Programmable Thermostats-115949]
   -Water Heaters115965Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
    Standard Water Heaters115966
    Tankless Water Heaters115967
    Water Heater Parts & Accs115968
    Other Water Heaters42234
   Appliance Parts & Accessories70574Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Other Home Heating & Cooling20598Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
  Heating, Cooling & Air41986Combined into [Heating, Cooling & Air-69197]
  -Home Security41968
   CCTV Systems159909
   Fire Escape Ladders159910
   -Security Cameras121834
   Security Keypads115944
   Security Signs & Decals159908
   Security Systems41969
   Sensors & Motion Detectors115940
   -Smoke & Gas Detectors115941
    Carbon Monoxide Detectors115943
    Smoke Detectors115942
    Other Smoke & Gas Detectors41970
   Wireless Transmitters115946
   Other Home Security20589
  -Plumbing & Fixtures20601
   Bidets & Toilet Attachments101405
   Garbage Disposals42022
   Hot/Cold Water Dispensers121848
   Shower Curtain Rods168132
   Shower Enclosures & Doors121850
   Shower Heads71282
   Shower Panels & Massagers121849
   Soap Dispensers-Mounted121847
   Toilet Paper Holders-Mounted32876
   Toilet Seats37637
   Towel Racks20442
   Valves, Fittings & Clamps42133
   Water Filters116400
   Other Home Plumbing & Fixtures3191
  Other Home Improvement160038
 -Household Supplies & Cleaning299
  Carpet Shampooers177746
  Carpet Steamers79656
  Carpet & Floor Sweepers79657
  Cleaning Products20605
  Cleaning Towels & Cloths29509
  -Home Organization43502
   Closet Organizers43503
   Clothes Hangers116743
   Coat & Hat Racks22656
   Garment Racks166325
   Hooks & Hangers36024
   Magazine Racks38223
   Shoe Organizers43506
   Storage Bags43504
   Storage Bins & Baskets159898
   Storage Boxes159897
   Other Home Organization20621
  -Laundry Supplies20620
   Bleaches & Stain Removers172208
   Clotheslines & Laundry Hangers81241
   Fabric Deodorizers172211
   Fabric Softeners172212
   Garment Steamers43514
   Ironing Boards43512
   Ironing Board Covers134734
   Laundry Bags43516
   Lint Removers & Lint Shavers170626
   Other Laundry Supplies20624
  Mops & Brooms20607
  -Paper Products179198
   Facial Tissues179199
   Paper Cups179200
   Paper Napkins179201
   Paper Plates179202
   Paper Towels179203
   Toilet Paper179204
   Other Household Paper Products179205
  Trash Cans & Wastebaskets20608
  Vacuum Cleaner Bags20618
  Vacuum Cleaners20614
  Vacuum Parts & Accessories42146
  Vintage Vacuums115993
  Other Home Cleaning Supplies300
 -Kids & Teens at Home176988
   Bedding Sets66731
   Bed Skirts66726
   Blankets & Throws66727
   Canopies & Netting176986
   Comforters & Sets66728
   Duvet Covers134641
   Pillow Shams66729
   Sleeping Bags48091
   Other Kids' & Teens' Bedding176987
  Bedroom, Playroom & Dorm Décor115970
  Eating & Drinking115715
  -Educational Materials16706
   Preschool & Kindergarten102948
   Elementary School102956
   Middle School3140
   High School3141
   Other Educational Materials102362
   Bean Bags & Inflatables108428
   Bedroom Furniture66742
   Play Tables & Chairs66743
   Sofas & Armchairs134648
   Storage Units134651
   Toy Boxes94932
   Other Kids' & Teens' Furniture66744
  Lamps & Lighting81253
  -School Supplies102949
   Daycare Supplies116097
   Globes & Maps102952
   Markers & Crayons102951
   Notebooks & Binders102950
   Pens & Pencils102953
   Stamps & Stickers102954
   Teaching Supplies102955
   Other School Supplies3142
  Window Treatments116488
  Other Kids' & Teens' Items176989
 -Kitchen, Dining & Bar20625
  -Bar Tools & Accessories20687
   Bottle Stoppers & Corks63503
   Cocktail Shakers & Bar Sets63504
   Corkscrews & Openers20688
   Home Pubs & Bars115713
   Ice Buckets & Wine Coolers63506
