Category Changes: Health & Beauty

April 2018

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Health & Beauty26395
 -Bath & Body11838
  Bar Soaps180924Relocated within Parent
  Bath Bombs & Fizzies72759Relocated within Parent
  Bath Brushes & Sponges74990Relocated within Parent
  Bath Oils31751Relocated within Parent
  Bath Salts67390Relocated within Parent
  Bath Sets & Kits67391Relocated within Parent
  Body Lotions & Moisturizers11841Relocated within Parent
  Body Powders29581Relocated within Parent
  Body Scrubs & Exfoliants31752Relocated within Parent
  Body Sprays & Mists31753Relocated within Parent
  Body Washes & Shower Gels31754Relocated within Parent
  Bubble Baths31755Relocated within Parent
  Deodorants & Antiperspirants29580Relocated within Parent
  Hand Washes180918Relocated within Parent
  Scar & Stretch Mark Reducers74994Relocated within Parent
  Shower Caps182100Moved from [Hair Care & Styling-11854]
  Travel Bottles & Containers180925Relocated within Parent
  Mixed Items29584Relocated within Parent
  Other Bath & Body Supplies11837Relocated within Parent
  Children's Fragrances159719
  Men's Fragrances29585
  Women's Fragrances11848
  Unisex Fragrances112661
 -Hair Care & Styling11854
  Brushes & Combs11855Relocated within Parent
  Hair Color31412Relocated within Parent
  Hair Dryers11858Relocated within Parent
  -Hair Extensions & Wigs182101Relocated within Parent
   Hair Extensions175636
   Wigs & Hairpieces175635
   Wig & Extension Supplies175637
   Other Extensions & Wigs163581
  Hair Loss Treatments31413Relocated within Parent
  Hair Ties & Styling Accs82591Relocated within Parent
  Medicated Hair Treatments109075Relocated within Parent
  Perms166738Relocated within Parent
  Relaxers & Straightening Prod177662Relocated within Parent
  Rollers & Curlers36407Relocated within Parent
  Shampoos & Conditioners177661Relocated within Parent
  Straightening & Curling Irons177659Relocated within Parent
  Styling Products11860Relocated within Parent
  Treatments, Oils & Protectors177660Relocated within Parent
  Sets & Kits31788Relocated within Parent
  Other Hair Care & Styling177658Relocated within Parent
 -Health Care67588
  -Diabetes Care72873Moved from [Monitoring & Testing-30115] Renamed from [Diabetic Aids]
   Glucose Monitoring Kits72876Renamed from [Monitoring Kits]
   Glucose Monitors72874Relocated within Parent
   Glucose Test Strips72877Renamed from [Test Strips]
   Lancets72875Relocated within Parent
   Diabetic Care Bags & Cases184569New Category
   Other Diabetic Supplies30117Renamed from [Other Diabetic Aids]
  -Ear Care180938Relocated within Parent
   Ear Drops180939
   Ear Plugs180940
   Ear Wax Removers180941
  -Feminine Care180942Renamed from [Feminine Hygiene]
   Feminine Care Deodorants180943Renamed from [Feminine Hygiene Deodorants]
   Feminine Care Washes180944Renamed from [Feminine Hygiene Washes]
   Menstrual Cups180945Relocated within Parent
   Pantiliners180946Relocated within Parent
   Sanitary Disposal184570New Category
   Sanitary Napkins180947Relocated within Parent
   Tampons180948Relocated within Parent
   Vaginal Moisturizers180949Relocated within Parent
   Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatments184571New Category
   Other Feminine Care180950Renamed from [Other Feminine Hygiene]
  -First Aid180931Relocated within Parent
   Skin Antiseptics & Sterile Solutions180932Renamed from [Alcohol Prep Pads]
   Bandages, Gauze & Dressings75034Relocated within Parent
   Kits & Bags75035Relocated within Parent
   Medical ID Bracelets & Necklaces184573New Category
   Ointments, Creams & Oils82592Relocated within Parent
   Other First Aid11779Relocated within Parent
  Foot Creams & Treatments36431Relocated within Parent
