Your success as a seller begins when your buyers choose to shop first on eBay. To help meet buyers’ expectations for a modern shopping experience, we’re expanding and simplifying product-based shopping so that they can find your items quickly and easily.

Optimize your listings for product-based shopping by providing complete and accurate item specifics and product identifiers when you list. Item specifics allow us to monitor which elements are most important to buyers within the product-based shopping experience and help us provide guidance when you list. Product identifiers make it easy for shoppers to find your items on eBay and through external search engines.

What are product identifiers?

Most new and manufacturer-refurbished branded items have product identifiers such as brand and codes on their original packaging. These identifiers include brand name, Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)—such as a Universal Purchase Code (UPC) or International Standard Book Number (ISBN)—and Manufacturer Part Number (MPN).

eBay requires product identifiers in many categories. They make it easy for shoppers to find your items on eBay and through external search engines. Find the entire list of qualifying and required categories here. Note that eBay does not currently require product identifiers for pre-owned, vintage, collectible, or one-of-a-kind items.

Benefits of product identifiers

Product identifiers give your listings:

  1. More detailed listing info that helps buyers find your items.
  2. More accurate pricing guidance as you create your listings.
  3. A trending price alert when similar items are selling for higher prices than your items.

Use eBay’s bulk listing and editing tool to update your listings with product identifiers now to take advantage of increased search visibility.

What are item specifics?

Item specifics include brand and physical details about the item you are selling, such as make, model, size type, size, color, and style. They appear at the top of your listing description and make it easy for buyers to find relevant information.

When you create a listing, we suggest item specifics based on your item’s selling category. By including recommended item specifics, buyers can easily find your listings and make informed purchases.

  • Item specifics tell buyers about your items.
    Item specifics tell buyers exactly what you’re selling. They make the basic facts about your items clear and accessible to buyers, which helps them make informed purchase decisions.
  • Item specifics help buyers find your items.
    Complete and accurate item specifics yield more relevant search results for buyers. The “Refine search” column, located on the left side of the search results page, lets buyers further narrow their searches based on popular item specifics.

List with key item specifics

List with key item specifics to optimize your listings for product-based shopping. We continue to expand product-based shopping on eBay, and we’re recommending key item specifics in more categories to help you optimize your listings for search. We have increased item specific options in Home & Garden, Antiques, Coins & Paper Money, Collectibles, Sporting Goods, and Toys & Hobbies categories. Over time, we will add item specifics options to more categories to make it easier for you to optimize your listings in more places on eBay, which will help buyers find items they’re looking for and improve the likelihood of sale.

Other item specifics

When you select item specifics for your listings, keep these tips in mind:

  • Provide as many recommended item specifics as possible.
  • When selecting item specifics such as your item’s color, size, or style, try to choose from the options we provide. For example, if your item’s color is mostly red, choose "Reds" as the color and select from one of the recommended values for "Shade", rather than providing a custom color.



Antique Asian

Primary, Material, Region of Origin, Type

Antique Decorative Arts

Type, Primary, Material, Age

Antique Furniture

Type, Style, Material

Antique Rugs & Carpets

Size, Rug, Type, Material, Region of Origin

Antique Silver

Composition, Type, Style, Pattern

Art > Textile & Fiber Art

Subject, Date of Creation, Height, (Inches), Width, (Inches)

Art > Drawings

Subject, Style, Medium, Height, (Inches), Width, (Inches)

Art > Folk Art

Subject, Style, Region of Origin, Type

Art > Mixed Media & Collage

Style, Material, Subject, Height, (Inches), Width, (Inches)

Art > Paintings

Artist, Subject, Medium, Height, (Inches), Width, (Inches)

Art > Photographs

Artist, Subject, Style, Height, (Inches), Width, (Inches)

Art > Posters

Subject, Style, Height, (Inches), Width, (Inches)

Art > Prints

Subject, Style, Medium, Artist, Height, (Inches), Width, (Inches)

