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•  We use Turbo Lister and Selling Manager. Selling Manager does an excellent job of catching all of our eBay sales and bringing them into one place. We can log into Selling Manager and easily view sales, invoice buyers and print invoices.
•  Turbo Lister makes it easy to create a listing. We have an internal database system that stores all of the data and images for a listing. The system inserts
  all of the data into our template and then we copy and paste all of the information into Turbo Lister. Doing this on the Sell Your Item form on Ebay takes several minutes versus a matter of seconds in Turbo Lister. We have all of the options in Turbo Lister preset so that we only have to change a few things for each listing which is a dream come true. Turbo Lister also does an excellent job of uploading our listings to eBay FAST. We list all of our listings from Turbo Lister because it is the easiest, fastest way available.
•  Using Turbo Lister cuts down on our weekly relisting time by about 4 hours. Using Selling Manager cuts down invoicing time by several hours a week. Without Selling Manager, it would be a nightmare to keep track of our fixed priced sales. Without Selling Manager and Turbo Lister there would have been no way for us to list 12,000+ listings in December or 60,000+ listings in February. Turbo Lister enabled us to list a little over 63,000 listings in 12 hours in February. This alone shows that Turbo Lister can scale to meet the demands of any eBay seller.
•  Turbo Lister and Selling Manager are better than any other Listing and Sales Management solutions available today. You are wasting your time and losing money if you use anything else.