  Hand Sanitizers177663Relocated within Parent
  -Hot & Cold Therapies180951Relocated within Parent
   Cold & Hot Packs & Wraps180952
   Electric Heating Pads180953
   Hot Water Bottles & Covers101406
  -Monitoring & Testing30115Moved from [Medical, Mobility & Disability-11778]
   Blood Pressure Monitoring75072Relocated within Parent
   Cholesterol Testing159875Relocated within Parent
   Drug Testing159876Relocated within Parent
   Fertility & Ovulation Testing30118Moved from [Sexual Wellness-176992] Renamed from [Fertility Monitors & OPKs]
   Pregnancy Tests36437Moved from [Sexual Wellness-176992]
   Prenatal Monitoring184574New Category
   Thermometers75075Relocated within Parent
   Other Monitoring & Testing182131Renamed from [Other Medical Monitoring]
  -Over-the-Counter Medications & Treatments75036Renamed from [Over-the-Counter Medicine]
   Allergy75037Relocated within Parent
   Asthma182102Relocated within Parent
   Cold Sores159797Relocated within Parent
   Cough, Cold & Flu75038Relocated within Parent
   -CPAP Accessories & Supplies184577New Category
    CPAP Cleaning184578New Category
    CPAP Comfort & Travel184579New Category
    CPAP Replacement Parts184580New Category
   Inhalers & Nebulizers155667Moved from [Medical, Mobility & Disability-11778]
   Digestion & Nausea75039Relocated within Parent
   Pain & Fever Relief75040Relocated within Parent
   Other OTC Meds & Treatments45206Renamed from [Other OTC Medicine]
  Pill Boxes, Pill Cases75041Relocated within Parent
  -Sexual Wellness176992Relocated within Parent
   Body Enhancing Devices176993Relocated within Parent
   Condoms & Contraceptives176994Relocated within Parent
   Lubricants & Lotions176995Relocated within Parent
   Fantasy, Fetish & Accessories176996Relocated within Parent
   Sex Toys176997Relocated within Parent
   Sexual Remedies & Supplements176998Relocated within Parent
   Other Sexual Wellness176999Relocated within Parent
  -Sleeping Aids82593Relocated within Parent
   Chin Straps180934Relocated within Parent
   Mouthpieces180935Relocated within Parent
   Nasal Dilators184581New Category
   Nasal Strips180936Relocated within Parent
   Nose Clips184582New Category
   Sleep Masks159799Relocated within Parent
   Sleeping Pills180937Relocated within Parent
   Sound Therapy82594Relocated within Parent
   Other Sleeping Aids40101Relocated within Parent
  -Smoking Cessation75042Relocated within Parent
   Alternative Therapies75043
   Gum & Lozenges75044
   Other Smoking Cessation75047
  Squeezable Stress Relievers180933Relocated within Parent
  Other Health Care Supplies67589Relocated within Parent
   Eyebrow Liner & Definition78089
   Eye Shadow36865
   Eye Shadow Primer172021
   Eye Shadow/Liner Combination172022
   False Eyelashes & Adhesives177664
   Lash Growth & Conditioner172023
   Other Eye Makeup172024
   BB, CC & Alphabet Creams177665
   Bronzers & Highlighters82596
   Face Powder21021
   Foundation Primer95216
   Other Face Makeup172026
   Lip Gloss31802
   Lip Liner31803
   Lip Plumper172029
   Lip Stain172030
   Lipstick Primer172031
   Other Lip Makeup172028
  Makeup Bags & Cases36413
  Makeup Sets & Kits107956
  -Makeup Tools & Accessories36409
   Brush Cleaners159805
   Eyelash Tools82599
   Makeup Mirrors106256
   Sponges, Applicators & Cotton159806
   Other Makeup Tools & Accs159807
  Mixed Makeup Lots11985
  Other Makeup31811
  Electric Massage Chairs36448
  Linens & Covers180956
  Massage Oils & Lotions36453
  Massage Pillows & Bolsters101972
  Massage Stones & Rocks67661
  Massage Tables & Chairs36454
  Other Massage Equipment & Accs19263
 -Mobility & Disability11778Renamed from [Medical, Mobility & Disability]
  -Daily Living Aids182118Relocated within Parent
