Category and Classification

Updates to categories and item specifics to create a better buying, selling, and search experiences.


Category and classification changes

Category changes including additions, removals, and renames will go into effect June 13, 2017 to provide a more intuitive buying, selling, and search experience on eBay.

If you have a listing in a category affected by these changes, eBay will automatically move it to the most relevant category. Click on the category name below to view category and item specific changes.

List your items in "best fit" categories

Review your listings to ensure that they are located in the “best fit” categories. If they are not in the "best fit" categories, use these eBay tools to revise your items:

  • Listings tab in Seller Hub
  • Bulk edit functionality inside My eBay
  • Selling Manager/Selling Manager Pro
  • File Exchange