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Turn browsers into repeat buyers with a custom Store homepage.

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Brand your store how you want. You've got the power.

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  1. Billboard image

    Promote your brand, special products, or highlight limited-time promotions.

  2. Store logo

    Embody your brand at a glance.

  3. Store description

    Tell buyers your story. Use keywords that describe your Store and items.

  4. Featured items

    Showcase the listings you choose.

  5. Categories

    Create and stock the "aisles" or "shelves" of your Store. Display items how you'd like.

  6. Store search box

    Let buyers search within your Store.

  7. Newsletter sign-up

    Connect interested buyers with your promotional email newsletter.

  8. Follow button

    When users follow you, your items can appear in their home page feed.

  9. Sharing buttons

    Keep it social. You and your customers can share items and promote your store to social media.

  10. Larger photos

    Use larger photos to promote select items, especially to customers shopping on mobile.

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