   Ice Cube Trays & Molds177015
   Liquor & Beer Dispensers103429
   Wine Bags, Boxes & Carriers115712
   Wine Glass Charms31591
   Wine Glass Holders159901
   Wine Fridges & Cellars177750
   Wine Racks & Bottle Holders20689
   Other Bar Tools & Accessories20690
  -Baking Accs. & Cake Decorating177009
   Baking Cups & Liners177012
   Cookie Cutters32884
   Cookie Presses178059
   -Decorating Tools183324
    Cake Boards183325
    Cake Dowels & Pillars183326
    Cake Dummies183327
    Cake Levelers183328
    Cake Scrapers183329
    Flower Nails183331
    Icing Bags177068
    Icing Bag Holders183332
    Icing Edgers & Smoothers183333
    Icing Nozzles183334
    Icing Turntables183335
    Modeling Tools & Cutters183336
    Nozzle Organizers183337
    Sugarcraft & Chocolate Molds177011
    Other Decorating Tools183338
   -Decorations & Cake Toppers183339
    Cake Airbrushing183340
    Cake Toppers183341
    Decorating Pens & Presses183343
    Edible Glitter & Sprinkles183344
    Food Coloring183345
    Icing & Fondant183346
    Fondant Markers & Gels183347
    Ribbons & Cords183348
    Sugar Flowers & Decorations183349
    Other Decorations183350
   Pastry Cutters183351
   Pastry Forms183352
   -Presentation & Packaging183353
    Artificial Flowers183354
    Cake Boxes & Bags183355
    Cake Stands183356
    Other Packaging183357
   Rolling Pins32885
   Other Baking Accessories177013
  -Dinnerware & Serving Dishes36027
   Dinner Service Sets36032
   Butter Dishes103433
   Cake Stands177010
   Cream & Sugar103434
   Cups & Saucers36029
   Gravy Boats103435
   Serving Bowls45504
   Other Dinnerware175802
  Drink Containers & Thermoses177006
  -Flatware, Knives & Cutlery20637
   Flatware & Silverware20693
   Flatware Storage159899
   Kitchen & Steak Knives177005
   Knife Blocks & Storage20638
   Scissors & Shears122938
   Serving Utensils & Sets137750
   Other Flatware & Cutlery177004
  Kitchen Islands/Kitchen Carts115753
  -Kitchen Storage & Organization20652
   Baker's Racks20482
   Canisters & Jars20654
   Food Storage Bags20653
   Food Storage Containers20655
   Food Storage Wraps179206
   Lunch Containers101428
   Paper Towel Holders20643
   Racks & Holders46283
   Spice Jars & Racks20646
   Vacuum Sealers63510
   Other Kitchen Storage11703
  -Kitchen Tools & Gadgets20635
   Bento Accessories178050
   Burger Presses178051
   Can Openers (Manual)43420
   Canning Supplies178052
   Colanders, Strainers & Sifters20636
   Cooking Thermometers43421
   Cooking Utensils20649
   Cutting Boards46282
   Egg & Pancake Rings178054
   Food Mills & Potato Ricers177007
   Garlic Presses122939
   Ice Pop Molds178056
   Jello Molds115997
   Measuring Cups & Spoons134728
   Microwave Cooking Gadgets20633
   Mixing Bowls20642
   Mortar & Pestles98853
   Nut & Shell Crackers178057
   Oil & Vinegar Dispensers54122
   Pasta Molds & Presses178058
   Refrigerator Magnets20644
   Salt & Pepper177008
   Spoon Rests20647
   Stove Burner Covers46285
   Other Kitchen Tools & Gadgets20651
  -Linens & Textiles71237
   Napkin Rings & Holders20658
   Oven Mitts & Potholders20661
   Table Runners20662
   Table Linen Sets71238
   Tea Cozies131610
   Towels & Dishcloths20664
   Other Kitchen Linen & Textiles71239
  -Small Kitchen Appliances20667
   Blenders (Countertop)133704
   Blenders (Handheld)133703
   Bread Machines20669
   Burners & Hot Plates177751
   Can Openers & Crushers20670
   Chafing Dishes & Warming Trays27552
   -Coffee & Tea Makers38250
    Coffee Grinders32882
    Coffee Makers (Automatic)65635
    Coffee Makers (Specialty)177752
    Coffee Roasters177753
    Espresso Machines38252
    French Presses98851
    Milk Frothers171754
    Percolators & Moka Pots116012
    Single Serve Brewers156775
    Tea Infusers177754
    Tea Kettles133705
    Tea Makers101424