Art > Sculptures

Medium, Subject, Size

Coins: US Coins

Certification, Year, Mint, Location

Coins: US Paper Money

Certification, Denomination

Coins: Virtual Currency Miners

Brand, Compatible, Currency

Coins: World Coins

Certification, Year, Denomination, Region

Coins: World Paper Money

Type, Year

Collectible Advertising

Brand, Type of Advertising

Collectible Arcade, Jukebox & Pinball

Brand, Year

Collectible Autographs

Original/Reproduction, Autograph, Authentication, Signed, By

Collectible Credit & Charge Cards

Card, Issuer, Type

Collectible Disneyana


Collectible Keychains

Theme, Features

Collectible Knives, Swords, Blades, Armors & Accessories

Brand, Blade, Length, Blade, Material, Type

Collectible Metalware

Object, Type

Collectible Pens & Writing Instruments

Brand, Material

Collectible Phone Cards

Country of Origin, Theme, Era

Collectible Photographic Images

Subject, Color, Original/Reprint, Photo, Type

Collectible Promo Glasses


Collectible Vintage, Retro & Mid-Century Collectibles

Object, Type


Publisher, Main, Character, Series, Certification, Grade, Year

Entertainment Memorabilia > Original Autographed Movie

Signed, by, Movie, Autograph, Authentication

Entertainment Memorabilia > Original Autographed Other

Signed, by, Object, Type, Autograph, Authentication

Entertainment Memorabilia > Original Autographed Theater

Signed, by, Show, Object, Type, Autograph, Authentication

Entertainment Memorabilia > Original Autographed TV

Signed, by, Show, Object, Type, Autograph, Authentication

Entertainment Memorabilia > Reprint Autographed Movie

Signed, by, Movie, Autograph, Authentication

Entertainment Memorabilia > Reprint Autographed Music

Signed, by, Band, Autograph, Authentication

Entertainment Memorabilia > Reprint Autographed Other

Signed, by, Object, Type, Autograph, Authentication

Entertainment Memorabilia > Reprint Autographed Theater

Signed, by, Show, Object, Type, Autograph, Authentication

Entertainment Memorabilia > Reprint Autographed TV

Signed, by, Show, Object, Type, Autograph, Authentication

Pottery & Glass > Art Pottery

Object, Type, Material

Pottery & Glass > Art Glass

Object, Type, Type of glass

Sport Memorabilia: Card

Product, Grade, Original, Reprint, Year

Sports Memorabilia: Autograph Memorabilia

Autograph, Authentication, Original, Reproduction, Player

Sports Memorabilia: Fan apparel

Size, Gender, Teams, Player

Stamps > Asian Stamps

Quality, Type

Stamps > Chinese Stamps

Quality, Type

Stamps > European Stamps

Quality, Type

Stamps > Postage Stamps

Denomination, Type, Topic

Stamps > US Stamps

Quality, Year of Issue, Denomination

Baby Gear > Activity Centers

Brand, Price, Age

Baby Gear > Baby Jumping Exercisers

Type, Brand

Baby Gear > Baby Swings

Brand, Features, Color

Baby Gear > Bouncers & Vibrating Chairs

Brand, Features, Color

Baby Gear > Playpens & Play Yards

Type, Color, Features

Baby Gear > Walkers

Type, Age, Brand

Baby Safety & Health > Baby Monitors

Type, Features

Baby Safety & Health > Safety Gates

Brand, Type, Features

Bathing & Grooming

Brand, Features

Bathing & Grooming > Bath Tubs

Brand, Age, Type

Car Safety Seats

Brand, Features

Car Safety Seats > Booster to 80lbs

Brand, Features, Finish

Car Safety Seats > Convertible Car Seat 5-40lbs

Brand, Features, Type

Car Safety Seats > Infant Car Seat 5-20 lbs

Brand, Color, Features, Type

Carriers, Slings & Backpacks

Type, Brand, Features

Diapering > Diaper Bags

Style, Brand, Color, Type

Diapering > Disposable Diapers

Brand, Type, Baby, Weight, Size

Feeding > Electric Breast Pumps

Brand, Features, Size

Feeding > Food Grinders & Blenders

Brand, Type, Features

Feeding > Formula

Brand, Formula, Type, Age, Special, Formula

Feeding > High Chairs

Brand, Type, Features

Nursery Bedding

Brand, Gender, Color

Nursery Bedding > Mattress Pads & Covers

Brand, Type, Features

Nursery Bedding > Nursery Bedding Sets

Brand, Gender, Color, Theme

Nursery Bedding > Sheets & Sets


Nursery Bedding > Sleeping Bags & Sleepsacks

Brand, Type

Nursery Décor

Brand, Type, Gender

Nursery Furniture


Nursery Furniture > Baby Dressers

Brand, Finish

Nursery Furniture > Bassinets & Cradles

Brand, Type, Features

Nursery Furniture > Bedside Sleepers

Brand, Type, Features

Nursery Furniture > Changing Tables

Brand, Type

Nursery Furniture > Crib Mattresses

Brand, Type, Material

Nursery Furniture > Cribs

Brand, Type, Finish

Nursery Furniture > Rockers, Gliders

Type, Color, Upholstered

Nursery Furniture Sets

Brand, Color


Brand, Seating, Capacity, Type

Strollers & Accessories

Brand, Type

