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List cards at
lightning speed

Go 50% faster with image scanning for select cards.*

*Available for Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Mobile application scanning cards

List faster in three easy steps

  • 1

    Open the eBay app

    To start your listing, type in the name of the game and select “Tap to search with your camera.”

  • 2

    Point your camera at a card

    Computer vision matches your scan to pre-fill listing details.

  • 3

    Select your match

    Complete your listing with photos, price, and condition.

Get the eBay app and start listing now


How do I access this feature?

To start your listing, type in the name of the game and select “Tap to search with your camera.”

Search text for Magic: The Gathering in the app

What types of cards can I scan?

This feature is available only for raw Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

What happens after I select a match?

Once you’ve selected the match for your card, follow the onscreen prompts to complete your listing. Then we’ll do the heavy lifting of carrying over the listing title and card details to your draft. Don’t worry, you can still review, edit, and add any additional detail you want — such as photos, price, and shipping — to your draft before publishing.

Why didn’t the thumbnail image from my selected result carry over to my listing draft?

The image that’s scanned is used to identify the card in our database and that image is not saved. We highly encourage all sellers to provide original images of the actual card that they are selling to demonstrate the authenticity of their listing instead of relying on generic stock images. Front, back, details, blemishes...your buyers will appreciate every detail. You are able to add up to 12 images in the app.

If these thumbnail images are not mine, will I get into trouble using them?

As we mentioned above, we highly encourage sellers to provide original images. The thumbnail images that are used in the matching process are for reference only and will not be carried over to your listing. Therefore you don’t have to worry about using images that are not yours on your listing.

Can I magnify the thumbnails shown in the matching results to get a better look?

No, but there are accessibility options on most devices today that allow for screen magnification or for the screen to be read aloud. Aside from this accessibility option, magnifying the images is not possible in the app.

Will my listing photos lose clarity when uploaded?

Yes, but the listing photos are resized to what is appropriate for a website. Also, if the image resolution is too low, you will be prompted to upload another photo.

I have some of the newly released cards but why can’t I get a match when I scan them?

As new sets and cards get released, we do our best to ensure the catalog is as up-to-date as possible. It’s likely the most recent or newly released set updates have not hit the catalog yet. Even if you’re unable to scan for a match, you still have the option to create your listings through the regular keyword input method. This way you can get your listing out to your potential buyers sooner!

What happens if a catalog item is incorrect and I get a defect on the sale?

We recommend you review all of the details within your listing and update manually if you’d like to change a detail. Please remember, when you tap “list my item,” you agree that you are responsible for the details on the listing even if we helped you fill out the form.

What happens if I select the wrong card from the options?

If you have selected a match different from your card, that’s okay! The item specifics can still be edited within the draft and you can make any changes you need to the title, description, or anywhere else you want to update to accurately match your item before publishing your listing.

Is there a better or cheaper shipping service that I can use for my trading cards?

Yes! We recently launched the eBay standard envelope shipping service for all our trading card enthusiasts. This tracked shipping service can be used for any raw trading card listed at $20 and under.

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