   Assisted Washing Aids182119Relocated within Parent
   Bidet & Toilet Tissue Aids182120Relocated within Parent
   Dressing & Grooming Aids182121Relocated within Parent
   Driving Aids184583New Category
   Emergency Alert Systems159878Relocated within Parent
   Incontinence Aids36440Relocated within Parent
   Hearing Assistance37821Relocated within Parent
   Kitchen & Dining Aids182122Relocated within Parent
   Ostomy Aids184572New Category
   Portable Urinals & Bed Pans182123Relocated within Parent
   Reacher Grabbers159874Relocated within Parent
   Work & Leisure Aids182124Relocated within Parent
   Other Daily Living Aids182125Relocated within Parent
  -Mobility Furniture & Fixtures182113Relocated within Parent
   Access Ramps75067Relocated within Parent
   Bed & Chair Tables182114Relocated within Parent
   Furniture Risers184584New Category
   Handles & Rails171537Relocated within Parent
   Shower & Bath Seats129588Relocated within Parent
   Steps & Stairs182115Relocated within Parent
   Toilet Frames & Commodes171535Relocated within Parent
   Toilet Seats171540Relocated within Parent
   Transfer Boards & Benches182116Relocated within Parent
   Other Accessibility Fixtures182117Relocated within Parent
  -Mobility/Walking Equipment28175Relocated within Parent
   Mobility Scooters75068
   Stairlifts & Elevators75066
   Walkers & Canes28176
   -Parts & Accessories182126
    Mobility Scooter Parts182128
    Stairlift & Elevator Parts182129
    Wheelchair Parts182130
   Other Mobility Equipment28177
  -Orthopedics & Supports182132Relocated within Parent
   Orthotics, Braces & Sleeves19264
   Compression Garments182133
   Insoles & Shoe Inserts182134
   Seat & Posture Cushions182135
   Wedges & Bed Positioners182136
   Other Orthopedic Products182137
  Other Mobility & Disability3193Relocated within Parent
 -Nail Care, Manicure & Pedicure47945
  Acrylic Powders & Liquids182105
  Artificial Nail Tips112562
  Cuticle Treatments82610
  Electric Files & Tools178960
  Fiberglass & Silk Wraps182107
  Gel Nails178961
  Hand & Nail Treatment Creams36432
  Manicure/Pedicure Tools & Kits11872
  Nail Airbrush Kits & Supplies178959
  Nail Art Accessories107876
  Nail Dryers & UV/LED Lamps67653
  Nail Polish11873
  Nail Polish Remover47940
  Nail Practice & Display112563
  Press-On Nails182108
  Spas, Baths & Supplies36430
  Storage & Empty Containers107965
  Other Nail Care11870
 -Natural & Alternative Remedies67659
  Acupressure184585New Category
  Acupuncture37822Relocated within Parent
  Aromatherapy19258Relocated within Parent
  Detox Pads159886Relocated within Parent
  Electrotherapy Devices108002Relocated within Parent
  Herbal Remedies & Resins180954Relocated within Parent
  Homeopathic Remedies180955Relocated within Parent
  Ion Foot Baths159879Relocated within Parent
  Iridology184586New Category
  Light Therapy Devices159881Relocated within Parent
  Magnetic Therapy Devices11777Relocated within Parent
  Neti Pots & Cleansers159882Relocated within Parent
  Self Help Audiovisuals159880Relocated within Parent
  Titanium Therapy Devices159885Relocated within Parent
  Other Natural Remedies1279Relocated within Parent
 -Oral Care31769
  Electric Toothbrushes31770
  Standard Toothbrushes67421
  Air & Water Flossers30354
  Children's Oral Care159757
  Dental Floss & Flossers159758
  Denture Care48080
  Tongue Cleaners180267
  Toothbrush Replacement Heads99654
  Other Oral Care11843
 -Salon & Spa Equipment177731
  Backwash Units & Shampoo Bowls117338
  Hair & Makeup Mannequins177732
  Magnifying Lamps177733
  Professional Facial Machines177734
  Professional Styling Tools177735
  Professional Waxing Warmers177736
  Rolling Makeup Cases75053
  Salon Chairs & Dryers177737
  Scissors & Shears101915