Toys for Baby

Brand, Age, Level

Toys for Baby > Developmental Baby Toys

Age, Type, Skills

Fashion Jewelry > Bracelets

Style, Material, Brand

Fashion Jewelry > Necklaces & Pendants

Style, Material, Brand

Fine Jewelry > Fine Bracelets

Style, Metal, Main, Stone

Fine Jewelry > Fine Necklaces & Pendants

Style, Metal

Fine Jewelry > Fine Rings

Main, Stone, Metal

Vitamins & Minerals

Brand, Product


Gender, Brand, Band, Color

Home Improvement > Door Knobs & Levers

Finish, Style, Brand

Home Improvement > Door Knockers

Finish, Style, Brand

Home Improvement > Doors

Type of Door, Size

Home Improvement > Faucets

Faucet, Type, Finish, Number of Holes

Home Improvement > Paint Brushes

Brand, Brush, Head, Material

Home Improvement > Paint Guns & Sprayers

Brand, Type, Suitable, For

Home Improvement > Painting Rollers & Sponges

Brand, Material

Home Improvement > Water Filters

Brand, Type, Capacity

Home Improvement > Garage Door Remotes

Brand, Type

Home Improvement > Garage Doors

Door, Height, Door, Width, Features, Color

Home Improvement > Opener Systems

Type, Brand, Horsepower

Home Improvement > Solar Panels

Type, Brand, Application

Home Improvement > Wind Generators

Brand, Type, Power, Current

Yard, Garden > Patio & Garden Furniture Sets

Type, Frame, Material, Seating, Capacity

Yard, Garden > Pressure Washers

Type, Brand, Power, Source

Yard, Garden > Riding Mowers

Cutting, Width, Brand, Transmission, Type

Yard, Garden > Walk-Behind Mowers

Type, Brand, Power, Source

Furniture > Beds & Bed Frames

Size, Style, Material, Finish

Furniture > Mattresses

Brand, Size, Comfort, Type

Furniture > Sofas, Loveseats & Chaises

Type, Material, Width, Color

Home Improvement > Plumbing >Water Filters

Type, Brand, Capability, Filter, Type

Bedding > Comforters & Sets

Brand, Size, Color

Bedding > Duvet Covers & Sets

Brand, Size, Color, Material

Bedding > Sheets & Pillowcases

Brand, Size, Color, Material, Type

Household Supplies > Vacuums

Brand, Type, Cord, Type, Bagged/bagless, Filters

Household Supplies > Home Organization Supplies

Brand, Material

Household Supplies > Vacuum Parts & Accessories

Brand, Type

Kitchen, Dining, Bar > Flatware & Silverware

Type, Brand, Handle, Material, Settings, Material

Kitchen, Dining, Bar > Kitchen & Steak Knives

Type, Brand, Handle, Material

Lamps, Lighting > Chandeliers & Ceiling Fixtures

Style, Material, Color, Type, Finish

Books/Movies/Music > CDs

Genre, Artist, Release, Year, Edition

Books/Movies/Music > Children & Young Adult

Age, Level, Subject, Format, Title/Series

Books/Movies/Music > DVDs & Blu-ray

Format, Genre, Release, Year

Books/Movies/Music > Fiction & Literature

Subject, Author, Publication, Year, Title/Series

Books/Movies/Music > Nonfiction

Subject, Publication, Year

Books/Movies/Music > Records

Genre, Record, Size, Artist, Release, Year

Books/Movies/Music > Textbooks, Education

Subject, Publication, Year, Educational, Level


Brand, Material, Doll, Size

Tickets > Concert Tickets

Artist, State, City, Event, Month, Event, Day, Event, Year

Tickets > Sports tickets

Team, State, City, Event, Month, Event, Day, Event, Year

Toys > Action Figures

Character, Type, Brand, Character, Family

Toys > Building Toys

Brand, Theme

Toys > CCG Individual Cards

Brand, Game, Rarity

Toys > Collectible Card Games

Brand, Featured, Sets

Toys > Dart Guns & Soft Darts

Brand, Age, Level, Character, Family

Toys > Diecast & Toy Vehicles

Brand, Vehicle, Make, Vehicle, Year, Scale

Toys > Electronic, Battery & Wind-Up

Brand, Character, Family

Toys > Games

Brand, Age, Level, Title

Toys > Model Railroads & Trains

Brand, Year

Toys > Models, Kits

Character, Family, Brand, Age, Level, Scale

Toys > Outdoor Toys & Structures

Brand, Age, Level

Toys > Preschool Toys & Pretend Play

Age, Level, Brand

Toys > TV, Movie & Character Toys

Type, Brand, Character, Family, Character

Toys > Vintage & Antique Toys

Brand, Character, Family, Year

Travel > Lodging

Destination, Location, City, Arrival, Month, Length of Stay, (Nights), Max., Occupancy, Bedrooms

Travel > Luggage

Type, Features, Brand, Color, Size

Folding Blade Hunting Knives

Type, Brand, Blade, Length, Blade, material, Blade, Edge

Fixed Blade Hunting Knives

Type, Brand, Blade, Length, Blade, material, Blade, Edge

Hunting Footwear

Gender, US, Size, Type, Brand, Color

Wheels & Wheelsets

Type, Wheel, Size, For, Bike, Type, Brand


Type, Brand, Gender, Frame, Size, Wheel, Size, Color

Golf Clubs

Club, Type, Gender, Brand, Dexterity, Club, Size

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