    Replacement Parts & Accs99565
    Other Coffee & Tea Makers159902
   Cookers & Steamers20672
   Cupcake, Pie & Dessert Makers122928
   Deep Fryers20674
   Electric Skillets134673
   Fondue Sets66749
   Food Dehydrators32883
   Food Processors20673
   Grain Mills168754
   Grills & Griddles20675
   Hot Water Pots177755
   Ice Cream Makers20676
   Infrared & Convection Ovens150139
   Kitchen Scales50419
   Meat Grinders66751
   Mixers (Countertop)133701
   Mixers (Handheld)133700
   Pasta Makers20680
   Popcorn Poppers66752
   Slicers & Electric Knives20681
   Soda Makers25845
   Toaster Ovens122930
   Waffle Makers168763
   Water Filters20684
   Yogurt Makers122933
   Vintage Small Appliances116013
   Other Small Kitchen Appliances20685
  Other Kitchen & Dining Items177014
 -Lamps, Lighting & Ceiling Fans20697
  Ceiling Fans176937
  Chandeliers & Ceiling Fixtures117503
  Lamp Shades20708
  Light Bulbs20706
  Night Lights20702
  String Lights, Fairy Lights116022
  Wall Fixtures116880
  Lighting Parts & Accessories20705
  Other Lighting & Ceiling Fans3201
 -Major Appliances20710
  Dishwasher Parts & Accessories116026
  Microwave Ovens150138
  Microwave Parts & Accessories159903
  -Ranges & Cooking Appliances43563
   Ranges & Stoves71250
   Range Hoods71253
   Wall Ovens71318
   Parts & Accessories43566
   Other Cooking Appliances20712
  -Refrigerators & Freezers71258
   Countertop Ice Makers122929
   Mini Fridges71262
   Upright & Chest Freezers71260
   Parts & Accessories71259
   Other Refrigerators & Freezers159920
  -Washers & Dryers42231
   Washing Machines71256
   Washer & Dryer Sets71257
   Parts & Accessories99697
  Other Major Appliances20715
 -Rugs & Carpets20571
  Area Rugs45510
  Carpet Tiles136820
  Door Mats & Floor Mats20573
  Leather, Fur & Sheepskin Rugs91421
  Stair Treads175517
  Wall-to-Wall Carpeting175820
  Rug Pads & Accessories36956
  Other Rugs & Carpets8409
  Air Compressors30506
  -Air Tools22659
   Air Tool Kits, Sets159927
   Cleaners & Washers22660
   Cut-Off Tools75675
   Grease & Sealant Guns22779
    Finishing Guns42242
    Framing Guns50378
    Roofing Guns42243
    Staple & Brad Guns42244
    Other Nailers22661
   Paint Sprayers79702
   Parts & Accessories42247
   Other Air Tools22664
  -Hand Tools3244
   Caulking Guns168798
   Clamps & Vises20761
   Hammers & Mallets20763
   Knives & Blades39057
   Leatherworking Tools43575
   Pry Bars178999
   Putty Knives & Scrapers178970
   Screwdrivers & Nutdrivers42255
   Taps & Dies46458
   Wire Brushes178971
    Adjustable Wrenches20771
    Hex Keys & Wrenches42258
    Pipe Wrenches20772
    Wrench Sets29527
    Socket Wrenches84237
    Torque Wrenches42265
    Other Wrenches19785
   Mixed Tool Sets23782
   Other Hand Tools303
  -Measuring & Layout Tools29523
   Chalk Lines & Marking Tools178968
   Electrical Testers126406
   Laser Measuring Tools126396
   Measuring Tapes & Rulers29524
   Meters, Sensors & Probes42291
   Plumb Bobs178969
   Other Measuring & Layout Tools42632
  -Power Tools3247
   Batteries & Chargers122840
   Buffers & Polishers42266
   Combination Sets177000
   Corded Drills122827
   Cordless Drills71302
   Drill Bits50382
   Drill Presses71296
    Angle Grinders42276
    Bench Grinders42277
    Grinding Wheels & Accessories79703
    Other Power Grinders & Accs20778
   Heat Guns66797
   Impact Drivers168134
   Impact Wrenches168135
   Jacks & Stands43593
   Jigs & Templates179686
   Lathes & Accessories42282
   Nail & Staple Guns122828
   Rotary Tools177003
   Router Bits177001
   Router Tables75680
   -Sanders & Accessories42284
    Belt Sanders42285
    Finishing & Detail Sanders43594
    Orbital Sanders42286
    Sanding Belts71306
    Sanding Disks20796
    Other Power Sanders & Accs20782
   -Saws & Blades122831
    Band Saws177016
