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Second Opinion by BidAmount

Get your Asian Antiques items evaluated by an expert before you bid or buy

Second Opinion offers a quick and affordable professional evaluation of items in the Asian Antiques category
  • Expert review by BidAmount
  • Just a $10 fee per opinion
  • Quick responses and rush service available
  • For Auction or Buy It Now items
  • Credit toward full BidAmount appraisal

Where To Find Second Opinion?

The Second Opinion badge can be found on listings in the Asian Antiques category.
Click on the badge to submit an inquiry to BidAmount.

How Does It Work?

Second Opinion is quick and easy

Step 1

Provide BidAmount
with item URL

Step 2

BidAmount expert reviews photos
and description of the item

Step 3

You receive an email
with expert’s opinion

Start Shopping Antiques

BidAmount Results

Likely Genuine
It's Genuine

If physically submitted to PSA
for examination, item would likely
receive a Certificate or Letter of


Likely Not Genuine
It's Likely Not Genuine

If physically submitted to PSA for
examination, item would likely NOT
receive a Certificate or Letter of


It's Inconclusive

Reasons include: (1) Inadequate scans
(2) Outside area of expertise (3) Not all
signatures visible (4) Request made too
close to auction closing


Frequently Asked Questions

A BidAmount expert will usually render an opinion in 24-48 hours. In an unlikely event of a delay, it will be communicated over email.

It costs $10 per opinion, per item. Payment must be made through PayPal.

No, BidAmount will charge the $10 fee on items determined to be “Likely Genuine” and “Likely Not Genuine”. A full refund of the opinion fee is provided only in the case when the expert can not reach a conclusion and provides an “Inconclusive” opinion.

No, Second Opinion is only available for items listed on eBay.

No, the BidAmount expert will only provide an email with their evaluation of the item, along with a few details and short explanation of their reasoning.

Currently, Second Opinion is available for Asian Porcelain, Ceramics, Robes, Scholar's Objects, China Trade Objects, Bronzes, Old Paintings

Please, do not submit modern style and paintings in the manner of the early 20th Century. Also, do not submit listings without ample photos. It is recommended to provide, at a minimum, images of the front, back, top, and bases of the item.

Second Opinion is currently available only for Asian Antiques. There is a similar opinion service for eBay-listed autographed sports cards provided by PSA, and not related to BidAmount.

An expert evaluation of Asian Antiques by BidAmount