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Revise Your Listings - Mass Editor

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What is the Mass Editor?
The Mass Editor enables sellers to make changes to many listings from a single page accessed in My eBay.
Changes that can be made with the Mass Editor:

• Item details (Subtitle, Quantity, Item Condition, Store Categories)
• Selling price
• Payment methods accepted
• Optional listing upgrades

How do I revise listings using the Mass Editor?
• Go to My eBay - "All Selling" tab
• Select the listings you want to change – check the boxes located beside the listing title
• Click the Edit button located in the “Items I’m Selling” section

Note: Store sellers and Selling Manager/Selling Manager Pro subscribers can continue to access the Mass Editor from the Active view. These sellers can also edit up to 200 listings at once.

Revise your listing(s):
• Bulk edit - same change(s) across all listings
• One at a time - multiple changes to multiple listings

Which listings can be revised using the Mass Editor?
All listing types, including those created within eBay Seller Tools and most 3rd party tools, can be revised using the Mass Editor.

Stores Inventory listings can be revised with the Bulk Editor.