    Corded Circular Saws20785
    Cordless Circular Saws71307
    Jig & Scroll Saws122834
    Miter & Chop Saws20787
    Reciprocating Saws20788
    Saw Blades122837
    Table Saws122835
    Tile Saws122836
    Other Power Saws & Blades122838
   Other Power Tools632
  -Safety & Protective Gear43614
   Glasses, Goggles & Shields43615
   Gloves & Pads43616
   Masks, Respirators & Helmets43617
   Other Safety & Protective Gear20798
  Tie Downs & Straps85917
  -Tool Boxes, Belts & Storage42361
   Bags, Belts & Pouches42362
   Boxes & Cabinets42363
   Other Tool Storage11706
  Welding & Soldering Tools46413
  Wet/Dry & Shop Vacuums184337
  Manuals & Guides171208
  Other Home Improvement Tools11704
 -Wedding Supplies11827
  Aisle Runners102423
  Candles & Candle Holders20936
  Card Boxes & Wishing Wells168189
  Centerpieces & Table Décor159928
  Disposable Cameras177763
  Flowers, Petals & Garlands20938
  Guest Books & Pens20940
  Invitations & Stationery102469
  Organizers & Planners102468
  Photo Albums102473
  Ribbons & Bows20941
  Ring Pillows & Flower Baskets177762
  Tableware & Serveware33161
  Venue Decorations102430
  Wedding Cake Servers & Knives102466
  Wedding Cake Stands & Plates102424
  Wedding Cake Toppers20935
  Wedding Favors33156
  Other Wedding Supplies3268
 -Window Treatments & Hardware63514
  Blinds & Shades20585
  Curtains, Drapes & Valances45515
  Curtain Rods & Finials103459
  Window Film175757
  Window Treatment Hardware103458
  Other Window Treatments63515
 -Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living159912
  -Bird & Wildlife Accessories75578
   Bat & Butterfly Houses43532
   Nectar Feeders42349
   Seed Feeders42350
   Other Bird & Wildlife Accs75579
  -Garden Décor20498
   Decorative Stepping Stones118863
   Flag Poles & Parts43536
   Garden Plaques & Signs75592
   Outdoor Thermometers75601
   Plant Stands29514
   Rain Gauges75593
   Statues & Lawn Ornaments29511
   Wind Chimes20513
   Windmills & Wind Spinners115772
   Other Garden Décor2034
  -Garden Fencing177032
   Chain Link Fencing180984
   Hardware Cloth, Metal Mesh180985
   Fence Panels139946
   Fence Pickets180986
   Fence Posts139949
   Fencing Clips & Brackets180987
   Gabion Baskets & Gabion Stones157816
   Garden Gates139948
   Post Bases, Supports & Spikes180988
   Post Caps180989
   Post Drivers180990
   Privacy Screens, Windscreens180991
   Other Garden Fencing177033
  -Garden Structures & Shade177017
   Arbors & Arches180993
   Awnings & Canopies180992
   Garden & Storage Sheds139956
   Greenhouses & Cold Frames139939
   Marquees & Tents180994
   Shade Sails180997
   Umbrella Stands180999
   Other Structures & Shade177026
  -Gardening Supplies2032
   -Composting & Yard Waste181020
    Compost Accelerators181021
    Compost Aerators159427
    Compost Worms181022
    Garden Compost Bins181023
    Garden Waste Bags181024
    Garden Waste Bins181025
    Other Composting & Yard Waste181026
   -Garden Clothing & Gear159473
    Clothing & Protective Gear20545
    Garden Kneelers, Pads & Seats75669
    Gardening Boots & Shoes139861
    Gardening Gloves139864
    Tool Carriers, Aprons & Belts75668
    Other Garden Clothing & Gear25873
   -Garden Tools & Equipment181033
    Axes & Hatchets151620
    Bonsai Tools75664
    Fruit Pickers181010
    Hedge & Grass Shears139872
    Hoes & Cultivators118868
    Lawn Aerators115775
    Lawn Rollers161015
    Manual Edgers178980
    Mattocks & Picks178982
    Post Hole Diggers & Augers178981
    Pruning Shears & Snips139871
    Scythes & Sickles139870
    Wheelbarrows, Carts & Wagons75671
    Garden Tool Racks181011
    Garden Tool Sets118867
    Parts & Accessories178978
    Other Garden Tools & Equipment3186
   -Hydroponics & Seed Starting43554
    Environmental Controls178985
