Category Changes: Coins & Paper Money

October 2015 : Coins & Paper Money

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
+Business & Industrial12576 
+Cameras & Photo625 
+Cell Phones & Accessories15032 
+Clothing, Shoes & Accessories11450 
-Coins & Paper Money11116 
    Bars & Rounds39489 
    Other Silver Bullion3361 
    Bars & Rounds178906 
    Leaf & Flake162133 
    Scrap & Recovered Gold162134 
    Other Gold Bullion3360 
    Bars & Rounds177657 
    Other Platinum Bullion34942 
   Wholesale Bullion180910New Category
   Other Bullion166679 
 -Coins: US253 
  -Half Cents173590 
    Liberty Cap (1793-97)173591 
    Draped Bust (1800-08)173592 
    Classic Head (1809-36)173593 
    Braided Hair (1840-57)173594 
    Mixed Lots173683 
  -Small Cents11633 
    Flying Eagle (1856-58)11942 
    Indian Head (1859-1909)41084 
    Lincoln Wheat (1909-1958)39455 
    Lincoln Memorial (1959-2008)31373 
    Lincoln Bicentennial (2009)171524 
    Lincoln Shield (2010-Now)171525 
    Mixed Lots176958 
  -Large Cents11945 
    Flowing Hair (1793-96)11946 
    Draped Bust (1796-1807)11947 
    Classic Head (1808-14)11948 
    Coronet Head (1816-39)11949 
    Braided Hair (1839-57)11950 
    Mixed Lots176959 
   Two Cents149924 
  -Three Cents149925 
    3c Nickels149926 
    3c Silvers149927 
    Mixed Lots3356 
    Shield (1866-83)11952 
    Liberty (1883-1913)11953 
    Buffalo (1913-38)139806 
    Jefferson (1938-Now)41087 
    Mixed Lots176960 
  -Half Dimes149928 
    Flowing Hair (1792-95)173588 
    Draped Bust (1796-1805)173589 
    Capped Bust (1829-1837)149929 
    Seated (1837-1873)149930 
    Mixed Lots149931 
    Draped Bust (1796-1807)173586 
    Capped Bust (1809-37)11957 
    Seated Liberty (1837-91)11958 
    Barber (1892-1916)11959 
    Mercury (1916-45)41090 
    Roosevelt (1946-Now)39458 
    Mixed Lots176961 
   Twenty Cent Pieces149932 
    Draped Bust (1796-1807)173587 
    Capped Bust (1815-38)11963 
    Seated Liberty (1838-91)11964 
    Barber (1892-1916)11965 
    Standing Liberty (1916-30)11966 
    Washington (1932-98)39461 
    State Quarters (1999-2008)41093 
    DC & US Territories (2009)166676 
    America the Beautiful 2010-Now171526 
    Mixed Lots176962 
  -Half Dollars11968 
    Early Halves (1794-1839)11969 
    Seated Liberty (1839-91)11970 
    Barber (1892-1915)11971 
    Liberty Walking (1916-47)41099 
    Franklin (1948-63)11973 
    Kennedy (1964-Now)41102 
    Mixed Lots176963 
    Early Dollars (1794-1804)11976 
    Gobrecht Dollars (1836-1839)176964 
    Seated Liberty (1840-73)11977 
    Trade Dollars (1873-85)11978 
    Morgan (1878-1921)39464 
    Peace (1921-35)11980 
    Eisenhower (1971-78)11981 
    Susan B Anthony (1979-81,99)11982 
    Native American (2000-Now)11983 
    Presidential (2007-Now)159713 
    Mixed Lots176965 
    Silver (1892-1954)179531 
    Gold (1903-1926)179532 
    Modern Silver/Clad (1982-Now)179533 
    Modern Gold (1984-Now)179534 
    Mixed Lots529 
  -Gold (Pre-1933)39467 
    $2.50, Quarter Eagle39469 
    $3 & $439468 
    $5, Half Eagle39470 
    $10, Eagle39471 
    $20, Double Eagle39472 
    Fractional, Pioneer39473 
    Mixed Lots527 
   Mint Sets526 
   Proof Sets41109 
   Collections, Lots525 
   Other US Coins786 
 -Coins: Canada3377 
   Small Cents3389 
   Large Cents3388 
   Five Cents (1858-1921)173610 
   Five Cents (1922-Now)3387 
   Ten Cents3386 
   Twenty Cents149938 
   Twenty-Five Cents3385 
   Fifty Cents3384 
   Two Dollars (Toonies)3382 
   Mint Sets173611 
   Proof/Prooflike Sets3380 
   Tokens (1820-1860)149940 
   Collections, Lots3378 
   Other Canadian Coins536 
 -Coins: Ancient4733 
   Greek (450 BC-100 AD)4738 
   Roman: Republic (300 BC-27 BC)3365 
   Roman: Imperial (27 BC-476 AD)4734 
   Roman: Provincial (100-400 AD)4735 
   Byzantine (300-1400 AD)3364 
   Other Ancient Coins532 
 -Coins: Medieval18466 
   Persian & Indian4737 
   Other Medieval Coins173685 
 -Coins: World256 
    South Africa127145 
    Other African Coins533 
     Empire (up to 1948)173597 
     PRC (1949-Now)173598 
     Mixed Lots173687 
    Hong Kong45137 
     Independent Kingdoms118376 
     Princely States118377 
     Mixed Lots173688 
     Korea (up to 1948)173603 
     South Korea (1948-Now)173605 
     Mixed Lots173689 
     Spanish (up to 1898)173607 
     U.S. (1898-1946)173608 
     Republic (1946-Now)173609 
     Mixed Lots173690 
    Other Asian Coins534 
  -Australia & Oceania45991 
     Proof Sets3374 
     Collections, Lots3376 
     Other Australian Coins535 
    New Zealand48026 
    South Pacific3392 
    Other Oceania Coins45143 
    Czech Republic68588 
    Estonia/ Latvia/ Lithuania96810 
     German States (up to 1871)18473 