  Sterilizers & Towel Warmers177739
  Styling Capes & Gowns96428
  Stylist Stations & Furniture177738
  Salon & Spa Supplies177740
  Other Salon & Spa Equipment177741
 -Shaving & Hair Removal31762
  Aftershave & Pre-Shave47920
  Clippers & Trimmers67408
  Clipper & Trimmer Parts159789
  -Electric Shavers180512
   Men's Shavers11844
   Women's Shavers106317
   Shaver Parts & Accessories139844
  Epilators & Electrolysis37802
  Hair Removal Creams & Sprays47925
  Laser Hair Removal & IPL159795
  -Razors & Razor Blades179841
   Men's Razors47921
   Men's Razor Blades47931
   Women's Razors178964
   Women's Razor Blades178965
  Shaving & Grooming Kits & Sets106315
  Shaving Brushes & Mugs168191
  Shaving Creams, Foams & Gels31763
  Straight Razors159756
  Waxing Supplies82565
  Other Shaving & Hair Removal11840
 -Skin Care11863
  Acne & Blemish Treatments29618
  Anti-Aging Products33164
  Blotting Paper75006
  Cleansers & Toners177765
  Cotton Swabs182112
  Exfoliators & Scrubs29582
  Eye Treatments & Masks177764
  Home Skin Care Devices177767
  Lightening Cream40088
  Lip Balm & Treatments36870
  Makeup Remover172032
  Masks & Peels21022
  Microdermabrasion Tools101925
  Night Treatments101926
  Sets & Kits67500
  Other Skin Care11862
 -Sun Protection & Tanning31772
  After Sun Skin Care74996
  Airbrush Compressors & Guns180922
  Airbrush Tanning Kits180921
  Airbrush Tents180923
  Sunless Tanning Products31773
  Tanning Lamps, Bulbs50102
  Tanning Beds & Booths50101
  Tanning Body Stickers180919
  Tanning Disposables180920
  Tanning Lotion31776
  Other Sun Protection & Tanning29583
 -Tattoos & Body Art33914
  Henna Paste & Powder60890
  Piercing Supplies & Kits33916
  Stencils & Accessories179277
  Tattoo Complete Kits57589
  Tattoo Flash33915
  Tattoo Inks57586
  Tattoo Machines & Parts33917
  Tattoo Needles, Grips & Tips179276
  Tattoo Removal Machines168192
  Tattoo Supplies33918
  Temporary Tattoos33919
  Other Tattoos & Body Art16705
 -Vision Care31414
  Contact Lens Care Solutions31289
  Contact Lens Cases110235
  Eyeglass Cases116183
  Eye Drops & Wash122773
  Eyeglass Cloths & Sprays127470
  Eyeglass Frames180957
  Eyeglass Straps & Cords31287
  Eyepatches & Eyeglass Patches180958
  Low Vision Magnifiers67678
  Prescription Glasses179693
  Reading Glasses67670
  Replacement Lenses30368
  Other Vision Care31416
 -Vitamins & Dietary Supplements180959
  Dietary Supplements180960Relocated within Parent
  -Dietary Supplement Accessories184490New Category
   Capsule Holders & Molds184491New Category
   Empty Capsules184492New Category
   Shake Bottles & Mixers184493New Category
  Endurance & Energy Bars, Drinks & Pills1278Renamed from [Energy Bars, Shakes & Drinks]
  Herbs & Botanicals19260Relocated within Parent
  -Sports Supplements97033Relocated within Parent
   Protein Shakes & Bodybuilding97034
   Sports Diet & Weight Loss21561
   Sports Energy & Hydration180094
   Sports Vitamins & Minerals97035
   Other Sports Supplements97036
  Vitamins & Minerals11776Relocated within Parent
  -Weight Management31817Relocated within Parent
   Appetite Control, Suppressants181008
   Body Fat Analyzers45735
   Detox & Cleansers159731
   Fat Burners181009
   Meal Replacement Drinks31821
   Weight Loss Kits & Accs36455
   Weight Loss Program Foods82616
   Weight Loss Supplements181007
   Other Weight Management11781
  Other Vitamins & Supplements19262Relocated within Parent
 -Wholesale Lots40965
  -Beauty & Personal Care51005
   Bath & Body51006
   Hair Care51007
   Skin Care78123
   Other Whlsl Personal Care51010
  Health Care40968
  Medical & Special Needs40967
  Other Whlsl Health & Beauty31822
 Other Health & Beauty1277


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