    Grow Light Ballasts179016
    Grow Light Bulbs178988
    Grow Light Kits178989
    Grow Light Parts & Accessories178987
    Growing Media178990
    Hydroponic Systems178991
    Hydroponic Parts & Accessories179022
    Nutrients, pH & Supplements178992
    Seed Starting & Cloning178986
    Tents, Tarps & Shelves178993
    Other Hydroponics20546
   -Landscaping & Garden Materials181027
    Anchor Pins, Staples & Stakes181028
    Edging & Borders161008
    Ground Reinforcement Grids181029
    Landscape Fabric181030
    Landscape Rocks & Pebbles118861
    -Paving & Decking118858
     Deck Boards & Tiles118860
     Decking Fixtures & Spacers181016
     Outdoor Cleaners181017
     Pavers & Step Stones118859
     Paver Molds181018
     Other Paving & Decking59042
    Railroad Ties112585
    Synthetic Grass181031
    Other Landscaping Materials181032
   -Plant Care, Soil & Accessories179308
    Bark Mulch & Wood Chips159419
    Baskets, Pots & Window Boxes20518
    Frost Protection139001
    Garden Sprayers178984
    Moisture & pH Meters75670
    Plant Hooks & Hangers134671
    Plant Labels181000
    Plant Ties & Supports181001
    Planter Liners181002
    Seeders & Spreaders118869
    Seed Starting Pots & Trays159452
    Soil & Soil Amendments159406
    Other Plant Care & Accessories25876
   -Watering Equipment29521
    Connectors, Clamps & Fittings181013
    Drip Irrigation139909
    Hose Reels & Storage46435
    Hose Guides181014
    Hose Nozzles & Wands181015
    Lawn Sprinklers20542
    Watering Cans20547
    Water Pumps & Pressure Tanks118851
    Water Storage & Rain Barrels139915
    Watering Timers & Controllers75672
    Other Watering Equipment29522
   -Weed & Pest Control181034
    -Insect & Grub Control181036
     Insect Repellent Sprays181038
     Insect Traps & Baits181039
     Insect Zappers181040
    Protective Netting/Mesh181046
    Rodent & Animal Traps181045
    Rodenticides & Baits181044
    Ultrasonic Pest Repellers181035
    -Weed Control181047
     Herbicides & Fungicides181048
     Weed Control Fabric181049
     Weed Preventers181050
    Other Weed & Pest Control50365
   Other Gardening Supplies181051
  -Lawn Mowers43560Renamed from [Lawnmowers]
   Riding Lawn Mowers177021Renamed from [Riding Mowers]
   Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers71272Renamed from [Walk-Behind Mowers]
   Lawn Mower Parts & Accessories82248Renamed from [Parts & Accessories]
   Other Lawn Mowers159929Renamed from [Other Lawnmowers]
  -Outdoor Cooking & Eating149242
   Barbecues, Grills & Smokers151621
   Barbecue & Grill Covers79686
   BBQ Tools & Accessories20725
   BBQ & Grill Replacement Parts177018
   Fire Pits & Chimineas85916
   Ice Chests & Coolers79691
   Patio & Picnic Ware79692
   Picnic Baskets & Backpacks38249
   Other Outdoor Cooking & Eating159926
  -Outdoor Lighting42154
   Garden & Patio Torches183391
   Landscape & Walkway Lights94940
   Outdoor Décor Candle Lanterns183392
   Outdoor Security & Floodlights183393
   Outdoor String Lights183394
   Outdoor Wall & Porch Lights94939
   Other Outdoor Lighting20509
  -Outdoor Power Equipment29518
   Chainsaw Parts & Accs85915
   Chippers, Shredders & Mulchers42228
   Engines, Multi-Purpose79670
   Grass Shears161001
   Hedge Trimmers71268
   Hole Diggers & Augers169164
   Leaf Blowers & Vacuums71273
   Leaf Blower & Vacuum Parts159930
   Log Splitters39019
   Pressure Washers50388
   Snow Blowers42230
   String Trimmers71277
   String Trimmer Parts & Accs71278
   Manuals & Guides42229
   Other Outdoor Power Equipment29520
  -Patio & Garden Furniture25863
   Benches79678Combined into [Patio Chairs, Swings & Benches-79682]
   Lounges79684Combined into [Patio Chairs, Swings & Benches-79682]
   Swings79700Combined into [Patio Chairs, Swings & Benches-79682]
