Enhancements to increase the exposure of listings that offer buyer-friendly returns to drive higher conversion.


Greater visibility with retail standard returns policies

To help you grow your sales and attract buyers, starting this summer we will increase exposure of free returns and 30-day or 60-day returns without restocking fees by:

  • Giving buyers options to search for and filter by these returns policies
  • Highlighting these returns policies when buyers visit your listings
  • Featuring listings with these returns policies in eBay marketing campaigns

Additional control when you offer free returns

Starting this fall, sellers who offer free returns can decide if they want to offer less than a full refund in cases where an item is returned that is not in the same condition that it was in when you shipped it (e.g., a damaged item or an open-box return).

Gain efficiency with the automated returns tool

Save time by creating basic rules in your Return preferences to automatically approve returns or send immediate refunds.

  • Why is eBay making these changes?

    Sellers' returns policies are an increasingly important factor when buyers make purchasing decisions. We want to help you grow your sales by maximizing your returns best practices on eBay.

  • Will I be required to offer 30-day or 60-day free returns?

    No. Sellers have a range of returns options. However, we strongly recommend free 30-day or 60-day returns as they are becoming ecommerce standards.

  • Can I still choose "no returns accepted"?

    Yes. However, listings that do not offer free returns will not benefit from our new marketing exposure and may result in lower conversion rates. A generous returns policy is important to buyers and increases their trust in you as a seller.

  • Where should I communicate additional details about my return policy?

    In most cases, selecting from the structured data available in your return policy is sufficient. This information is displayed prominently to buyers on both desktop and mobile devices.

    If you need to provide additional details about your returns policy (such as courier pick-up or "return to store available"), you can add this to the "Policy Description" (My Account > Business Policies > Return Policy).

    For the best buying experience, we recommend that you only include information about the product in the item description. Details about payment, shipping, or returns should be included in the structured data fields available for Business Policies. This will ensure that the information will be presented clearly and contextually to buyers on desktop and mobile devices.