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New Users

From October 30 through December 18, eBay will be promoting a special area where all the products are new, can be purchased using Buy It Now and PayPal, and come with $500 PayPal Buyer Protection. All Sellers and listings that meet the qualifications below will be included in the Easy to Buy area!


When your buyers see the PayPal Buyer Protection icon on your eBay listings, they'll feel more secure-and place more bids- knowing that their purchases through PayPal are covered up to $500 at no additional cost. With your outstanding reputation and feedback on eBay, you are eligible to have PayPal Buyer Protection (Begins Oct. 13, 2003) offered automatically on your listings when you meet these criteria:
  1. 50+ Feedback
  2. 98% Positive
  3. You are a verified member of PayPal
  4. Business or Premier PayPal Account
  5. You have a U.S. or Canadian PayPal account
  6. Your PayPal account is in good standing
  7. You must select PayPal as an accepted payment option on eBay's Sell Your Item form or when using bulk listing tools such as Turbo Lister or Seller's Assistant

Only BRAND NEW products that have never been used or re-manufactured that are sold exclusively using the Fixed Price format will be eligible to be included in the Easy to Buy promotion
Listings must include the provided HTML sniplet to ensure that buyers can find your products in the Easy to Buy area. Simply copy and paste the following HTML code and insert it into your eBay Item description TODAY!
Copy and Paste this HTML code just like you would normal text.
<DIV ALIGN="center">
<IMG SRC="" WIDTH="516" HEIGHT="136" ALT="Easy To Buy"><BR><FONT SIZE="1" COLOR="#FFFFFF">etbfth</FONT>

Here's how the HTML will appear in your listings:

NOTE:Items listed in Store Inventory format will not be included in the promotion.

  • It's easy! Simply cut and paste the HTML code and insert it into your eBay item description.
  • It helps you sell more! With high visibility, $500 Buyer Protection, new products and Buy It Now simplicity, buyers will be drawn to your listings.
  • It's exciting! This holiday season, eBay will be generating plenty of excitement for Easy to Buy through site marketing and more.