     Empire (1871-1918)173620 
     Weimar (1919-33)173647 
     Third Reich (1933-45)173648 
     East Germany (1949-90)7968 
     West & Unified (1949-Now)7955 
     Mixed Lots173694 
   -Italy, San Marino, Vatican37152 
     Italian States (up to 1861)173612 
     Italy (1861-Now)28680 
     San Marino31137 
     Mixed Lots173686 
     Empire (up to 1917)32477 
     USSR (1917-91)32478 
     Federation (1992-Now)173693 
     Mixed Lots175663 
   -UK (Great Britain)3394 
     Half Penny3396 
     Fourpence, Groat98765 
     Florin, Two Shillings3402 
     Half Crown3404 
     Double Florin3405 
     Decimal Coinage122480 
     Proof Sets141151 
     Collections, Lots93508 
     Other UK Coins538 
    Other European Coins4941 
  -Middle East58532 
    Saudi Arabia162163 
    United Arab Emirates173616 
    Other Middle Eastern Coins162166 
  -North & Central America45145 
    British Virgin Islands162171 
    Costa Rica162172 
    Dominican Republic173625 
    El Salvador173627 
    Kingdom of Hawaii177492 
     Colonial (up to 1821)173629 
     War of Independence (1810-21)173630 
     Empire of Iturbide (1821-23)173643 
     First Republic (1824-64)173644 
     Empire of Maximilian (1864-67)173645 
     Second Republic (1867-1905)173646 
     Mexico (1905-Now)173631 
     Mixed Lots173692 
    Puerto Rico149950 
    Other North & Central Am Coins537 
  -South America45160 
    Other South American Coins542 
   Mint, Proof Sets545 
   Collections, Lots544 
   Other Coins of the World257 
   Elongated Coins3453 
   Encased Coins7109 
   Fantasy Issue Coins162135 
   Hobo Nickels178967 
   So-Called Dollars139967 
   Tokens: Canada (1861-Now)27444 
   Tokens: Car Wash173621 
   Tokens: Civil War3456 
   Tokens: Good Luck175662 
   Tokens: Hard Times142503 
   Tokens: Love4370 
   Tokens: Parking167951 
   Tokens: Recovery Programs167952 
   Tokens: Tax162137 
   Tokens: Transit3457 
   Tokens: US Trade3458 
   Tokens: Other3455 
   Wooden Nickels162138 
   Other Exonumia259 
 -Paper Money: US3412 
   Replicas & Reproductions162140 
   Bank Checks162139 
   Colonial Currency3413 
   Confederate Currency3414 
   Fractional Currency3416 
  -Large Size Notes149942 
    Federal Reserve Notes149943 
    Gold Certificates149944 
    Silver Certificates149945 
    United States Notes173623 
    Mixed Lots149946 
    Other Large Size US Notes3417 
   Military Payment Certificates3418 
  -Small Size Notes40028 
    Federal Reserve Notes40029 
    Gold Certificates40030 
    Hawaii, North Africa40031 
    Silver Certificates40032 
    United States Notes40033 
    Mixed Lots40034 
    Other Small Size US Notes3421 
   National Banknotes3419 
   Obsolete Currency3420 
   Collections, Lots3044 
   Other US Paper Money376 
 -Paper Money: World3411 
   Replicas & Reproductions162194 
    South Africa162225 
    Other African Paper Money3422 
    Hong Kong166681 
    Other Asian Paper Money4369 
  -Australia & Oceania45337 
    New Zealand162195 
    South Pacific3441 
    Other Oceania Paper Money45345 
    Estonia/ Latvia/ Lithuania96808 
    Italy/ San Marino/ Vatican58511 
    UK (Great Britain)47398 
    Other European Paper Money3173 
  -Middle East58516 
    Saudi Arabia162213 
    Other Middle East Paper Money162216 
  -North & Central America45338 
     Bank of Canada3429 
     Canadian Tire Money27442 
     Dominion of Canada3430 
     Other Canadian Paper Money3425 
    Costa Rica162199 
    Other Central Am. Paper Money3431 
   South America3440 
   Collections & Lots3098 
   Other Paper Money of the World385 
 -Publications & Supplies83274 
   Albums & Folders39475 
   Coin Tubes39477 
   Magnifiers & Loupes39478 
   Other Coin & Money Supplies531 
 -Stocks & Bonds, Scripophily3444 
   Communications & Technology3447 
   Consumer Goods162230 
   Entertainment & Sports162231 
   Financial Institutions168683 
   Government & War Bonds168684 
   Oil & Gas3450 
   Power & Utilities168685 
    Other Transport Scripophily168688 
    Other World Scripophily258 
   Mixed Lots21094 
   Other Scripophily255 
 -Virtual Currency179197 
   Mining Contracts179172 
  Other Coins & Paper Money169305 
+Computers/Tablets & Networking58058 
+Consumer Electronics293 
+Dolls & Bears237 
+DVDs & Movies11232 
+Entertainment Memorabilia45100 
+Gift Cards & Coupons172008 
+Health & Beauty26395 
+Home & Garden11700 
+Jewelry & Watches281 
+Musical Instruments & Gear619 
+Pet Supplies1281 
+Pottery & Glass870 
+Real Estate10542 
+Specialty Services316 
+Sporting Goods888 
+Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop64482 
+Tickets & Experiences1305 
+Toys & Hobbies220 
+Video Games & Consoles1249 
+Everything Else99 


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