   Patio Chairs, Swings & Benches79682Renamed from [Chairs]
   Patio Furniture Cushions & Pads79683Renamed from [Cushions & Pads]
   Hammocks20719Relocated within Parent
   Outdoor Furniture Covers177031Relocated within Parent
   Patio Heaters106402Relocated within Parent
   Patio & Garden Furniture Sets139849Relocated within Parent
   Patio & Garden Tables112590Renamed from [Tables]
   Storage Deck Boxes184533New Category
   Other Patio & Garden Furniture10035Relocated within Parent
  -Plants, Seeds & Bulbs181003
   Cultivated Turf181004
   Mushrooms, Spawns & Kits181006
   -Plants & Seedlings19617
    Annuals & Biennials20527
    Bushes & Shrubs3185
    Cacti & Succulents42211
    Carnivorous Plants181019
    Ornamental Grasses42220
    Water Plants20520
    Other Plants & Seedlings40609
   -Seeds & Bulbs40605
    Annual & Biennial Seeds20531
    Bamboo Seeds183390
    Bonsai Seeds20525
    Bulbs, Roots & Rhizomes122891
    Bush & Shrub Seeds20533
    Cacti & Succulent Seeds115100
    Carnivorous Plant Seeds119636
    Fern Spores181117
    Fruit Seeds120967
    Herb Seeds42215
    Houseplant Seeds40606
    Lawn Grass Seeds19618
    Orchid Seeds181112
    Ornamental Grass Seeds181113
    Perennial Seeds181114
    Rose Seeds181115
    Tree Seeds181116
    Vegetable Seeds42221
    Vine Seeds57224
    Water Plant Seeds181118
    Bulk Seeds181119
    Other Seeds & Bulbs8439
   Other Plants, Seeds & Bulbs181052
  -Ponds & Water Features93632
   Complete Pond Kits181120
   Outdoor Fountains20507
   Pond & Fountain Pumps139921
   Pond Décor181121
   Pond De-icers157813
   Pond Filtration Equipment181122
   Pond Filter Media & Accs85757
   Pond Lighting181123
   Pond Liners181124
   Pond Planting Accessories181125
   Pond Vacuums157777
   Pond Water Test Kits157810
   Pond Water Treatments157802
   UV Sterilizers & Ionizers42583
   Waterfall Boxes & Spillways181126
   Pond & Fountain Equip. Parts181127
   Other Ponds & Water Features57230
  -Pools & Spas20727
   -Pool Chemicals & Testing181057
    Pool Chemicals & Clarifiers181058
    Pool Water Testing & Kits181059
    Pool & Spa Thermometers141482
    Other Pool Chemicals & Testing181060
   -Pool Cleaning Tools181061
    Handheld Pool Brushes & Nets181062
    Pool Cleaners & Vacuums181063
    Pool Cleaner & Vacuum Parts181064
    Pool Cleaner Attachments181065
    Pool Hoses167846
    Other Pool Cleaning181066
   -Pool Equipment & Parts181067
    Pool Covers & Rollers181068
    Pool Fences167851
    Pool Filters116412
    Pool Heaters & Solar Panels42239
    Pool Ladders & Steps167847
    Pool Liners79676
    Pool Pumps181485
    Pool & Spa Lights167862
    Pool Skimmer Systems & Baskets181069
    Pool Slides & Diving Boards181072
    Pool Equipment Parts & Accs181070
    Other Pool Equipment & Parts181071
   -Pool Fun159921
    Floats & Rafts181055
    Toys & Games181056
    Other Pool Fun159922
   -Swimming Pools181053
    Above-Ground Pools116405
    In-Ground Pools116406
    Inflatable & Kid Pools116407
   Sauna Heaters27538
   Sauna Parts & Accessories126415
   Spas & Hot Tubs84211
   Spa & Hot Tub Covers181074
   Spa & Hot Tub Parts181075
   Other Pools & Spas3243
  Other Yard, Garden & Outdoor159913
 -Wholesale Lots31605
  Bed & Bath48758
  Building & Repair Materials42338
  Educational Materials52559
  Housekeeping & Organizing56140
  Home Furnishings40144
  Kitchen, Dining & Bar48759
  Lamps, Lighting & Ceiling Fans56141
  Lawn & Garden40145
   Air Tools42340
   Hand Tools42341
   Power Tools42346
   Other Wholesale Tools46772
  -Wedding & Party Supplies51016
   Glow Sticks51019
   Party Supplies51017
   Wedding Supplies51018
   Other Wholesale Party Supplies14882
  Other Whlsl Home & Garden Lots14883
 Other Home & Garden181076


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