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Unlock the possibilities to grow your business

From inventory management to large capital expenditures, explore options for your unique business needs.

eBay Seller Capital powered by LendingPoint

Options to fit your needs

  • Business Loans up to $500K* and terms up to 60 months** for longer-term business needs
  • Working Capital with Fixed Payments
  • Lines of Credit up to $150K* for easily accessible capital

Let’s compare1

For more details, please see FAQs below.

eBay Seller Capital Other solutions
Business loan Working capital with fixed payments Line of credit
Qualifying applicants only. Amounts from $35,000 to $150,000.
Credit cards Other non-bank solutions
Credit impact No No No Yes Sometimes
Term Flexible up to 60 months** 6, 9, 12 month term Open-ended Variable Shorter term, higher payment
Cost of loan Fixed periodic interest Fixed Fixed periodic interest relative to the amount drawn on the loan Interest on interest Often high periodic interest
Early payback fee No No No No Sometimes
Additional loans Yes Only one at the time Yes Sometimes Sometimes
Repayment Monthly or semi-monthly fixed payments Fixed payment every two weeks Monthly or semi-monthly fixed payments Monthly payment Monthly fixed payment
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Get a loan without impacting your personal credit.

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Quick decisions and speedy deposits for eligible sellers.

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Terms and payments to fit your needs.

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No origination fees or early payback fees.

How it works

Apply for a loan with no impact to your personal credit score.


Check your options Get started with a simple application to see your loan options.


Finish your application Select the best loan option for you and provide some additional information to complete your application.


Receive your funds Once approved, the funds could be in your account as soon as the next business day.

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Over 4,800 five-star customer reviews on Trustpilot2

“This was the cleanest, clearest business capital loan we’ve ever executed! An excellent, knowledgeable Representative helped us to secure the right type of funding for our needs right over the red tape and endless resending of paperwork”

- by Gadgetmaster LLC ★★★★★

“[LendingPoint] gave me a loan that met all of my business needs. The entire process was quick, easy, and painless. I am grateful for their efforts to make this possible and would definitely recommend them.”

- by Ashley ★★★★★


Frequently asked questions

What is the relationship between eBay and LendingPoint?

LendingPoint is facilitating financing for eBay sellers by matching you with a lender who can meet your needs. Lenders include LendingPoint, Fundation, First Electronic Bank, and FinWise Bank.

Who is LendingPoint?

LendingPoint is a financial technology company focused on meeting the financial needs of consumers and small businesses. Over the past four years, LendingPoint has serviced more than $2B in loans to customers. They have been awarded with over 4,800 Trustpilot 5-star customer reviews and were named the 17th fastest growing private company in the United States and the 2nd fastest in the financial industry by Inc. 5000 in 2019.

What financial products are available?

LendingPoint’s Platform currently offers fixed term business loans, short-term Working Capital with Fixed Payments (fixed fee and no interest rate), and lines of credit.

Who is best suited for the eBay Seller Capital program?

eBay Seller Capital offers different financing options to meet your business needs. From a $500* loan for a starting business up to $500K* for large sellers.

How much could I be eligible for?

LendingPoint’s Platform offers financing options from $500* to $500,000* with flexible payment terms from 6 to 60 months** to fit your needs.

Will this impact my credit score?

Applying for and receiving financing will not negatively impact your personal credit score. LendingPoint’s Platform lenders use a soft credit inquiry process that does not impact your personal credit score and is not visible on your credit report to third parties.

If I am enrolled in eBay’s Managed Payments platform, will it impact my eligibility?

No. eBay Seller Capital is fully integrated into the eBay managed payments platform.

What do I need to apply?

The simple application takes a few minutes to complete. With some basic information about you and your eBay business (which does not have to be an incorporated business), you could have a decision in seconds. Once you are matched to a lender you will be asked to verify your identity, provide certain personal and/or business information, and to confirm the bank account where you prefer to receive your loan proceeds, if approved.

Do I need to provide financial statements in my application?

Depending on the product and lender, you might be asked to provide bank statements or tax returns for income verification purposes. If you have more than one bank account to manage your business and personal income, you are welcome to provide multiple bank statements as requested. As part of your loan application process, you will need to provide a single bank account for the disbursal of the loan proceeds.

Are there origination fees?


Are there any early payback fees?

No. You can pay off your balance in a few days or end of your term, without penalty. The choice is up to you.

How are my payments calculated?

Depending on the loan product you choose, your payment is calculated based on the loan amount, interest rate or fixed fee, and the term between 6 and 60 months.**

When will I receive my loan proceeds?

LendingPoint’s Platform lenders normally provide same day approvals. Depending on your bank, your deposit could be available as soon as the next business day after loan approval.

How will I receive my loan proceeds?

Loan proceeds will be directly deposited into your verified bank account.

How does this compare to credit cards?

Unlike most credit cards, financing on LendingPoint’s Platform never has an annual fee and utilizes simple interest calculation (for the business loan product). Credit card rates can be simple interest or can be compound interest also known as interest on interest.

How do I repay?

LendingPoint’s Platform lenders make it easy to manage your cash flow and budget. You can set up Autopay and enjoy the convenience of your payments auto-debited from your bank account.

Can I pay off an existing loan with another provider?

Yes. You can use your eBay Seller Capital loan to pay off a loan with another provider. Depending on your loan terms, it could save you money.

Can I refinance an existing loan with another provider?

Yes, and it could save you money. Depending on the terms and conditions of your existing loan, you may be able to pay off your existing loan with another provider and possibly save money.

Terms and conditions

*Applications for loans submitted may be funded by one of several lenders including: LendingPoint LLC, a Delaware limited liability company with its principal place of business in Kennesaw, Georgia; FinWise Bank, a Utah-chartered bank, member FDIC; First Electronic Bank, a Utah-chartered industrial bank, member FDIC; and Fundation Group LLC. Loan approval is not guaranteed. Actual loan offers, loan amounts, terms, and annual percentage rates (“APR”) may vary. Upon final underwriting approval to fund a loan, said funds are often sent via ACH the next non-holiday business day.

**For example, a $10,000 loan serviced by LendingPoint over a period of 48 months that has an APR of 12.99% may have a payment of $268.23 per month (actual terms and interest rates depend on credit history, income, and other factors). The total amount due under the loan terms provided is $12,875.04. The total amount due is the total amount of the loan you will have paid after you have made all payments as scheduled.

1. Source: LendingPoint’s competitive analysis of industry practices. Terms and fees shown are typical charges from other lenders.

2. Testimonials reflect the individual’s opinion and may not be illustrative of all individual experiences.

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